Owner of an extensive restaurant chain and hotels from Saudi Arabia wanted a highly dynamic online platform to manage his food ordering and table reservation process.

Core function of the app is to streamline and automate the tedious activities of food ordering and table reservation across the client’s restaurant chain and hotels. Complex yet intuitive app structure allows other restaurant and hotel owners (from Saudi Arabia & Gulf region) to access the app and drive immense business opportunities.

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For the effective management of the large-scale restaurant chain and hotels, client needed to automate his food ordering and table reservation services.

Client approached Intuz team to develop an exclusive iOS and Android based mobile app along with robust web back-end. He wanted to make the app available for other restaurants and hotels across Saudi Arabia and Gulf region. So, everyone can take benefit out of the app.

The app required to contain exceptional capability of massive data management so that owners can manage food item menus and products configuration seamlessly.


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Restaurant Detail Page
Restaurant Detail Page



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Configurable Products

Chinese Combo


1 Hakka Noodles, 1 Paneer Chilly Dry,
1 Dry Manchurian with 1 Beverages
2X - 30 SAR

Product configuration function enables owners to modify food item menu structure as per the custom needs. For example; owners can combine different food items and set the pricing for new combo.

Dynamic Menu Structure

Formation of an extremely dynamic food item menu structure to manage the massive data of food items offered by all restaurants and hotels.

Map Accuracy

Across the Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries, accurate location tracking through the map was quite difficult to achieve due to inefficient data input by the local businesses.

Custom Distance & Time Logic

Quick tracking of nearby restaurants along with the display of their respective deals /offers as per user’s lunch or dinner timing.

For example; if the user is roaming around in a particular area during daytime, he can view only lunch offers available around him. If he visits any place in night time, then the app should display dinner deals only.


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