Future Project Enhancement

*This stage of app development is still under R&D. Actual result might differ.
  • Integration of app with all fuel stations. The app should interact with each franchise to track data of fuel inflow and outflow.
  • The app should also be connected with each petrol pump of the fuel stations. So the client, managers, suppliers, and distributors can track real-time data about the fuel availability and consumption at each station.
  • All payment transactions should happen online, automatically and securely. Cash should be credited and debited automatically. Suppliers, credit buyers, and consumers can also make the purchase online.


Massive data management of fuel consumption and availability at the different fuel stations of the clients across the country.

Application allows client to manage a chain of fuel service stations, track daily reports, analyze business performance by updating the data on a centralized backend system. To prevent theft of fuel, the app manages data of fuel purchases with registration numbers of vehicles and drivers. Customers of the client can operate the application to check their balance and transaction history for the respective stations.


In the concept designing phase, we created wireframe of the application and shared with the client so they can have a better understanding about the flow of the app.


Intuz team analyzed existing system of the client and understood the business flow. There was a requirement to set up streamlined work process for each business departments.

Seamless data synchronize across all stations regarding their fuel consumption as well as driver’s delivery checkpoints to get protection against the possible theft of the fuel.

Intuz understood client's business purpose, bifurcated the development scopes and accordingly proposed a solution.

Client Engagement

The client approached Intuz to develop a compelling mobile application that streamlines their business processes. Intuz team sent an acknowledgment to the client and scheduled a call to get the brief understanding of requirements. After a detailed discussion with the client, they shared high-level BRD document.

By reviewing the BRD document in detail, we understood client’s existing workflow and future expectations. Based on the requirement analysis, our Business Analysts proposed a solution to the client.

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Client Engagement

Design Challenges

The client wanted to have a very simple and smooth user interface for the app. As they were not so clear about the flow of app, our priority was to create a wireframe of the app and submit it to client.

Design Process

We shared design questionnaire with the client to understand their expectations regarding app designing. After analyzing client’s response, we defined the design requirements and created wireframe of the app.

Design Process


In the process of transformation of client’s business idea into a technology solution, we educated them about the required technical specifications by offering comprehensive consultation for each part of design and development.

After the completion of design and development phase, we shared the beta version with the client to collect client’s feedback and enhance the design accordingly. Once client confirmed the app, we launched it on Google Play.

Development Process

During the development, we worked out on client’s requirements profoundly and offered a feature-rich app with advanced functionalities. The app replaced client’s existing manual process by allowing them to manage fuel data and activities into mobile app.

The app development allowed managers to track and maintain daily stock and sale of fuel. However, it was manual data entry in mobile app. After the app delivery, client interacted with Intuz on the regular basis for further features and functionalities optimization.

Automation of entire workflow was in future project enhancement scopes after analyzing feasibility of possible development.

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Development Process

Technical Specifications

Client Speak

David Shinganya - Director

SGC Investments Ltd., Zambia

We worked on a concept application with Intuz Group for Internal use within our company. Intuz Group are very impressive. We worked with the team for over a year on this project. They were exactly what we wanted. They executed the application as we intended and even better in some instances. The team was accessible, flexible, understanding of changes that we made once the project had taken off. We are extremely happy with what has been produced. It is still a work in progress and we are still working with Intuz Group on the same project in hopes of strengthening application stronger. I would recommend Intuz Group on similar projects.

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