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Last Updated: 2021-11-20

Version: 5.6


We Offer

Intuz offers user-friendly WordPress stack which helps you to make responsive websites or blogs

About WordPress Stack

WordPress is a free open source Content Management System based on PHP and paired with MYSQL or MariaDB databases. It has ample amount of themes, plugins and template which will make your website or blogs look beautiful and responsive. Intuz’s WordPress AMI Stack will let your website looks attractive and interactive easily.

Key Features of WordPress Stack

  • Intuz WordPress Stack is integrated with PhpMyAdmin and Webmin for database and file transfers
  • It includes Password Recovery, Snapshot and Update Management Scripts
  • It is an open-source content management platform
  • It also has secure URL access via HTTPS
  • It has SSL(self-signed certificate) for improved security

Wordpress Paid Stack

Intuz WordPress Stack has apache, MySQL, PHP, PhpMyAdmin, Webmin, and WordPress to manage the content easily. This AMI is integrated with many scripts to handle credentials recovery and for data protection & security to make it easier for you to use. Launch WordPress AMI Stack available in AWS Marketplace.

Wordpress Free AMI

WordPress provides beautiful designs, powerful features, and the freedom to build anything you want.
WordPress also include a plugin architecture and a template system. Our WordPress AMI will help you to make websites easily.

Key features WordPress AMI Stack

  • Our WordPress Free AMI includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • It also includes WP-CLI with its latest version
  • It is an open source and easy to customise platform
  • WordPress provides beautiful designs and powerful features

Included With Application

Build beautiful websites at one click on installing WordPress Stack

How To

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Applications Installed

Install the WordPress with latest versions of applications

Free Version

Wordpress Cloud





Paid Version

Wordpress Cloud







I forget what makes this wordpress AMI the best, but I've tried a few others and ran into some obstacles. This one works well out the box and i've been running this over a year now. No T3 support yet, but this one works!

This is my go to AMI for testing and launching simple sites. I create a lot of Wordpress sites for work and when you just need to test a migration, create a quick site that you can later migrate, etc.

This is a great WordPress AMI which has everything installed to run your website. It was just one-click setup. Thanks for this amazing AMI.I would recommend all to use this AMI.

Great! Having installed WordPress before on a different server (non-AWS), I wasn't exactly looking forward to going through all the hassle of setting it up with its dependencies like SQL. All I had to do was get my user password which is well-documented on how to do.

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