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Why Use React JS?

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library suitable for creating an intuitive user interface for single page apps. ReactJS promotes component reusability making it a highly efficient library when you are looking to build dynamic web apps. Being a developer-friendly platform, ReactJS is embedded with a useful toolset that simplifies development, testing and deployment. All in all, ReactJS development boosts productivity and efficiency, giving developers several reasons why to use ReactJS.

Why Use React JS?

How React JS Works?

ReactJS makes use of a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) to speed up the performance of a ReactJS app. Using ReactJS, developers can create complex elements easily that can be used to update a browser’s DOM without slowing down the processes. ReactJS uses a virtual DOM that is similar to a virtual representation of DOM in JavaScript. So, when an element needs to interact with DOM, React’s virtual DOM matches the react elements to boost the performance, speed and agility.


Advantages of React JS

ReactJS is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries among developers owing to its capability to create and deploy engaging and intuitive user interfaces, easily. With the help of ReactJS, developers can speed up development by using its component creation capabilities, virtual DOM creation, and minimal learning requirements. Other ReactJS advantages include its flexibility, versatility and simplified interface which boosts the entire development process.

Comparison Pointer ReactJS AngularJS
Type Library Framework
Architecture ReactJS only works on the ‘View’ Layer AngularJS has complete MVC functionality
Suitability ReactJS is suitable for managing rendering on server-side apps AngularJS can render on both client and server side apps. (Angular 2 & above for server-side support)
Flexibility There are many ways to complete the same task on ReactJS making it extremely flexible AngularJS has well-defined boundaries and best practices which promotes scalability but makes it less flexible.
Comparison Pointer ReactJS Vue JS
Type JavaScript Library Open Source JavaScript Framework
Model Architecture Virtual DOM Virtual DOM HTML-based Templates
Suitability Web & Native App Development Primarily focused on Web App Development
Reusability Only CSS Maximum Reusability

Featured ReactJs App

Intuz is a pioneer in developing apps using ReactJS. Over the years, our experts have successfully worked on apps developed with ReactJS. Check out our featured ReactJS app to gauge our abilities.

Audio Hosting

Audio Hosting is a modern music streaming app explicitly targeted at musicians, artists and composers looking to host their original creations and records to reach out to their followers and fans on their own.

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