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Missing excitement in life?

The app allows you to discover nearby sports and events around you based on your hobbies and let you host your new events too.

Exciting App Features

Explore your favourite hobbies and nearby activities

We tend to ignore our hobbies and the need to socialize. Those childhood hobbies, playing sports and meeting & making new friends is lost somewhere. Now, make your life easier & active with the Live4It Locations app.

Client Engagement

Intuz’s analysis, visualization & presentation impressed me

I relayed to them wireframes and business plan I created. They implemented my ideas, added some other good features, and took feedback on what I liked and didn’t like.

Testing and launch Development, recommendation and implementation Logo & app design finalization Business plan & wireframing

Intuitive Design

Easy to discover, cutting edge design interface

The whole concept behind designing was to keep the design minimal while providing indulging experience with elegant visuals.

Developement Process

Objectives that fulfill an underlying goal






With the business plan and objectives being clearly laid out by client, Intuz made sure that a thorough analysis of the concept be done and confirmed before starting the journey of app development.

We came up with a lot of value added suggestions that added a lot of business value to the application. It helped the client to visualize the details including the features that will be accessed by the users and how they will look for their preferred sports locations in their locality, similarly for sports facilities owners how they can list out their playground with availability details costs per hour, facilities they will provide, etc.

We tried to keep the application navigation very simple with minimal design. The important aspect that was taken into consideration while designing screens was to not fill up screens just through text but present it through connectable visual aesthetics. We used card based designs to give the app a fun and enjoyable look.

During development, the major challenge for us was to make sure that the nearby radius feature worked with accuracy and fetched correct places around users to give them a really personalize experience while using the app. We followed an agile development approach and delivered the products in shippable MVPs at end of each sprint which was fully functional.

With timely deliverables and quality, the client was really happy with the outcome and appreciated team on multiple occasions during the project development cycle.

Technical Specifications

Translating business requirements

  • ios
  • android
  • React Native
  • linux
  • apache
  • NodeJs

Client Speak


Matthew Freeman
Founder - Live4It Locations, UK

When I was looking around for app development companies, other companies try to explain things over the phone. Intuz was the only vendor who actually shared their screen with me and presented a PowerPoint presentation. Their organization and how professional they were stood out to me from the start.

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