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Definitive Guide to Promises in Node JS With Examples

Node js differs by a great measure from other programming languages such as Python as it contains asynchronous factors, leading to unexpected behavior of the code. Think of it this way, the variables you define and assign will not even have the values when you need them.

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Things to Look When Hiring a Full Stack JavaScript Developer

All you need to know about hiring a full-stack JavaScript developer. Know when and how to hire, the frontend and backend skills required, and interview process to choose the right tech talent for your team.

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Want to build an engaging mobile app? Here’s the Ultimate Guide

We cannot overstate the importance of user interface design in the 21st century. Whether it is on their tablets, TV, desktops or mobile phones, the users of today expect frictionless design and don’t have patience for anything that’s a little less polished.

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How to Make Your Healthcare Mobile & Web App HIPAA Compliant in 2019 [Checklist]

In a world serious about data privacy, a healthcare app startup cannot think of launching an app that’s not compliant with HIPAA. The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a blanket law that outlines the guidelines associated with sensitive patient information and data protection. Every company that asks for protected health information (PHI) must follow HIPAA guidelines to avoid heavy fines and lawsuits.

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Business Owners Guide to React: Why React makes sense for startups

Front-end development languages are constantly evolving. Each day, startups have to cope with new advanced trends and updates. As these technologies evolve, business owners must deal with the impact of this wave to sustain growth and development. JavaScript has experienced advanced growth with new libraries and enhanced features emerging over time.

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