Ideation of the app is derived from personal observation of the client. They wanted to address the very common but significant issue of movie theater attendees who text during seminars, movies or live shows and other attendees get disturbed due to lighting and volume of regular messenger apps.

Key purpose of the client was to reduce distraction of others by creating a dark theme based app. Use the app in night time or dimly environment for easy texting without disrupting others.

client engagement

Client Engagement

Initially, the client wanted to achieve a reduction in iPhone’s brightness and volume through one click while chat is going on.

During the R&D, we identified that integration of such functionality requires third-party app permission which is not supported in iOS devices. Furthermore, It required changes in inbuilt software configurations and settings of the iPhone device. However, it was not suggestive.

Configuration changes are possible with Android phones, but the client wanted to go for iPhone only. So, we changed scopes of the project and suggested to create an app with a dark theme that delivers smoother chat experience to the users.



Third Party App Permission

Third Party App Permission

After the R&D, we came to know that integration of third party app permission in iPhone was not suggestive as it required changes in inbuilt software configurations of the device.

Brainstorming for App Theme

Brainstorming for App Theme

There was a long discussion on various aspects of app’s theme. After the brainstorming, we and client decided to go with a dark color theme with various font sizes and colors.


Intuz graphic artists tried different colors to set up an attractive dark theme for the app. We submitted four options for the App theme that contains different color and design. Client selected the matt-black color. We offered varied font colors and sizes for premium users.

Development Process



We researched on color shades for the app screen and font. We also tried different font sizes to achieve the best readability. Real time testing enables us to get exact idea about app’s look and feel.


iPhone Development

Integration of third party app permission was no more required with the changes in project scopes. We designed and developed a dark theme based iPhone app with cool features and functionalities.


Android Development

Client was quite impressed with the output of iPhone app and asked us to develop the same app for Android platform. Intuz built a fabulous app for Android devices and made both the apps live together.


App Revenue

We helped client in earning bucks by developing in-app purchase option. End-user of the app have to pay if they want to access different font sizes and colors as well as pre-defined message suggestions.

App Marketing

App Marketing App Marketing
App Marketing App Marketing
App Marketing App Marketing

App Store Optimization (ASO)

  • Identified basic and competition keywords of the category and inserted in the app
  • Completed title optimization according to store guidelines
  • Prepared an optimized app description with correct keyword positioning and density
  • Optimized and updated store screenshots for better user engagement

Technical Specifications

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • yii
  • phpmysql
Client Speak

Client Speak

Ryan Thomas

Founder, Theater Chat

We worked on a concept application with Intuz Group for Internal use within our company. Intuz Group are very impressive. We worked with the team for over a year on this project. They were exactly what we wanted. They executed the application as we intended and even better in some instances. The team was accessible, flexible, understanding of changes that we made once the project had taken off. We are extremely happy with what has been produced. It is still a work in progress and we are still working with Intuz Group on the same project in hopes of strengthening application stronger. I would recommend Intuz Group on similar projects.

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