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Location Based

Accident Reporting


Location based accident reporting solution is one of the features where Client was very specific about what he needed but required our expertise to make it technically possible.


The users who have reported breakdown or accident can see the location of drivers/mechanics who have accepted the help request and their distance from the affected location.

Locations will get updated automatically on the map so that the user who has reported can see the movement and bearing of mechanic/driver in real time. We have provided for high alert notifications of accidents/breakdowns to towing drivers while on the move.

Report Accidents and
Report Accidents Breakdowns

Report Accidents Report Accidents

The key to the app is its intuitive design for users to add accident details quickly.

Report Accidents


The thought of creating this exciting new mobile app concept was a new and challenging idea for the Client. We educated the client about what it takes to create a great and effective app and charted out a complete plan for him.

The initial challenges were the missing essential requirements like RFP, Prototype/Mockups, and Features List.

The client is very cheerful by nature, and Intuz came in his good books in no time. We could receive Client's co-operation on our dedicated efforts from consulting, requirement gathering to preparing a detailed project plan following his stable vision and mission of the project.

Client Engagement

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Client Engagement
Design Challenges Design Challenges

Design Challenges

The client had very explicit UI requirements. The UI had to be very slick and simple especially for Tow Drivers / Mechanics, as they have fat fingers.

Further, they should be able to access and navigate the app features quickly when driving. We have created the app for emergency situations and therefore, it had to be user-friendly and easy to navigate without the need of tutorials.

Design Process

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Design Process

Project Communication

Kick-off Call

For smooth project execution, we proceeded with the process of introducing our Project Manager (PM) and Project Management System (PMS) to Client. We keep all the project related information on a single platform for easy access and communication.


We conducted Regular weekly/bi-weekly calls with the Client on Skype/GoToMeeting where we discussed the progress of the project and any required discussions.

Development Process

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Development Process

The Client has since been marketing the app across multiple mediums post-launch on app stores. The app has been widely accepted by the target audience, having been featured and contacted by the Canadian Government to appreciate the concept of reporting accidents and breakdowns and receiving the Tow/Mechanic service and help on fingertips.

Technical Specifications

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • yii
  • phpmysql

Client Speak


Andy - Owner of TowHelp

Startup based in Canada


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