RabbitMQ Container

RabbitMQ Container

Category: Infrastructure Management

Last Updated: 2023-10-18

Version: 3.9.15


We Offer

Intuz offers RabbitMQ Stack and Container solution on Amazon EC2 for startups as well as large enterprises which is one of the most famous open source message brokers

RabbitMQ Free Container

Intuz RabbitMQ Container is a pre-configured ready to run container image for ECS with Fargate and EC2. It is an open source message broker software which implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol. The server of RabbitMQ is written in the Erlang programming language and is built on the Open Telecom Platform Framework for failover and clustering.

Key Features of RabbitMQ Container:

  • It is ready to run Amazon ECS
  • It is easy to deploy and use
  • It is ready to use in production

Included With Application

Install Intuz RabbitMQ stack for your organization that helps in executing the code of the application asynchronously

How To

Need Support for RabbitMQ Stack?

Applications Installed

Install RabbitMQ from AWS which comes with flexible routing, federation, clustering, multi-protocol and more such things



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