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Access and manage hardware device via custom software application

This custom developed solution allows you to manage water pumps, lighting, or other accessories, via the internet. Configure schedules, start stop devices and invite friends, or pool professionals to manage your devices.

Exciting App Features

Device onboarding, configuration, setup schedules for the devices to start stop at regular intervals

Project Challenges

Hardware identification, Firmware development, Provisioning the devices to communicate over internet

With over a decade of app development experience, the biggest challenges was to identify the most suited chip that can accommodate full OTA features as well as it should be cost effective

Developement Process

Implement operative objectives that fulfill an underlying goal

Development was planned systematically where first the devices firmware was to be developed, followed by web and mobile applications that allows the user to manage the hardware device and finally setting up server with MQTT protocol for communication between hardware device and software application.

Technical Specifications

  • iOS

  • Android

  • PhpMySQL

  • NodeJS

  • React Native

  • VerneMQ

  • Nginx

  • AWS

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