Alex B. - Head Of Digital

Leading Digital Marketing Agency London

We have found Intuz a great asset for our business. Their high standards and work ethic have made projects a breeze and allowed us to focus on our core business knowing that we have the support we need. They are knowledgeable in the latest digital technologies which gives me confidence that they are the right partner for the long term.

Dan H

Startup based in New York

Steve Hoensch

Owner, Mobile App Startup from U.K.

I have been using Intuz Group for a number of years, they have helped bring my ideas and designs to life. My Application "Berry Hunters" has grown over the years thanks to Intuz Group. Their detailed knowledge of application design and programming has helped me learn how to program and make changes to an excellent developed application. The company led me through every step of the process and allowed me to develop the backend infrastructure, work directly with the team to integrate the application into my devolved database and web servers. The company has always been prompt in developing updates and changes, creating a flawless mobile application that fits my specifications every time.. If you need an application developing from start to finish, then look no further. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.


SaHLPay Mobile App Startup

INTUZ is a team of talented professionals who will not hold back to give you best advice to make your project successful.

Michael Krigsman

Founder, CXOTALK

Intuz did a fabulous job completing the website. It was a complicated project and the end-result is truly excellent. Thank you, Intuz!

Lante Luthuli - Owner

Online Financial Services Marketplace in South Africa

I hereby express my gratitude to the great work ethic demonstrated by Intuz developers. The tenacity drive and speed in delivering quality work deserves commendation. Intuz went the extra-mile in getting our website done and furthermore appointed a resource to guide me with business development and marketing.

Kent Lardner

Owner of Startup, Australia

As a start-up building a mobile application and website, it is vital that I have an IT partner that I can trust. The things that really matter to me include a level of open communication that keeps the air clear and removes the risk of functional requirements being misinterpreted and knowing that the job will be done well. What has impressed me most about Intuz is that not only do they get my vision and get me (and all my flaws) but they care about what I am trying to achieve.

Intuz is a great partner for my business. I would suggest that anyone considering an IT solution provider should include them in your shortlist. I am glad I did.

Ashley Walsh

Digi-Gift, Australia

Working with Intuz was a great experience. They focused on the client's requirements, have and can do attitude and deal positively with challenges that emerge during the project development. All at the good price.

Patrick Mimran

Founder, Aphos

I really enjoyed working with the Intuz team they offered me great expertise and very good advises on all of my current and future projects.

David Harrison


Intuz has been a reliable developing partner for my company for over 5 years now. So only their name doesn't do them justice... They are great for your first, second, third apps and beyond. Very high communication with the same project manager, has been wonderful. He knows what we're trying to accomplish and that's huge.

Andy - Owner of TowHelp

Startup based in Canada

Hamed Parhizkar

Founder, Life of U

Ahmed Mohamedou

Owner, Artificial Intelligence Software, Est. Abu Dhabi, UAE

We had a delightful experience with INTUZ throughout our project. They provided us with great insights and suggestions regarding mobile application development. Working with INTUZ is simple, clear and professional.

Darcy Kemp

Pacific Spas, Alberta, Canada

Thank you Intuz Group! Your company was very easy to work with and I am extremely pleased with the results. I will definitely recommend Intuz Group in the future. Their designers were an ease to communicate with and their response time was very impressive.

David Shinganya - Director

SGC Investments Ltd., Zambia

We worked on a concept application with Intuz Group for Internal use within our company. Intuz are very impressive. We worked with the team for over a year on this project. They were exactly how we wanted. They executed the application as we intended and even better in some instances. The team was accessible, flexible, understanding of changes that we made once the project had taken off. We are extremely happy with what has been produced. It is still a work in progress and we are still working with Intuz Group on the same project in hopes of strengthening application stronger. I would recommend Intuz Group on similar projects.

Tim Taylor

Founder – Kingdom League International, USA

A foundation gave us monies to automate a proven system we'd pioneered. But it was not enough which caused us to look overseas. I was concerned that we might not find the right skill sets to build our concept. To my surprise, Intuz not only provided a great value but their team actually understood our goals better and introduced a creative design which saved us monies and introduced features that I thought I'd have to wait another two years for. I've been working with them for two years and am very thankful to the two apps they've helped us deploy to the app store so far. Thanks Intuz team.

