How Are Custom Mobile Apps Boosting The Hospitality Industry?

Published 10 Nov 2021Updated 10 Nov 2021
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The hospitality industry is one of the most vibrant, alluring and promising industries in the world. With rising disposable incomes and increased discretionary spending, individuals are spending more and more on luxury stays at exotic locations around the world. The growing young consumer base is expecting hotels to offer disruptive Mobile App solutions for survival as well as growth by improving consumer delight.

With guests spending thousands of minutes every week on their mobile devices, hoteliers & hospitality groups are trying ways to engage guests, right from the time they plan a trip to checking in and even long after they check out, too using interactive mobile apps.

Global hotel groups, spearheading the mobile revolution, are enhancing the guest experience through customizable mobile apps. Mobile apps help hotels in serving guests in a better way by improving their interaction with hotel staff. The end-users wanting to have a more convenient and delightful experience, are relying heavily on mobile apps for booking hotels. Also, users want more information about the trip, check-in and stay, right on their mobiles.

The growing millennial population/youngsters, wanting to avoid unnecessary personal interaction with hotel staff, also look for hospitality mobile apps to improve their staycation experience. They look forward to making service requests using digital mediums to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding. Also, hotel groups want to grab the maximum attention of the guests and mobile mediums offer better opportunities to interact more and influence to earn the loyalty of guests.

Mobile Apps: Paving Ways to Improve Guest Interaction & Staff Efficiency

Digitally interacting with guests using mobile apps have been experimented with and pioneered by many hospitality groups, trip aggregators and hotel booking portals in the digital age. Owing to quick, convenient and delightful experiences, users also look for mobile solutions that enhance their travel and stay experience during vacation. No individual wants to spend valuable time waiting in queues at the hotel reception or lobby. So, web check-in powered by mobile apps is the new trend that is delighting users around the world.

Also, mobile apps offer a strong platform to a hotel to advertise and communicate their brand proposition in a better way than personal interaction. No guest wants to be bombarded with information about commercial services while on vacation, but they are quick to grasp essential pointers if they come across that information on their mobile devices. This provides the hotel with a great opportunity for interacting with guests, offering discount offers, cross-selling much before they choose to stay at a hotel and even after checkout through interactive mobile apps.

Along with serving as a great platform to enhance customer delight, customized staff mobile apps are also helping hotel managers, owners and staff to streamline back-end operations and improve efficiency. By providing a unique platform for team communication, improving janitor service coordination and managing guest inquiries and service requests for housekeeping, reservations, maintenance, etc., mobile apps are revolutionizing the way hotels are being managed.

Real Stories about Disruption in the Hospitality Landscape by Custom Mobile Apps

Mobile apps have been disrupting the commercial landscape for quite some time now. When it comes to the hospitality industry, a number of disruptive and interactive mobile apps have changed the way hotels are interacting with consumers and vice versa. Some amazingly interactive mobile apps changing the hospitality landscape for the better, include:


An interactive guest interaction portal, LoungeUp is revolutionizing the way hotels interact and engage with a guest during their stay and even after that, using mobile devices. For the travellers, the app helps them to get hotel specific info, book tables at restaurants and get required info at the touch of a button.

Go Dubai

Go Dubai is a region-specific app that allows travellers to search out the best hotels across Dubai, compare the rates of different hotels, and make an online bookings. The app is designed and developed by Intuz with the advanced integration of payment gateway, hotel APIs, and Google Map. The app offers multilingual and multi-currency support to the users for seamless interaction and payment.

Starwood Preferred Guest App

Working as a room key, the Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) app facilitates faster check in and access to rooms for guests. The SPG app interacts with a wireless sensor inside the door to unlock the same without needing any key. Making a significant leap in improving guest check in process, the Starwood Group through the app wants to simplify and fasten the experience for guests, altogether while showcasing the power of mobile apps.


ALICE is a service aggregator that facilitates booking dinner reservations, room service, hotel amenities, spa services across different properties in which a guest stays. Using a single platform, a guest can interact with management of different properties and avail services across hotel groups without needing to install separate apps for every hotel.

Analysing the growing needs of hospitality groups and businesses to deal with guests in a better way, Intuz provides sophisticated and functional Android and iOS mobile apps development.

Apps developed by Intuz has helped small as well as mid-sized hospitality groups to streamline their operations and improve customer delight over time. Intuz has been delivering advanced mobile apps since 2008 and has delivered 1000+ custom mobile apps for clients around the globe.

Owing to its rich experience, expertise and a passionate team of app developers, Intuz promises quality solutions for hotels, restaurants and other players in the hospitality industry to gain an edge and improve their business metrics, the mobile way.

For more details about Intuz’s experience, development expertise and hospitality solutions powered by custom mobile apps by Intuz. You can also browse through our service offerings and gauge Intuz’s ability to grow small hospitality groups to large conglomerates by providing efficient mobile app solutions.

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