Python v/s. Node.JS Development – Which one to choose for Project Development?

Choosing the right development technology is important! To leverage Python's versatility or Node.js' efficiency in building scalable web applications? The blog compares Python and Node.js for project development, discussing their strengths and use cases. It provides insights to help developers make informed decisions based on project requirements.

Published 2 Nov 2021Updated 10 Jul 2023

Let’s see some of the brief about programming languages and its utilization

Programming languages are a type of vocabulary that consists of a collection of rules for commanding devices, computers, applications for working as per the written codes. With the help of programming languages, you can write efficient programs and can create different online solutions like web apps, Android and iPhone mobile apps development and gaming apps, and more such.

The basic and important utilization of programming languages is for automating, interpreting, and measuring the process of data and information. It probably assists to accelerate the input and output of any apps and devices.

  • Python
  • JS
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++
  • TypeScript
  • Swift
  • SQL
  • Ruby
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • Scala
  • Haskell and the list is long …

Importance of tech stack choice

A tech stack or technology stack can be defined as the set of technologies, tools and software that will be used in the development and deployment of websites, applications and different digital products.

While choosing the technology stack, there are few things that you need to consider

  • Project features and its requirements

Finding out the features and requirements of the project is the first and foremost requirement before you start working on any of the projects. Based on type of the project you can select the technology stack. Based on the timeline, cost, size, complexity, features of the project the technology can be selected.

  • Experiences and resources required

While choosing any technology, it is essential to have proper and deep technical experience and knowledge of that particular technology. Before choosing any technology, you must know every in and out of that.

  • It must be scalable

Your app’s architecture must be scalable and the scalability should be vital for further development. Scalability finds out whether the app will be able to handle the load or not. There are two types of scalability i.e. horizontal and vertical, horizontal scalability means it has full capability to work on diverse devices and can cope up with the increasing number of users and the vertical scalability means being able to add new features and elements to the app in the future as well.

  • Easily maintainable

Maintainability is the major factor that is used for creating apps. The maintainability of the app which is developed can be done without adding any or less extra efforts when you scale.

  • Security at its peak

Security is the major thing that anyone would prefer for keeping their personal data safe and secure. That’s why choosing the tech stack, it is important to pick such a technology that will offer high security. The main security concern comes when its about online payments.

  • Faster Performance

For any application to be widely used, it is extremely important that it works seamlessly without taking much time to load at users’ end. For any kind of application it is extremely important to select the right technology to avoid performance issues.

Node.JS VS Python Development

Talking about Python v/s. Node Js Development, both have their own capabilities and pros and cons while developing software.

Node.JS provides great performance and speed which is suited for real-time messaging apps as well as heavy-load apps, e-commerce and more such apps that want speed in the processing. You must go with the best set of Node.JS development services for getting an expected output.

On the other hand, Python is utilized for a variety of projects like big data solutions, scientific apps, government projects and all such types of projects that will require stability and consistency.

Let’s have a look at the brief information about Python

Python was released in 1991 by Guido van Rossum and its latest version is 3.8 that was released in October 2019 but if we talk about Python 3.7 then it is the most popular version. It is an open-source and high-level programming language. Majorly, Python runs on Google’s App Engine. The app engine is developed by Google that will allow you to create web apps using Python. Also, it will provide a huge benefit from various libraries and tools that Python developers can use.

Here is the brief information about Node.JS

Node.JS is an open-source runtime environment for JavaScript that was released in 2009 Ryan Dahl. The current version of Node.JS is 12.6.0 which was released in July 2019. The best thing about Node.JS is that it is based on Google’s V8 engine. It is actually a virtual machine which has a built-in interpreter, optimizers and compilers. Its engine is designed by Google and is written in C++ which is used in Google Chrome. The major usage of this engine is for the compiling JavaScript functions into  machine code. V8 is known for its high speed and continuous performance advancements. Node.JS app development is not much tough task if you are aware of all the features and benefits.

Important things to consider while choosing Python andNode.JS

  • Performance & Speed of Python and Node.JS

Python is slow as compared to Node JS and is considered as the interpreted languages. It is a single-flow language and can its requests are processed slowly. If the app is about performance then Python is not a good choice. We can say that, Python is slower as compared to the speed and performance of Node.JS.

The performance of Node.JS is tremendous as it has JavaScript code which is interpreted with the V8 engine. The code of Node.JS is applied outside the code and that’s the reason apps made from Node.JS are resource-efficient and perform better. Also, this allows for using such features that you cannot use in different browsers like TCP sockets.  Node.JS also features a non-blocking event-driven architecture that permits requests for speeding up the code app. Single module caching is enabled in the Node.JS that helps is eradicating the loading time of the app and make web apps responsive.

