eCommerce Portals & Mobile Apps: A Quintessential Match Made in Heaven

Published 12 Nov 2021Updated 12 Nov 2021
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Smart phones have transformed every industry in the modern times. An increase in the penetration of smart phones has made it possible for eCommerce industry to leverage the growth in mobile apps industry.

According to a report by Statista, it is expected that by 2020, mobile apps will generate USD 188.9 bn in revenue and eCommerce will have a great impact on the growth of this industry, too. In fact, the growth in both mobile apps and eCommerce industry will go hand in hand owing to the interdependence and growth potential both offer for each other.

Users, with increased focus on ease-of-use, are shifting towards using mobile apps for shopping online. Owing to improved eCommerce mobile app development with larger screens, bigger memory and efficient payment mechanism inbuilt in mobile apps, eCommerce mobile apps are being trusted by user more than desktop sites for browsing and shopping online while on the go.

A recent estimate shows that users are known to browse 286% more products using eCommerce mobile apps than on a mobile website. This is because mobile apps are faster, lighter and offer better user experience than a website, which every user wants.

Also, owing to seamless integration of digital wallet and payment mechanism in a mobile app, it is easier for a user to make payments and buy a product faster than using a mobile website for the same. Users looking for higher levels of personalization prefer eCommerce mobile apps more than an eCommerce website.
Mobile apps have significantly improved the online shopping experience and increased the revenue of eCommerce sites. The dynamic and young generation with a tendency to make decisions on-the-go, look for solutions that are easy to use and provide delightful experience even through their mobile, and mobile apps serve the purpose for eCommerce companies.

By offering convenience, flexibility, responsiveness and seamless shopping experience, mobile apps are making users empowered to shop more and more. Mobile apps make it easier for eCommerce companies to collect user data, understand consumer behavior and use essential analytics tools to improve shopping experience.

Moreover, use of in-built features such as push notifications enables eCommerce companies to improve user engagement rates, making them use mobile apps for shopping all the time. In fact, mobile apps are serving as a boon for eCommerce players as they serve multiple purposes by increasing sales revenues, improving engagements, increasing reach, promising customer delight, capturing user data, providing an analytical base for business decisions, etc.

Mobile Apps: Visibly benefitting eCommerce Platforms through Flexible Features

Mobile apps are being used across multiple arenas and industries, but the largest beneficiary from mobile app development and deployment has been the eCommerce industry. Online businesses rely heavily on user engagement and increasing reach and mobile apps have fulfilled these objectives for eCommerce websites. There have been multiple benefits of mobile apps for eCommerce businesses, some of which include:

Improvement in Visibility & Reach among Target Audience

Apps are a great way to increase reach and visibility among the target audience. According to an industry survey, about 60% business strategists have developed mobile apps for their respective industries. This clearly proves that mobile app development and use in business landscape is on the rise. A major reason for usage of mobile apps is that they help in engaging users and improve reach among the target audience. Owing to increase in smart phone users, the app market has also shown significant potential in terms of user reach and visibility.

Targeted Promotion through Push Notifications

Mobile apps are a great way to promote latest offers, sale, products and special promotions running on an eCommerce website. By using push notification tools, an eCommerce business can rest assured about reaching to the target audience that is interested in hearing. This improves user engagement, that in turn promise increased sales over the long term. Also, push notification helps build long term relationships by keeping users updated about latest trends related to product offerings.

Improved customer loyalty

eCommerce businesses strive and develop only because of improved customer delight and loyalty. The businesses strive to make users engaged through their shopping portal and ensure repeat sales. Using mobile apps, eCommerce portals can stay connected to their users all the time that improve customer retention and repeat sales over a period of time.

Improved customer relationship owing to geo-targeted offers & products

As mobile apps can make use of a mobile’s in-built features such as GPS, Bluetooth, etc., it becomes easier for an eCommerce business to provide relevant offers and products to end-consumer based on their shopping preferences and location. This improves customer delight, improving business for an eCommerce portal in the long-term.

How are mobile apps improving customer delight in real life?

Almost every eCommerce platform is engaged in mobile app market by launching their mobile apps for increasing customer engagement rates and boost sales. Though almost every eCommerce platform has a mobile app for their business, some are engaged in disrupting the industry by providing unique solutions to its consumers. Some of the notable mobile apps in eCommerce industry include:

Nine West’s Mobile App

Nine West

Registering almost 75% of the total transactions across its eCommerce store, Nine West’s mobile app is truly engaging customers to browse and shop more by integrating efforts across its online portal and mobile app. Being a leading women’s shoe and handbag retailer, Nine West realized that about 44% of its users wanted a mobile wallet program to pay for purchases and integrated the same in a mobile app that improved its sales figures.

Top Gear

Top Gear

A famous and popular motoring magazine, Top Gear made use of iOS app to engage its readers in a much better way. Being a print magazine, Top Gear made its subscribers access its mobile app for free where they can get HD-quality car specifics and extras in an interactive way. The interactive videos, information, etc. made readers engage with the magazines in a much better way than before.

Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy

Based on a popular TV show about lives of a motorcycle gang, the eCommerce venture made it possible for fans to view episodes using their smartphones. Also, the app made it possible for users to sync latest episodes, get 360-degree views of bikers’ clubhouse, buy custom gear/apparel, etc. thus increasing customer delight, significantly.



It is an advanced mobile application that allows users to buy and sell their products. Simply take a snap of your product and upload the photo with the basic information and expected the price on Wateeny. Buyers can bid for their selected products using through competitive bidding process. The app is quite easy to use. Snap and share are all users need to perform to place and sell any item on this marketplace.

Intuz, an established app development agency and a strong proponent of the benefits of mobile apps for eCommerce businesses, offers remarkable services in the field of android and iOS app development and deployment. Owing to the rich experience of deploying 1000+ custom mobile apps since 2008, Intuz has become one of the industry leaders in the global app development landscape. Intuz has helped hundreds of eCommerce businesses streamline its operations, improve customer delight and user engagement through its services.

By developing thousands of relevant mobile apps for eCommerce platforms, Intuz has helped in improving sales figures and set a strong foot on the growth curve. To get an insightful idea about Intuz’s forte and app development potential, feel free to connect with the experts who are patient to listen to a business’s requirements and provide relevant solutions in the form of intuitive mobile apps.

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