Michael DeMarco - Publisher

Via Media Publishing Company New Mexico, USA

In addition to Intuz Group's stellar skills, they consistently prove to be reliable, punctual, and responsible for any work we've hired them to do-all at a very reasonable rate. We think of Intuz Group as a vital part of our own business.

Mohammed Al-Elg

Founder & CEO of Mobile App Startup, Saudi Arabia.

Kavita Khatri - Co-founder

Delta Quants, London, UK

Intuz Group helped us achieve a professional and responsive web design for Deltaquants. They were happy to take our ideas forward. They delivered what we asked for in a timely fashion. Thank you Intuz for making a difference.

Julia McElwee USA

Let me just say WOW! I was so impressed with how Intuz and my Project Manager worked together with me that I was truly amazed. It is a bit frightening to use a company so far away but rest assured these guys & gals are top notch! Timely, price is right, effective, efficient and professional are some of the words that come to my mind when thinking of them. I plan on other apps in the future and have no doubts that I will use Intuz again. Thank You! :-)

CEO / Managing Director

Medical Communication & Technology Company, Nigeria.

Thanks for your help in making this app a reality despite the turbulence all through the development! In the end, we got what we can afford and can build on. Thanks.

Founder & CEO

Social Platform for Sports Fans, USA

I’m pleased with how the app looks and feels so far. They added a number of features I didn’t have in the wireframe and didn’t have to ask for specifically, which was great. User interface isn’t my area of expertise, so I appreciated when they gave my ideas a bit of pushback. We’d talk it over and find a solution that works better.


IoT Solution Startup, Washington, DC

In each instance, Intuz under-promised and over delivered. They've blown past deadlines, and never missed one. We had an abbreviated timeline from the beginning, because of a conference which we wanted to attend. We wanted to get to a minimum viable product which we could present, and Intuz knocked everything out of the park, delivering exactly what we needed.


India’s largest portal providing online video lectures for medical exams.

They provided the best value and didn’t overestimate things just for the sake of it. Overall, the clear communication of the scope has led to the on-time and on-budget completion of the project. There were no change requests. This is required for any application development, and it’s something they've done well.

Ryan Thomas

Founder, Theatre Chat

Professional and experienced service from what I come to know as some of the most patient and helpful staff. Intuz staff's ability to receive a concept, understand it clearly, and interpret via code is exceptional. The project manager that oversaw my application project, was very instrumental in helping me understand market trends and how to maximize the appeal and effectiveness of my application without exceeding my budget. I’ve already started the analysis of my second project with this fine organization and expect to continue working with them for many years to come.

Dr. Herb Ross

United States

It was a pleasure to work with Intuz . I have especially been pleased to work with the Project Manager in charge of my app and would also like to express my appreciation for the work done by the Intuz's development team. I have three more apps to produce and I have chosen Intuz to create them, as I have no doubts that they can deliver the kind of apps I want.

Neal Gerber

United States

Working with the Intuz team has been nothing but an enjoyable experience. From the design to development and implementation phases, Intuz has provided a level of experience I couldn't be happier with. With the quality of product, tremendous consumer experience, and a level of comfort others couldn't meet, I recommend and will most definitely utilize Intuz for any further application requirements.

Ben Zellar, Australia

Wordpress WooCommerce Solution

Despite the cultural and geographical differences, working with the Intuz Group team was a pleasure. Led by Keith, out project ran smoothly from requirements gathering and clarification over Skype, right through to delivery, testing and remediation. Regular communications in the project discussion thread, and where necessary via email helped the project run smoothly. Thanks to the team for supporting our business, we look forward to working together in the future.

Ayomide Adebayo, Nigeria

Joomla Development & Customization

My experience working with Intuz Group has been very satisfying. I started with a small project work with them and eventually ended up with a lot more work with them. Their project management process, communication through project management system and regular weekly meetings with my project manager allowed me to stay updated on my project. I would surely recommend Intuz to anyone looking for their services.

Owner, Social Networking Startup


The team at Intuz are experts at Android mobile app development. They helped with the development of bubbln and gave an excellent support. Thank you Intuz Group.

Mark East, USA

Intuz Group was a pure joy to work with. From beginning to end their communication, attentiveness, and attention to detail were above expectations. In today's interconnected world, it is very refreshing to see that a company operating from a site virtual from my own can be so responsive and efficient. I have over 10 years of engineering and product development experience both domestically and internationally and can say that the project Manager and the Intuz staff are world-class developers that I would not hesitate to use again.


