Ways To Avoid Top 5 Mobile App Failures

Published 12 Nov 2021Updated 25 Apr 2023

Day by day use of smartphones and tablets is tremendously increasing. More users make the mobile market more dynamic. To match users’ expectations, mobile app owners have to adopt advanced tools and technologies. Intelligent use of latest mobile technologies helps businesses in delivering amazing user experience to the customers and improving the bottom line.

However, every business cannot taste that remarkable success through mobile app. There are chances of roadblocks that bring bad luck for your app. Here, you can read out the different ways to overcome from these drawbacks and avoid the mobile app failures.

75% of mobile apps are downloaded once and not used ever again

The best thing to do is to analyse user behaviours to increase download. It’s really sad if the mobile app is not helping companies in attaining expected business growth after investing in time, money and efforts.

To increase the app download ratio, businesses have to measure the behaviour of users and gather the feedback from them once the app is launched. This leads app owners to enhance the app, engage more customers and increase downloads. Additionally, consistent app updates also help in getting good rating from users.

Users losing interest due to complicated navigation

There is a general belief that mobile apps are similar to web apps. Users need to login, navigate through several pages, search out the required page, access the data and perform the tasks. However, mobile apps development are completely different from web apps development. Mobile apps contain specific features and functions that facilitate users to perform their tasks quickly with minimum navigation.

To increase the effectiveness of mobile apps, app owners have to use the simple structures to exhibit their wide range of product and service offerings. They need to display specific information in limited pages. Therefore, make sure to simplify the structure of your mobile app.

Bad user experience due to low security standards.

The most critical part of Android and iOS mobile app development process is to build up public facing API. It allows customers to access all functionalities and data of the mobile app. So it is a major security concern for developers while developing an app.

Development and integration of API usually takes a long time. To build up a robust API, developers have to deal with exposing business logic and access permission. A single mistake in this process multiplies complexity of project and drives large risk for businesses. So for security reasons, developers always try to create the API without using business logic. Improving Security Standards and providing the latest ones can’t be ignored.

Bad Mobile App Marketing Strategies

Mobile app development requires loads of efforts. Having your mobile apps at different app stores is half battle won. But this might not be sufficient to gain that return on investment.

Businesses have to increase awareness and exposure of their apps across the target markets and industries. To get marketed is not so easy, it takes more efforts, time and money as well. The popular way to do mobile app marketing quickly is CPI and CPC ads. If the budget permits, businesses can go for television commercials at popular networks and print advertisements in magazines as well.

Working with inexperienced mobile app companies and freelancers

Businesses can either go for freelancers or a mobile app development company. As we all know, to deal with freelancers is quite insecure compared to hiring leading mobile app development companies. Go for a well-established and highly experienced mobile app development company to that has clear idea about possible failures while developing an enterprise mobile app. there is a need for authenticated development processes that enables a mobile app development company to deliver robust mobile apps without failures.

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