  • How much scalable Platforms

Python does not provide support for asynchronous programming by default, therefore, the architecture of Python is not scalable. It contains different tools to offer and that will help in accomplishing the scalability seamlessly.

With the help of Node.JS programming, great scalability can be gain because it helps n building asynchronous architecture in just one thread. The whole JavaScript framework has default features that make full surety to attain seamless scalability for the app in which the code is written in Node.JS. Also, with the help of Node.JS framework, you can build easy web apps with full scalability support.

  • Architecture of Python and Node.JS

The design structure of Python has been done differently as it can be used for creating event-driven and asynchronous applications that use some special kind of tools. Talking about modules then it assists in writing asynchronous code in Python but this library is not developed in many of the Python frameworks as it requires extra activities.

Node.JS has an event-driven environment that enables asynchronous input or output. Special procedures are called as an event happens and no prices hinder the thread. The event-driven structure of Node.JS is favourable for creating web games and chat applications.

  • Learning Curve of Python & Node.JS

The syntax of Python is not much known to all of the Python developers. It has a clean and compact code that any person can easily write with a minimal line of codes. Some of the code in Python helps to reach the same outcome as of Node.JS. As it is not a new-fangled language, its documentation has been done properly. When it comes to Python, you will not run less of knowledge being a software developer. Python is considered as the most preferred languages.

The user’s capacity to write code in a particular framework or language is the measurement to the learning curve. It will tell everything about the fluency of web app developers in accessing the tools and syntax. If you know anything about JavaScript then you can easily learn the whole Node.JS framework. As Node.JS is an easy to learn framework, it comes in the list of the top framework.

  • Syntax of Python and Node.JS

The biggest benefit that Python has is because of its syntax. When it is about doing coding in Python then the developers do not need to add lots of coding lines. It’s syntax is free of curly bracket and is easy to read. That’s the reason this code is easy for debugging and reading. The code of Python is very simple to understand and read by the clients who are from technical background. also, it release on their own choice.

In Node.JS, the syntax is actually a matter of personal choice. If you are trying to search the better or worse then you will have to face a lot of criticism. The important fact about the Node.JS syntax is that it is same as that of JavaScript of the browser. So if you are aware of the JavaScript framework then you will not get any major problems while using Node.JS.

  • Extensibility of Python and Node.JS

Till now so many Python frameworks and different development tools have been built. You can always integrate Python using a known code editor Sublime Text that will offer extra syntax extensions and many editing features. It has the Robot framework for the test automation need. Some of the strong web development frameworks are CherryPy, Pyramid, Flask, Django, and Web2Py.

Using different tools, you can customize and extend and can integrate Node.JS. You can use Node.JS for the extension need with the help of built-in APIs for creating HTTP servers and DNS. Also, you can integrate them with Babel that will assists in the frontend development using the browser or the old version of Node.

  • Applications appropriate for Node.JS and Python

Python is used for the development of small as well as large projects. It is used for creating data science apps that involves data analysis and visualization for the face and voice recognition systems and image-processing software, machine learning systems, and neural networks. Python is also used for 3D modeling software development and games.

Having an event-based architecture, Node.JS is used for apps that consists of various concurrent requests, frequent shuffling of data and heavy client-side rendering from a client to a server. Some of the top examples of IoT solutions includes messengers, real-time chatbots and complex single-page applications. Node.JS is the best option if you are developing apps that need CPU resources.

  • Libraries used for Node.JS and Python

Talking about libraries, in Python, the libraries are handled by Pip that stands for “Pip installs Python”. Pip is reliable, fast, easy to use ad this is the reason web and mobile app developers find it simple for learning to work with it.

For Node.JS, the libraries and packages are handled by NPM which is a Node Package Manager. It is considered as one of the top repositories of software libraries. NPM is well-documented, fast and easy to learn and work with it.

  • Error Handling in Python and Node.JS

Python takes less time in troubleshooting all the errors and bugs. That’s the reason for which error management does not suffer if you are selecting Python. The whole error management will not suffer even if you are selecting Node.JS or Python for the website development need. It will eradicate the finishing time and will build more chances of getting an exclusive website in just a single attempt.

