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Last Updated: 2021-03-25

Version: 5.07


We Offer

Intuz helps you to build Wekan Stack with full-fledged features to uplift your task and to-do management system

About Wekan Stack

Wekan is an open-source Kanban board which allows a card-based task and to-do management.  Agile processing based software allows to see and track all public and private boards, page shortcuts on top of the page, archive board restoring, creating star board, watch board, easy to navigate short menu, drag and drop functionality and lot more such intelligent features to manage your tasks in well manner. 

Key Features of Wekan Stack

  • Wekan is an open-source Kanban board
  • Wekan is also integrated with mongo-express
  • Wekan contains scripts for Password Recovery, Snapshot (backup) , Webmin and Update Management
  • Secure URL access via HTTPS
  • Integrated SSL – self-signed certificate and other scripts

Wekan Paid Stack

Intuz Wekan consists nginx, mongodb, nodejs, mongo-express, Wekan and other scripts for the prominent usage of Wekan Stack.

Included With Application

High-Tech Wekan Stack Installation made easy to manage you card-board task system

How To

Need Support for Wekan Stack?

Applications Installed

Easy collaboration with Java script enabled mobile and desktop web browser for Wekan Stack





Mongo Express


The support gives answers rapidly. They guide you throughout our mail exchanges and they are very patient. Once they are connected to the EC2 instance, they solve the problem. Thank you to the Intuz Cloud support team for you their efficacy.

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