Melissa Ali

Owner/CEO, Travel and Local App

For the budget I had, Intuz put more effort than expected. I’m truly amazed at the outcome, the team I had did an amazing job. It was more than I’ve imagined, and I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from my app. They really trustworthy and very considerate, they were able to work with me even when a transaction with my bank didn’t go as expected. I am working on some upgrades and other projects in the future, so I will be working with them again. I honestly recommend anyone to Intuz, they are truly the best and I’m glad I chose them.

Bruce Francois

President, myPurpose NETWORK, USA

Intuz quickly delivered products that would take other agencies months to develop. They followed a transparent workflow and adapted to changes to the project scope. The entire team was friendly and highly skilled, making them an outstanding partner.

Matthew Freeman

Leisure, Travel & Tourism Startup - Bournemouth, England

I really appreciated their designs,
because they showcased our company's image in an excellent way.

Rajeev Vasani

Partner, Dr Vasani Academy E-Learning - Mumbai, India

Great Professional Team to work with!
Intuz has developed multiple Android apps for us which have seen very good adoption among our users. Our apps involve video streaming functionalities, subscription management and other functionalities closely related to the e-learning domain. Intuz project delivery has been hassle free and on time. Communication is clear and the post-implementation support is prompt. We plan to continue to work with Intuz for future project and ongoing enhancements. 

Alex B. - Head Of Digital

Leading Digital Marketing Agency London

We have found Intuz a great asset for our business. Their high standards and work ethic have made projects a breeze and allowed us to focus on our core business knowing that we have the support we need. They are knowledgeable in the latest digital technologies which gives me confidence that they are the right partner for the long term.

Dan H

Startup based in New York

Steve Hoensch

Owner, Mobile App Startup from U.K.

I have been using Intuz Group for a number of years, they have helped bring my ideas and designs to life. My Application "Berry Hunters" has grown over the years thanks to Intuz Group. Their detailed knowledge of application design and programming has helped me learn how to program and make changes to an excellent developed application. The company led me through every step of the process and allowed me to develop the backend infrastructure, work directly with the team to integrate the application into my devolved database and web servers. The company has always been prompt in developing updates and changes, creating a flawless mobile application that fits my specifications every time.. If you need an application developing from start to finish, then look no further. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.


SaHLPay Mobile App Startup

INTUZ is a team of talented professionals who will not hold back to give you best advice to make your project successful.

Michael Krigsman

Founder, CXOTALK

Intuz did a fabulous job completing the website. It was a complicated project and the end-result is truly excellent. Thank you, Intuz!

Lante Luthuli - Owner

Online Financial Services Marketplace in South Africa

I hereby express my gratitude to the great work ethic demonstrated by Intuz developers. The tenacity drive and speed in delivering quality work deserves commendation. Intuz went the extra-mile in getting our website done and furthermore appointed a resource to guide me with business development and marketing.

Kent Lardner

Owner of Startup, Australia

As a start-up building a mobile application and website, it is vital that I have an IT partner that I can trust. The things that really matter to me include a level of open communication that keeps the air clear and removes the risk of functional requirements being misinterpreted and knowing that the job will be done well. What has impressed me most about Intuz is that not only do they get my vision and get me (and all my flaws) but they care about what I am trying to achieve.

Intuz is a great partner for my business. I would suggest that anyone considering an IT solution provider should include them in your shortlist. I am glad I did.

Ashley Walsh

Digi-Gift, Australia

Working with Intuz was a great experience. They focused on the client's requirements, have and can do attitude and deal positively with challenges that emerge during the project development. All at the good price.

Patrick Mimran

Founder, Aphos

I really enjoyed working with the Intuz team they offered me great expertise and very good advises on all of my current and future projects.

David Harrison


Intuz has been a reliable developing partner for my company for over 5 years now. So only their name doesn't do them justice... They are great for your first, second, third apps and beyond. Very high communication with the same project manager, has been wonderful. He knows what we're trying to accomplish and that's huge.

Andy - Owner of TowHelp

Startup based in Canada

Hamed Parhizkar

Founder, Life of U

Ahmed Mohamedou

Owner, Artificial Intelligence Software, Est. Abu Dhabi, UAE

We had a delightful experience with INTUZ throughout our project. They provided us with great insights and suggestions regarding mobile application development. Working with INTUZ is simple, clear and professional.

Darcy Kemp

Pacific Spas, Alberta, Canada

Thank you Intuz Group! Your company was very easy to work with and I am extremely pleased with the results. I will definitely recommend Intuz Group in the future. Their designers were an ease to communicate with and their response time was very impressive.

David Shinganya - Director

SGC Investments Ltd., Zambia

We worked on a concept application with Intuz Group for Internal use within our company. Intuz are very impressive. We worked with the team for over a year on this project. They were exactly how we wanted. They executed the application as we intended and even better in some instances. The team was accessible, flexible, understanding of changes that we made once the project had taken off. We are extremely happy with what has been produced. It is still a work in progress and we are still working with Intuz Group on the same project in hopes of strengthening application stronger. I would recommend Intuz Group on similar projects.

Tim Taylor

Founder – Kingdom League International, USA

A foundation gave us monies to automate a proven system we'd pioneered. But it was not enough which caused us to look overseas. I was concerned that we might not find the right skill sets to build our concept. To my surprise, Intuz not only provided a great value but their team actually understood our goals better and introduced a creative design which saved us monies and introduced features that I thought I'd have to wait another two years for. I've been working with them for two years and am very thankful to the two apps they've helped us deploy to the app store so far. Thanks Intuz team.

Michael DeMarco - Publisher

Via Media Publishing Company New Mexico, USA

In addition to Intuz Group's stellar skills, they consistently prove to be reliable, punctual, and responsible for any work we've hired them to do-all at a very reasonable rate. We think of Intuz Group as a vital part of our own business.

Mohammed Al-Elg

Founder & CEO of Mobile App Startup, Saudi Arabia.

Kavita Khatri - Co-founder

Delta Quants, London, UK

Intuz Group helped us achieve a professional and responsive web design for Deltaquants. They were happy to take our ideas forward. They delivered what we asked for in a timely fashion. Thank you Intuz for making a difference.

Julia McElwee USA

Let me just say WOW! I was so impressed with how Intuz and my Project Manager worked together with me that I was truly amazed. It is a bit frightening to use a company so far away but rest assured these guys & gals are top notch! Timely, price is right, effective, efficient and professional are some of the words that come to my mind when thinking of them. I plan on other apps in the future and have no doubts that I will use Intuz again. Thank You! :-)

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