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A custom IoT Battery Monitoring Solution for a leading US-based clean Energy Storage Company

Intuz collaborates with Fortress Power, a renowned clean energy storage solutions company in the USA, to deliver an exceptional IoT mobile application for seamless battery monitoring and management.

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Intuz Development & Consulting

  • iOS & Android Mobile App Development
  • Device Onboarding & Management
  • Built IoT Gateway
  • OTA Update
  • Consulting for AWS Cloud Architecture
  • CI/CD Deployment Management
  • Automation Unit Testing

About the Project

Intuz collaborated with Fortress Power to assist in creating an innovative IoT Mobile App Solution for both Android and iOS platforms. This IoT application empowers businesses and households to effectively manage renewable energy resources, ensuring seamless installation and sustainable utilization of clean energy.

The IoT-based application is designed to work with Fortress Power’s energy storage devices, allowing them and their customers to monitor and access their energy system. Users can check battery packs, charging status, battery status (online/offline), and various critical parameters such as State of Charge (SoC), State of Health (SoH), voltage, capacity, energy density, and more. This enables users to make informed decisions regarding their energy management.

The client was highly satisfied upon seeing the live app, acknowledging the dedicated efforts of the Intuz team in creating this IoT solution.

Our team has developed an IoT gateway, seamlessly integrating it with cloud-based data storage. This integration enables over-the-air (OTA) updates and offers historical reports, ensuring easy accessibility and user-friendly operation for households and businesses alike.

Places, Location Or Devices - Gateway to Smooth Integrations

Effortlessly Manage Multiple Devices and Locations

Discover effortless location integration in the app, where you can easily add places and gateways. Whether you're overseeing multiple sites, improving location-based services, or connecting devices, this feature makes everything simpler.

The 'Add Places' and 'Add Gateway' functionality streamline location management, offering more control and clarity at once. With the ability to accurately set site locations on the integrated map, this feature ensures the support team can easily locate sites for any maintenance work.

Battery Level Monitoring with the Fortress Power Guardian

Battery Level Monitoring with the Intuitive Mobile App

The Fortress Power mobile application functions as a vital gateway device, creating a connection between Fortress battery packs and the cloud. It incorporates important features such as checking battery status (online/offline) and triggering notifications for faults and issues. Collaborating with its companion app, it streamlines the discovery of connected Fortress Power batteries, making battery-level monitoring a seamless process.

The application aids in determining critical values such as State of Charge, Voltage, Current, and Battery Temperature, presenting them through an easy and intuitive UI/UX. This comprehensive monitoring solution empowers users to make informed decisions regarding their battery systems while also enhancing technical support capabilities.

Unlock Insights, Boost Battery Performance With Historical Reports

Unlock Insights, Boost Battery Performance With Historical Reports

Discover the benefits of detailed reports in the app to improve performance and make decisions based on data. Whether you're overseeing energy use, keeping an eye on battery performance, or seeking assistance, these reports offer valuable insights to understand the past and enhance future efforts.

Users can also share past data with support engineers for quicker issue resolution and refine their strategies using trends and patterns. Historical reports empower users to make informed decisions and boost overall performance.

Firmware Updates Made Easy With OTA

Firmware Updates Made Easy With OTA

We have developed a user-friendly one-click Over-The-Air (OTA) update solution, enabling users to effortlessly upgrade the firmware of their Fortress devices. Additionally, our solution empowers the client to seamlessly push and manage OTA firmware updates for all their customers through a straightforward web-based platform. With robust version control capabilities, they can easily oversee and manage their devices, streamlining the update process.

Live Chat and Support, Warranty Management at The Fingertips

Improving After-Sales Assistance: Live Chat and Comprehensive Device Insights

Easily connect with live support through the app to ask questions or request technical assistance. Having all device data on the cloud enables the Fortress support team and engineers to accurately check customers' Fortress devices and address potential issues, ensuring better customer support.

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