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Last Updated: 2023-03-21

Version: 5.4.0


We Offer

Intuz offers Neo4j stack and container which is pre-configured, ready to run container Stack for running Neo4j on Amazon ECS

About Neo4j

Neo4j is a graph database management system which has been developed for managing native graph storage and processing. It makes use of property graphs for extracting added value of data of any company with great performance and in a flexible and scalable manner.

Key Features of Neo4j:

  • It is integrated with SSL for enhanced security measures
  • It has webUI to monitor and run queries on your database
  • It has scripts for snapshot and update management
  • It follows Property Graph Data Model
  • It supports UNIQUE constraints

Neo4j Paid Stack

Intuz Neo4j Stack comes with a paid version which is integrated with SSL (Self-Signed), webUI, snapshot (backup) and update scripts.

Included With Application

Launch Intuz Neo4j at your organization and accelerate the development as well as deployment of connected data apps in the cloud

How To

Need Support for Neo4j Stacks?

Applications Installed

Install Neo4j from AWS which is the most flexible, reliable and developer-friendly graph database management system



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