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Looking at the severity of the situation, we undertook an educative and consultative approach. We explained to the Client complex problems with the incomplete app design and development and our approach to solving them and completing the project.

Buy/Sell Items
The app concept revolves around buying and selling items online targeting Middle Eastern region. The sellers just need to take the snaps of the items, upload on the app along with the price expectations and the prospective buyers can place their bids.

Bid on Items
A fascinating feature where sellers can receive appropriate value for their items through competitive bidding process. Buyers based on their geographical locations will place bids for the sellers to lock the price.

User Experience

To keep the app users engaged and connected, we proposed a well-structured navigation along with a beautiful theme matching the taste of the target audience based on their geography which was immediately acknowledged by the Client.

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Snap and Share

are all it takes to place any item for sale in wateeny


With a bitter experience, Client now had an apparent demeanor of hiring a new agency with proven records of development processes, skills, expertise, work portfolio, price, company establishment, communication and project management mechanisms.

The Client had suffered financially and was running out of time since the project was left incomplete with deadlines not met by previous developers. We overcame yet another challenge when Client announced that the incomplete app could be full of bugs and needs completed in a tight timeline.

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Client Engagement

Our business development consultant (BDC) acknowledged the customer and introduced our company background, services offerings and demonstrated our mobile apps development processes.

Understanding the pain areas and challenges, BDC well explained the business engagement models with emphasis on hiring a dedicated model with flexibility to convert new phases/features of the app into fix estimations when the app development reaches a right level.

Since the Client was already running in loss of time and money and was keen to get started; being impressed by our facts and processes, we offered best monthly pricing and made the resources available immediately.

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Client Engagement

Design Challenges

We started to work on an incomplete app which was full of bugs.

Backend structure of the app was poorly programmed and hence we completely revamped the UI for superior user experience and engagement. We took extreme care to make sure that the app met the UI design guidelines of iOS and Android app stores.

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Design Process

Design Process


Looking at the gravity of the situation, we took a very educative and consultative approach in explaining the Client issues with the existing app design, development and our approach towards solving them.

As soon as the old design was revamped, we started with the modifications of the existing modules of the app to make them compatible with the updated designs. We updated the backend framework with the latest tools.

On completion of the implementation process, we shared the app builds to the Client for review and launch. Keeping the huge user base in mind, we provided support for server side issues in terms of app performance and loading; we fixed them by adding load balancer on the server.

Execution Execution

Development Process

We took over the development of the existing app with the need for modifications in the existing modules and features, creating altogether new designs as well as addition of new features as per the Client's expectations.

Internal Review
Our expert QA teams performed internal review where the features were tested against the agreed scope of work.

Client Review
We shared the builds for iOS and Android with the Client for them to test the app to their satisfaction, suggest feedback if any and confirm that the features and functionalities are implemented as per their visualizations and expectations.

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Development Process

The app was successfully launched on iOS and Android stores targeted for the local market. The Client ran a massive marketing campaign to promote the app including National Radio channels and has received tremendous response from the audience. We are now providing support to perform continuous app enhancements, upgrades and more. We are now providing support to perform continuous app enhancements, upgrades and more.

Technical Specifications

  • IOS
  • Android
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • yii
  • phpmysql

Client Speak

Client Speak

Waleed M Alnemer

Owner, Saudi Arabia


I like the way Intuz treats their customers. Even though we've only completed one project with them, they treat us like we are really special. They are flexible with any changes we have. We didn't have that with the other companies.

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