Web Design & Development Company, Chicago

Intuz Group recently completed two projects for clients of mine. Their work was professional and efficient. I was most impressed by the questions they asked and the suggestions they made. It showed they were truly interested in getting the job done right for the client rather than just getting it done. I'm sending a third project to them today.

Managing Director

A UK-based Digital Marketing Agency

Intuz Group are great to work with. They are quick and always provide work to a high standard. If we need request any changes they make them without fuss.

Vice President of a Web Consulting Agency

Dallas, Texas

We are always in need of dependable and reliable resources for our consulting business and Intuz Group has been an excellent resource for us. They are responsive, fast, and do excellent work. For our business model, it is critical for us to produce excellent work quickly and Intuz has been able to help us in a way we haven't found with other resources. We are very grateful for them!

Claudio Campos, Angola

I'm still amazed at the quality of work of this team. The interaction was smooth, the work was fast, and the result was very professional. The experience was so pleasant that I will work again with Intuz Group. I earned a broader view of how an app is developed. I am sure that the next app will be even better. Staff of the Intuz, continue with this good work. You guys are really good at what you do.

David Austin


As a person who has little experience with application development and structure, I found it enjoyable to work with Intuz. They were able to take my ideas and skillfully translate them into a product that looked professional. They were able to quickly and accurately let me know what would and would not work within the program. I felt like I was their only client...quick and detailed responses. All fees for modifications that I requested were upfront. I had attempted to have my app built with another company prior to finding Intuz Group. Definitely a company that I plan to use for further development of other apps.

Michelle Cox

Owner - Freedom Filters, Cape Coral, Florida

As a new business with a modest budget, trying to get started in eCommerce, we are very glad that we decided to use Intuz Group. Not only are they very knowledgeable, they are also affordable.
We are very pleased with our completed website, and the staff at Intuz Group were able to answer all our questions, offer helpful suggestions, and solve problems as they arose, making the whole process easier than we expected.
We plan on continuing to use Intuz as our website grows, and we highly recommend them to any business looking for a dependable website development resource.

Ron Robinson - President

ABARIS Consulting

ABARIS Consulting has worked with Intuz Group for over a year, initially providing website maintenance and then for the design, development and maintenance of our new website. Although all our communication for the development of the website was through email, the process and quality of the result was significantly easier and better than the two previous occasions when we have used local providers to design our website. In working with Chris, he has always done what he said he would do, which in a world when so many companies over promise and under deliver, this is a refreshing change and a significant reason we are able to strongly recommend Chris and Intuz. Chris has always provided suggestions for improvement but not to the extent that you feel that all they want to do is sell more. Chris's recommendations have been well thought out and consistent with our objectives. As a firm, we are careful in providing recommendations as we know that it can reflect upon us, however, my dealings with Chris over the last year enabled me to provide this recommendation.


SEO Firm from Portland, Oregon

As a Web Designer and SEO Professional, one of the hardest aspects of my business is to provide effective off page SEO for my clients as well as for my own sites. Intuz came to me recommended by another SEO Professional.
Being skeptical as we all are I decided to try them out on one of my sites rather than turn them loose with my clients projects.
Intuz Group has surpassed my expectations for developing quality inbound links for both my websites and my clients. They are very accessible and communication is superb. I am a tough customer as far as being demanding and this Intuz Group just keeps on performing.
I would recommend Intuz Group to any business or Internet professional needing their services, as they are very professional and will make you look good!

Ana Pacheco

Owner - Publishing Company based in New Mexico, USA

Since 2009 I'd been looking for a company in the U.S. to provide web services to grow my publishing business to no avail. Five months ago a colleague introduced me to the services of Intuz Group, and almost immediately, they were able to help with my business. The staff at Intuz have been quite efficient and very patient in working with me, since I'm not that technologically experienced. Every morning when I turn my computer on I know there will be a response from Intuz regarding questions from the previous day waiting for me.

Mike Shoaff, COO

Apollo Metro Solutions

I worked with Intuz Group when I started the entire branding initiative for our business. We needed to have our webpage up very quickly. Intuz obtained a very good understanding, very quickly, of what our business did and how we wanted our site to look. They worked with me closely for three weeks so that we could have our site up as soon as possible. I couldn't have been more impressed with the end result. The team at Intuz did a great job and are true professionals. I would recommend Intuz Group to anyone seeking a webpage designer.

