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Experience landmark presence in creating trendy user interface and delivering exceptional user experience.

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Having iOS expertise since 2009, Intuz has deep insights into development of top-notch iPhone, iPad, iWatch & Mac apps.

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We deliver cutting-edge Android applications to monetize your business with latest Android Studio, Java expertise and integrations.

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Cloud Services

Solutions for Cloud Migration, AWS Deployment, Expert AWS Consultation to astute Cost Analysis and secure Disaster Recovery Plans from certified AWS Consulting Partners


Intuitive server-side applications and AMIs to configure amazing products with ease, exclusively on AWS Marketplace

Use Cases

Explore our work and achieved results through brief case studies of our esteemed clients for cloud solutions.

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Business Process

Enable desired automation and associate multiple business systems into a seamless environment for reliable cost efficiency


Intuz offers a range of tools and mobility solutions for agile enterprises that can resonate the pace technology demand.


Engross in a new-age product life-cycle that enables extensive innovation, intricate architectures, migration and user acceptance.

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The first step to app success is to stand out from the crowd with proven App Store Optimization (ASO) techniques.


Boost your app engagement with quality advertisement through Cost Per Install (CPI) and Cost Per Click (CPC) campaigns


Social Media and Press Releases to critical App Reviews, our extensive global network reaches the heart of your target market.

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You earn a reliable, long-term and win-win partnership.

We are accountable for all our actions and inactions.

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Experience the seamless engagement models for your business demands, be it product enhancement or new product development need.


Adapt to evolving needs and have a complete control over the development process by flexible resourcing of our impressive skills.


Time & material or dedicated hire model for any technology upgrade, platform migration, feature additions, or just maintenance and support.

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Studio Benefits

You earn a reliable, long-term and win-win partnership.

We are accountable for all our actions and inactions.

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Musicians can create lyrics and save their songs in
the app. The app provides automatic scroll of written
song while lyrists play with the instruments.

App Features

Auto Scroll Lyrics
Custom Keyboard
Playback & Record
Your Songs
iCloud Support to
Store Song Lyrics


  • New App Design Again after a year and half, the client came to Intuz with new design ‘Card Pattern’ for the same app.

  • Trello-like Card Pattern It was the very first time Intuz team confronted with a unique and advanced design like ‘Card Pattern’.

  • R&D of Card Pattern Structure Intuz team needed to carry out detailed R&D to understand the app design and Card Pattern structure.

  • Auto Scroll Lyrics The client also wanted auto scroll of lyrics while a musician plays the music instrument.

Client Engagement

Having a friendly relationship with the project manager of Song Writer Pro, client directly approached the project manager for Lyricnote app development.

Client shared the ‘Card Pattern’ based app design with us. They wanted Intuz to develop a smoothly functioning app. As the design pattern was new for us, we asked client to give us some time for R&D.

Intuz team analyzed Card Pattern app structure and checked out possibilities of development. After a complete study of Card Pattern design structure, we set a call with the client and discussed on all development scopes.

Once client confirmed the project, we moved
ahead with app development.

Development Process


Intuz team got the complete idea about the Card Pattern structure and built a robust mobile app along with auto-scroll functionality.

Internal App Review

Once the app was ready, we applied internal testing to check app’s functioning. Based on team’s feedback, we optimized the app and delivered a final product to the client.


Client reviewed each function of the app and approved the product. After receiving confirmation from the client, we launched the app at Apple store.


Apple Watch Development


Intuz team developed and implemented the same app for the Apple Watch. Lyricnote was our
first proudly created Apple Watch App project.



Song Writer Client approached Intuz to refine their existing app named ‘Song Writer’

Song Writer Pro Intuz redesigned the old app with advanced features and
functionality development and renamed as ‘Song Writer Pro’

App Redesigning After 1.5 years, client communicated with Intuz team for exclusive
UI requirements and changes.

Card Pattern Design Researched on the new card design and added Trello

Lyricnote 2.0 Developed and integrated Auto Scroll Lyrics and more feature updates

Apple Watch Integrated and introduced Apple watch version of the app ‘Lyricnote’.
The first for Intuz

Technical Specifications

Client Speak

David Harrison


Intuz has been a reliable dev partner for my company for over 5 years now. So their name doesn't do them justice... They are great for your first, second, third apps and beyond. Very high communication with the same project manager has been wonderful. He knows what we're trying to accomplish and that's huge.