How attractive & interactive mobile app designs help to improve app engagement?

Published 12 Nov 2021Updated 9 May 2023

Mobile apps have significantly transformed how people use their smart phones. In the modern era, individuals seek their smart phones to complete simple tasks like booking movie tickets, search for information or order food online using dedicated mobile apps. According to a survey by Daily Mail, an average person checks his/her mobile 85 times in a day. The increased smart phones usage is a result of interactive mobile apps that have made users habitual of their smart phones.

According to another survey, a mobile phone user spends 85 percent of the time while browsing a mobile app. But only a few apps see returning users and engage with an app. To improve mobile app engagement is a challenging task for any mobile app developer and attractive mobile app design holds the key to succeeding at increasing mobile app engagement statistics.

The most engaging mobile phone apps are known to offer delightful user experience owing to attractive user interface. When an app offers delightful user experience through a mobile app, a user tends to come back owing to the app’s value proposition and delight quotient. An app design must not be too simple to not be attractive while at the same time not be too complex to complicate the basic functionality. The best app design is one that blends every design element to improve core functionality of the app.

Let us look at some of the best mobile app design trends that have the potential to improve app engagements.

Develop a Personalized User Interface

highly-engaging mobile app is successful because it delivers personalized experience to every user based on purchasing history, age, gender, interests and shopping preferences. A mobile app design must generate interest, enhance usability and provide experiences tailored as per the needs. Developing a personalized user interface enhances the user experience and engages a user to keep browsing. This strategy is ideal for enhancing the engagement and improving revenues of shopping apps where user looks forward to buying products according to his/her choice.

Intuz- a leading app design company is leveraging the benefits offered by personalized UI for improving engagements for mobile apps. For example we have created the UI for an online eyewear store with wide range sunglasses, contact lens, spectacles, etc. to offer personalized shopping experience and hence increasing engagements.


Focus on Small Touches with Respect to Color & Design Elements

Having a mobile app design that focuses on small details such as color palette, design elements, placement, typography, etc. can lead to long term and sustained impact on the app engagements. A mobile app designer must have a creative bent and keen eye towards what will click and what will not and must focus on look, feel and finish the overall design. Every aspect right from an icon’s animation on tap to the way banners and sliders are placed define an app’s personality and must offer a delightful experience for a user. The small details that might be rudimentary for someone, hold the key to engaging audiences for successful apps. So, every element must be developed and used to create a long-lasting impression on a user’s mind and motivate him to come back for use.

Intuz experimented with attractive colors and design elements while developing a UI concept for fitness & workout app. The company focused on bringing the finesse to design elements that led to increased engagement and appreciation by the brand and users.

fitness workout app

Leveraging the Potential of Minimalism

minimalistic approach towards mobile app design helps a designer give appropriate space to thousands of in-built features of a mobile app. A minimalistic approach also eases app navigation for a user and improves convenience that makes a user habitual to an app. Minimalistic approach towards design leads to the development of an intuitive and interactive design that surely improves app engagements.

As an app is built to fasten a process, a mobile app design must be complementing to the basic functionality of the app that will make a user stick to the mobile app for a long time. At no stage a mobile app over complicates the usage of basic features. Intuz understood the importance of simple and intuitive user interface for best results and developed a beautiful UI for a medical aggregation app to be used by doctors. The user interface without overcomplicating things made it easier for doctors to access information and perform basic tasks for which app was conceptualized.

fitness dribbble shot

Simplify Access to Basic Features & Functionalities

A mobile app design must amplify the core functionalities & features of an app. Using simple, impactful design and better user experience, a mobile app must grab the attention of a user while simplifying access to basic features of the apps. The design of a mobile app should not be loud and be as such that a user should not feel confused and can smoothly use different features. By reducing steps, trimming extra menus and blending in-app page design to overall brand appeal, a mobile app design can engage a user for longer times and motivate him to come back to the app.

Intuz developed a simple and feature-oriented UI for an offer and deals app that aims at improving functionality by offering the best user experience through simple yet effective app design.

offer apps

Keeping in mind some of these modern app design trends, an app designer can pioneer the art of ensuring increased app engagement. Intuz has a team of highly-experienced and expert app designers, who keep the business goals in mind while designing a mobile app.

Also, they are focused on bringing the best app design trends from all over the world to ensure that the Android and iOS app development activity succeeds for a business ensuring better user engagement as well as increased revenues. Intuz also helps a business with custom app mobile development, making it one of the most reliable names in the global app development landscape.

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Intuz helps businesses with custom app mobile development, making it one of the most reliable names in the global app development landscape.

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