Ryan Blick


My experience with the team at Intuz Group was amazing. From day one, they were very easy to work with and always there to answer all of my questions. The dedication they have shown towards my project far exceeded my expectations and they were always updating me with how the project was progressing. When choosing someone to develop your idea, it is easy to be overwhelmed by all of the different choices out there. Let me assure you that the team at Intuz will not disappoint. I am so very happy that I chose them to develop my idea and I hope to work with them again in the near future!

Michael Wells (Managing Director)

Third Light Ltd United Kingdom The Digital Asset Management Specialists

The team at Intuz have impressed me. As well as managing our project from start to finish, they were happy to adapt and enhance our application based on feedback and ideas we sent. They are responsive and supportive even though our testing and feedback was stringent. At every stage, I was impressed by their willingness to make changes and their fast, efficient turnaround of any tweaks, bug fixes or updates we asked for. At the end of our project, I feel we have a beautiful app made by an experienced and trustworthy team. Thank you to Intuz for delivering on time, on budget and being great to work with! Highly recommended.

Martin Gulliver, Owner

Martin Gulliver Designs Ltd

Intuz Group were engaged by my company to design and develop a Magento ecommerce website. The site contains over 5000 products and runs very quickly and smoothly but most importantly it is very easy to use. The team at Intuz very easy to work with and all requests and suggestions were looked at immediately by them. I can highly recommend them and will be using Intuz for my next website project.


Airline Tourism Company from Switzerland

John Jobin - Director Of Business Development North America

ISP Dental Grads

I have been working with Intuz Group for a few months redesigning a website that would give a professional look and great new functionality features. I was promised from the beginning I would be happy and satisfied and believe me, I am! They were always responsive, never changed rates and billed exactly what was quoted - on top of doing a fantastic job for our site that met my expectations. I would not hesitate to work with them again - top notch professionals and cost effective.

D Roberts, Mobile and Web Consultant

California, USA

Poorly designed sites with usability and search engine accessibility issues can turn the proverbial business dream into an unmitigated business nightmare. My clients are a very picky, detail-oriented set (and admittedly, so am I) - Having the right web development team means everything.
I was originally referred to Nilay, and the Intuz Group team by a trusted colleague. Not only have they exceeded expectations in the quality of work they deliver and their attention to detail - but they have also surpassed expectations in their ability to complete projects in a timely fashion, communicate effectively and call on plain common sense as needed to help interpret the needs of a project. Intuz delivers a heady brew of superior workmanship and client support. If you are looking to outsource a personable, top-notch design and programming team for your startup or established web development business, I recommend Intuz Group - without reservation

Bill McMahon

United States

Intuz Group went above and beyond to get our app approved for the App Store. When our initial design was rejected, Intuz took it upon themselves to evaluate our design and make changes to get the app approved. With the changes, our app was approved.

Robert Beasley - owner

Nashville TN USA

By most comparisons, my request was simple. I wanted only a landing page and inner page. I found the company by searching web developers in India, because I had a very limited budget. My inquiry was answered by Chris, and he took over from here. He and his crew did an outstanding job with me sending him the text blocks and the images. I told Chris to get it done - that I would leave it up to him. Over two weeks and a few email exchanges about adjustments & changes, my site is up and running. I am very pleased with the result, and I will use Chris again when I need to update and on other web projects.

Kyle Eclick, Founder, Apricot Media

Iowa, USA

Intuz Group built me a quality app which met my specifications, all within a quick turnaround time.

Rich Fields

United States

My experience with the folks at Intuz Group was fantastic. At Trivia Test Productions we have used a number of App developers over the years. We have used a couple of U.S. based developers and have contracted with developers based in the Ukrainian. Even though the folks at Intuz are based far away, their comprehension to my needs and their knowledge of Apple based platforms, code & functionality is unmatched. We had total access to our Intuz project manager any time we needed to contact them with questions or concerns. On another note, of all the developers we have used in the past, Intuz Group had the most competitive prices so far. Trivia Test Productions has two apps up and selling on iTunes right now including the "Television Trivia Test" and "iRichFields". We have more apps dropping soon and will use Intuz for their development as well. I highly recommend Intuz Group to those out there looking for help with their app projects.

