5 Needs of Your Enterprise Mobility Projects You Should Not Ignore

Published 1 Nov 2021Updated 5 May 2023

Enterprise mobile apps enable partners, customers, and employees to perform their various tasks and access critical business processes from any place and any time.

While we talk about mobile apps development, things are completely different from web and desktop based applications. In web and desktop applications, users have wide screen and complete navigation menu at the dashboard of their software system. So here users can have overview of entire system at a glance.

However, in mobile apps, it is quite tough to display all items together. Users need to spend some more time on the app to understand the navigation and the flow. And this can be possible with smooth and intuitive user experience offerings.

Add Value to Business with Mobile App

It’s been quite a challenge for businesses to engage the users with mobile apps compared to web applications. There are some very important factors that every mobile app owner should consider to deliver amazing user experience.

To create an incredible user experience, one has to understand the context of mobile app use and technical competencies of mobile device such as camera, phone calls, GPS, maps, scanning and much more. The UX of mobile apps must be sleek, simple and intuitive that predict user’s needs and add at least some delight in their experience.

Great Performance is Essential

Of late, most enterprise mobile apps have trendy look and feel, but sluggish navigation and poor usability. Businesses are neither able to understand the frustration of their customers nor the reasons for decline in user base.

Marvellous look and feel of enterprise mobile apps engage the customers, but excellent app performance is paramount. The apps must be responsive, work offline and be tremendously user-friendly and usable. So businesses have two options either create a mobile with good look and well performance or don’t develop an app at all.

Maximize Use of Native Device Features

It is a widely accepted fact that mobile apps should be user-friendly and simple. One can achieve this by using different technologies such as Native App, HTML 5 and Hybrid HTML 5 application. However, the most preferred technology is Native App. Using the capabilities of native devices, businesses can increase the acceptance of their enterprise mobile apps.

For example; iOS devices have their own conventions. If the enterprise mobile apps are built with maximum utilization of iOS features and functionality offerings, it decreases the learning curve for the users and enhances the acceptance of the app. Using a well establish structure, businesses can deliver better user experience as well as increase the chances of apps’ success.

Smooth Integration

Enterprise apps are can’t run effectively only with attractive front-end. It requires integration of large scale enterprise systems at back-end to improve business operations and streamlining the business processes. Mobile apps must interact with these back-end systems in real-time data synchronization and visualization to generate highly accurate output.

Seamless integration amid mobile apps and large enterprise systems enriches apps’ usability and performance. This simply improves reliability, security and authentication of the enterprise mobile app across the users.

Generate Positive ROI

Dynamic business environments and competition in mobile app market requires quick deployment of mobile apps, constant updates and right app marketing strategies in order to get good user engagement.

The enterprise spends in designing and development of an app should commensurate with the size of the user base & ROI. Update the app weekly or bi-weekly to avoid being labelled as out-of-touch are proven ways of reaching your goals.

Improved time to market, consistent updates, reduced maintenance cost are essential factors to achieve higher ROI.


Handing over your enterprise mobility projects to qualified & reliable mobile app services provider is a well thought out option. Accelerating your business growth using competencies of enterprise mobile app and driving greater values to the organization with maximum earning and the minimum investment is the new game changer.

Intuz makes enterprise-level Android and iOS mobile application with latest technologies and help many clients to make maximum earning from the application.

Give your enterprise the tech support it deserves.

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