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Last Updated: 2021-09-16

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We Offer

Intuz offers Metabase, an open-source business intelligence tool used by enterprises for robust data management and analysis.

About Metabase Stack

Ideal for businesses dealing with data, Metabase offers the simplest way to represent data. Using its simple graphical UI, anyone in the company can build dashboards, schedule emails, or exchange information. You can deploy Metabase-as-a-Service or manage it yourself on-premise. It integrates with a number of third-party apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Amazon S3.

Key Features Of Metabase Stack

  • Has a thriving community of developers on GitHub
  • Benefit from the SQL Mode for analysts and data pros
  • Access rich dashboards with fullscreen and auto-refresh
  • Exchange data via email or Slack with dashboard subscriptions
  • Highly personalized and scalable, making it apt for fast-growing companies
  • Hardly takes more than five minutes to install it due to its extensive documentation

Intuz’s Metabase Paid Stack

Given Metabase is open-source software, developers at Intuz can customize it as per your business requirements and launch it on Amazon Web Service [AWS]. Further, we will provide you with its documentation, comprising information on Update, Snapshot, and Password Management so that you never hit a roadblock. Launch Metabase on AWS Marketplace today.

Included With Application

Use Intuz for Metabase deployment and glean insights from your business data pronto

How To

Ask for help before you get with Metabase!

Applications Installed

You would have no trouble deploying our user-friendly Metabase Stack installers







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