Ahmed Gerashi


Trustworthy is a difficult term to describe an online business. However, Intuz Group proved it when developing my app (iPsych) in terms of planning, costing and execution.
I am very happy about support before, during and after sale which most developers tend to neglect.

Manufacturing Company from USA

Intuz Group incorporated some of their own ideas into our layout, which resulted in a solution that we were happy with. Communicating with Intuz was done through email and Skype. It was easy doing business with Intuz because everything was done via email and Skype. Even with the time difference, response to emails was immediate. There is a possibility we might use Intuz again in the future.

Andrew Mcmorron

I had outsourced my Magento development (Magento Customization) work offshore several times prior to working with Intuz Group, but always got unsatisfactory results. The team at Intuz redeemed my faith in offshore development as they were professional, quick to respond to my queries and delivered most of the work as I requested. I will be using them again for future jobs.


e-Commerce website from USA

I needed a subscription-based e-commerce site professionally designed and decided to hire this Intuz. I was amazed at how fast they worked! My logo and homepage design were done within days. And the quality was that of a Fortune 500 Company! If I had hired a US Company to do this work I would have paid 5 times as much.

Steve Niederhauser

Vice President, NITRA S.A

I contacted Intuz Group for a problem we had on our website. I had the pleasure to work with Intuz team that were very helpful and fixed the problem in no time. For this reason and the way in which we interacted I highly recommend Intuz Group.

Jerry Horwood


Our experiences with Intuz Group have far exceeded our expectations. Despite being a software development Company ourselves, we have always been nervous about sub-contracting to overseas developers. In addition, our app was not going to be straightforward. Intuz immediately understood our needs, demonstrated extraordinary efficiency to make changes (usually within hours), and made the whole process of producing our app fast, painless and good value for money. We will certainly be using them again.

Jun Sakaguchi


With my knowledge and database, I gained through over 15 years of my professional experiences in several countries, I always wanted to bring architecture closer to the public internationally. And this is the best way to do it through an amazing network of iPhone!
I was not sure how to do it but when I first found Intuz, it made my dream come true! They have been always prompt and helpful in creating my app for Tokyo and now I am happy to make apps for other cities in the world!
Thank you for your help in connecting the world!!


Dotcom Company from Texas, USA

We have used Intuz for online listing website design and development which is 100% dynamic and Intuz has completed the project with great translation and communication of website needs. I am impressed with the fast response time to any inquiry or request from this web solution provider. They have helped me with the business aspects of the project along with the technology solution.


Facebook Application Owner from Israel

I would like to send my special thanks to Intuz Group, for all the hard and professional work they did!!! The project started almost 3 months ago and it was complicated, fun and educating to work on this together. The site is looking good and users love it thanks to the contribution of each one of us and we should be very proud of our product!

Tom Higdon

After searching for web development services in the US and offshore, we engaged Intuz Group for the design and development of our e-commerce site. We were skeptical initially but were extremely pleased. The team working on our project was extremely professional and delivered everything we asked for. They surpassed our expectations in all areas and we look forward to a long relationship.


Automobile Company from California, USA

We have purchased website development and designing services from Intuz to develop and design the dynamic website to promote our loyalty cards business. Intuz Group has developed a great Content Management System (CMS) from where we can manage each and every object of the website on all the pages and Intuz has designed this website very consumer friendly and easily manageable. We have purchased services from Intuz third time because we were impressed with their performance on earlier projects and still they are consistent in it. Intuz has not only delivered the project spontaneously but also fixed the bugs, errors and changes very quickly and completely.

Hussain Al-Marzooq

NoorMobileApps Bahrain

I was looking for a Company that had proven experience in developing mobile apps. I submitted multiple apps ideas to Intuz and their expertise has turned these ideas into live apps. Intuz Group improved my ideas and made them more exciting and also ensured that the apps were designed, developed, and marketed with proven efficiency. Right from ideation to design and development of the apps up to the final submission to the iTunes stores, I have been amazed by their attention to detail and the dedication they bring to their projects. The 5 apps and website for marketing that were delivered to me - were beyond expectations. I'm amazed by their professional and very friendly approach and I continue to use their services, which is proof of my being extremely satisfied with their services. I highly recommend this Intuz to anybody who needs to bring a unique mobile app idea to life. I must say that Intuz Group is simply the best!

