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WiFi Enable Product


Cloud connectivity framework

Support for discovery protocol

Support for Mesh network

Bluetooth Enabled Product

Pairing support

Support for the Mesh network

IOT Application Solutions

Redefining User Experience. Improve Business Productivity & Efficiency

Media Player for 3D display

  • Raspberry Pi based system
  • Bluetooth remote for the control

Remote monitoring system for solar inverters

  • ESP32 based system
  • Communication protocol implemented in ESP32: Modbus RTU, SFTP

Remote Monitoring and control systems for the pump control

  • ESP32 based system
  • Control and monitoring of pump and light
  • Control of pump with scheduler facility

Development of control electronics for Two-pulses X-Ray machine

  • Renesas R5F100LE based microcontroller for real-time processes
  • QT-Rasberry Pi based GUI for controlling Machine

Heater Control System with data logging

  • Raspberry Pi-based system
  • Developed as Linux Service
  • Home automation system

Microcontroller based Spectrum analyzer

  • TM4C123 microcontroller based system with GUI in python

Single-phase motor protection unit

  • Renesas RL78/G12 R5F102AA microcontroller based project

Bluetooth based Lock

  • Based on NRF5283 device

GSM based remote monitoring and control system

  • SIM800 based system with STM32F103 microcontroller and FreeRTOS
  • Control through SMS & REST Protocol (Secured and Unsecured)

Framework for the fully automatic layout-level design of analog CMOS circuits.

  • MAGIC VLSI Tool Extension with the integration of optimization algorithms

Featured IoT Application Project

Firmware development, Hardware integration, Web Application & Mobile Application Development with Cloud Deployment

IoT Enabled Smart Pool Equipments Controlling & Automation System Development

Available on WebAvailable on IOSAvailable on android
View Case Study

Enterprise Level Fuel Station Operations Automation App for a Large Oil Marketing Company.

Available on IOSAvailable on android
View Case Study

Communication Protocols

Custom development & implementation based on objectives and goals


Message Queue Telemetry Transport


Constrained Application Protocol

UPnP Protocol

Universal Plug and Play Protocol


Advanced Message Queuing Protocol


Data Distribution Service


Long Range Wide Area Network

Z-Wave IoT Protocol

Zig-Bee protocol


Communication (Transport) Layers

Identifying the business need. Validating the concept with POC and MVP development

The transport layer is responsible for an end to end communication between the systems including the management of the error correction, providing quality and reliability to the end-user.


  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz
  • High
  • ~100 meters
  • Medium
  • Low


(Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • 2.4 GHz
  • Low
  • ~20 meters
  • Low
  • Medium


  • 2.4 GHz
  • Medium
  • ~100 meters
  • Low
  • Medium


  • subGHz
  • Low
  • ~100 meters
  • Low
  • Medium


  • subGHz
  • Low
  • ~3000 meters
  • Low
  • Medium

Chipsets for Consideration

Identification of the right chipset will help build scalable products


Technology Stack

Developing IoT Applications with modern technology stack

c-python.pngC, C++, Python
freertos-linux.pngFreeRTOS, Embedded Linux, Linux BSP
iot-electronics.pngI2C, UART, SPI, ModBus, ESP32, STM32, NRF52, Renesas, ATMEL, PCB design, Circuit design, Raspberry Pi, Simcom GSM modules, Marvell 88MW320, TIVAC, MSP430

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