Node.JS is highly efficient in managing all the errors. It holds a good command in recognizing all the exceptions that occur at the code app time. Errors can never get avoided at the time of code writing. The feasibility and transparency in finding out all the errors that are essential in terms of a programming tool.

  • Universality of Python and Node.JS

Python is full-stack development and that’s the reason you can use it for frontend and backend development. It is also a cross-platform just like Node.JS and you can run any Python program on Linux. Python is amazing for web and desktop development but it is not very much strong for mobile computing. Therefore, mobile apps are not written in Python but the demand for Python is increasing fast for IoT and AI solutions.

Node.JS is used for the backend web app development. You can also use JavaScript for frontend development so that backend and frontend can share a same programming language. Node.JS is used for creating web apps, hybrid mobile apps, IoT apps and cloud solutions. This cross-platform framework assists the developer for building a single app that will work on Linux, Windows and Mac. This kind of universality will help you to low down your project expenses as only a single development team can manage it.

  • Use Cases for Python and Node.JS

Python’s Use Cases are -

  1. United Space Alliance -

It selects Python for the NASA shuttle program software building. The Python programming language has the capacity of serving complex programs for software building and big data processing and these things impressed them.

  1. Frequentis -

Python has a straightforward syntax that enables the air traffic handling, and public safety and transport solution provider for making its use. It is used for creating navigation instruments and weather condition monitoring of the particular organization.

  1. Industrial Light and Magic -

Python has developed the process of maintaining the top batch processing capacities of ILM easier. It is proven that the Python is the best option for the need of processing a large amount of frames daily.

Use Cases for Node.JS are -

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best and most popular professional platform for interacting with industry experts. Node.JS is handling the ever-increasing user base at a successful level. The high-speed feature of JavaScript is responsible for handling all the connections and plenty of messages.

  1. eBay

eBay is the most famous e-commerce store especially created for B2C and C2C sales activities worldwide. eBay has praised the capacity of Node.JS for managing the data-intensive apps and all the heavy traffic websites.

  1. Mozilla

Node.JS has enabled a same kind of language for using on both the sides. Mozilla considers it as a tool for team merging and you can use Node.JS for server-side development and client-side development both for its browser.

  • Python and Node.JS Community

The user community of Python has a large number of contributors with diverse levels of experience. Python is little older as compared to Node.JS and also it is open-sourced. Whether you are a business owner or a developer, you can benefit from the large community of Python.

The community of Node.JS is big as well as active. It is considered as an open-sourced language having a big user community. Ten years after its existence, developers from all over the globe start loving this technology. Being a business owner, you can find Node.JS developers without much efforts and as a developer, you can rely on peer support.

Pros of Python

  • Python helps in developing a prototype or MVP in the allotted time and that helps to reduce Time to Market. Python permits to maintain different iterations at one time, owing to the fast development methodology. Furthermore, it has a Don’t Repeat Yourself principle that helps in resting the different parts of your code.
  • It has an easy to understand syntax that allows developers to express concepts in less line of coding. Also, it is easy to solve errors and debug the whole code. Python is very good in code readability and easy to understand by all of its clients.
  • Python consists of a variety of development tools like code editor and Sublime Text that offers full support for Python coding and the extensions of syntax allows developers for focusing on the logic of the app.
  • The community of Python is very larger as compared to the Node.JS. Python is a mature open-source language. It has got a large number of contributors and i.e. from seniors to juniors. Python is easy to find and use by developers and without much efforts as it gets huge support from its active community for sharing different solutions and improving the language.

Pros of Node.JS

  • JS is a fast performer as compared to Python. Based on the Google V8 engine, it is considered as the best option for creating real-time apps and chatbots.
  • JS enables full-stack development which means with the help of only one team of JavaScript developers, you can ready the whole app and i.e. from front-end and back-end both.
  • It is considered as the best choice for building real-time apps. It has a event-driven architecture that allows developers to create chat and web games apps.

Let’s see the comparison of Python and Node.JS

Wrap Up

Living in the technological era, it has become an essential thing to walk with current evolving trends. Doing so you will be able to keep your business alive in the market. Whether it’s Node.JS or Python, you have to choose the best technology as per your business and application requirements. The above-described information will help you in choosing the one language for your app or web or software development need.

We at Intuz are doing a great job in the technology field by serving the topmost Node.JS development services. Our Node.JS applications developers are highly-qualified and experienced to manage all such projects. Also, we are specialized in delivering Python development services and have an expert team for handling all Python projects. In the end, the choice will be yours, but we are present here to help you, consult you on the right technology solutions and provide you satisfactory development services.

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