Rizwan Saferali

Super 8 Kissimmee Suites

In 2010 we engaged Intuz to develop a mobile website for our hotel near Walt Disney World. Because we were engaging a Company based in another country, we were not sure of the reliability of service but decided to take a chance. We were very happy with our decision. Intuz Group was able to create a mobile website based on our specifications at a very affordable price and under a quick deadline. They were very professional to deal with and I would have no problem to recommend their services to my friends and colleagues.

Al Kannan, Principle Partner

Cozent LLC

Intuz Group did a good job with our website enhancement, we had a conference deadline and Intuz did a fantastic turnaround, their team is also technically savvy...looking forward to work with Intuz Group for our second phase web site enhancements.


Travel Solutions Company

Intuz Group has been our preferred software solutions provider since 2008. The team has a good mix of technical and business people who could understand my requirement and convert it into a software solution. The service has been of high quality and very professional. We would like to continue working with them in the future.


Web Development Company from Dublin, Ireland

To whom it may concern For some time now, we have employed the services of Intuz Group as a valuable outsourcing resource. Intuz Group has enabled us to take on or complete in a timely fashion, additional projects that in the past we might have turned away due to short-term constraints with our internal resources. This has enabled us to both grow our business and provide a better service for our clients.
We have found communication with our Company representatives excellent. Time differences in our respective locations work to our advantage with completed jobs often waiting for us the following morning! The work has always been completed to our satisfaction and most importantly on time.

Jim Rothman

Institute of Entrepreneurship

The World Geography Challenge application Intuz Group created for us helped us engage a new segment of our target population: high school and college students. It is a great way for us to connect to people and have them participate in our programs. As we strive to keep up with technology, the app offers users a fun challenge and new way of learning world geography. While the app's technology is advanced, its functionality is simple to use. Thank you for your creativity, Intuz!

Kathy Lees

United States

We were building our first mobile app and were glad we found Intuz Group. They helped us through the process and designed the app just as we had pictured it. We have had numerous comments on how well the app works and how well it looks. Thanks to Intuz and their team! Can't wait for our second one.


Web Design firm from Alberta, Canada

These guys at Intuz Group are top-notch! From correspondence to web design and development, they handle everything in a very professional way. It's my first time outsourcing client projects and I never thought it could be this easy. The staff at Intuz is also willing to go an extra mile. Customer satisfaction and long-term partnership really are what they're working for! Good work guys!

Adam Gough


I had been searching for a developer to create Company website, based on our already existing website and database. I had spoken with several companies and received several quotations.... Intuz Group were the most efficient with communication and dealt with every question I had, promptly. They also had an impressive portfolio and made me feel very secure about working with them. It can be a gamble, when sending money across the web to companies you do not know and have not dealt with before. This Company kept me informed about every step taken, for e.g. when I sent payments across to them; they informed me quickly about their receipt. The app is now finished and live on the iTunes store, but they are still on hand to answer my questions; helping me understand every process of this new venture. I would recommend this Company to anyone looking at developing an app and I am more than happy for anyone to contact me and discuss just how easy and efficient it was working with Intuz.

Hardik Ukani - Chief Operating Officer

Vasu Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.

It has been a great privilege and experience for us to work with Intuz Group. We are much impressed with the professionalism and working style that team at Intuz has developed and displayed. We have found them very organized, creative and serious in their work and have mastery in delivering the work on time. We shall never hesitate to recommend their name to others if asked.

Project Manager

Web Design and Development Company from Canada

I have been working with Intuz Group for several months now and I have to say that I am impressed with their professionalism, quality of service and promptness. Due to our partnership with them, we have been able to complete more projects and take on more new projects than we have previously been able to. I can only see our working relationship continuing and growing as time goes on.

Owner of a Law Firm

Houston, Texas

Nilay, I am writing to thank you and the staff at Intuz for their hard work and dedication to raising our firm's website rankings and improving the click through rate for our PPC campaign. Everyone has been so helpful, and best of all we have greatly increased the traffic to our site. Before you started our website was not visible at all on Google searches. Now we are on page one! Intuz has been a contributing factor to the success of our new business.

Jeremy Kisner - President

Surevest Wealth Management

Intuz Group was great to work with. They are responsive and have competent designers and a depth of talent. They did not use a canned template like most web designers. They listened to what we asked for and delivered. I would definitely use them again.