5 Reasons To Grow Your Business To The Next Level With A Mobile App

Discover the key reasons why businesses need mobile apps.

Published 10 Nov 2021Updated 17 Apr 2023

Over the years, mobile app market has grown by leaps and bound. A few years’ back only large corporates were interested in building mobile apps for their businesses. These days, mobile apps have become an integral part of small and mid-sized businesses.

Mobile apps help businesses to attain several business objectives right from product enhancement to customer data collection. Strategize mobile app development facilitates businesses to reach larger audience, improve customer engagement and increase the sales. From a business perspective, below are the 5 key reasons why businesses need mobile apps.

Value Added Channel for Organizations

Mobile is the most preferred platform for e-commerce businesses. It has also created profound impact on customers’ buying behaviours. Customers would like to use the power of mobility to communicate their queries regarding products/services/support rather than visiting the store or calling at call centres.

Mobile apps offer greater flexibility to customers by allowing them to access all information anytime and anywhere. So they can make purchase as per their preferences without time and place constraints. Developing mobile apps, companies can gain an edge over competitors and improve companies profit too.

Customer Engagement

Harness the power of mobile apps to have real-time engagement with the customers. A thought out strategy for development and marketing of mobile apps increases customer engagement, improves client conversions, and generates immense revenue for the business.

To improve customer engagement, businesses can offer discount coupons and interactive deals to the shoppers. Integrate social media platforms in the mobile apps, so customers can easily share products/services information across their social media network. Social media sharing increases word-of-mount and drives more potential customers to the business.

Maximize Revenue through Promotions

To boost revenue channel, businesses can promote their discount coupons using location-based push notifications. It attracts the customers and improves client conversion rate as well as revenue.

It is quite easy to drive customers to the store while they are roaming around. Location based push notifications aid businesses to increase awareness of their coupon offerings across the people who are at nearby locations. Thus, there are more chances of customers walking in the store and purchase the products/services.

Customer Insights

Key advantage to have a mobile app is to collect great volume of customer data with profound details. Using this data, businesses can analyse and identify their most promising and profitable geographic locations, customer needs, and overall performance of mobile app and demographics segments. Moreover, it aids in identifying new business opportunities, improving the product with latest enhancements, and developing robust mobile app to address customer’s dynamic needs.

Generate Repeat Business

Customer retention is a major challenge for every organization. Businesses can easily generate repeat business from mobile app by delivering delightful user experience, quality products/services, and thorough support to their customers.

If you have successfully closed the deal with your customers, mobile app allows you to invite the customers in order to repeat purchases by sending them discount coupon offerings on the regular basis. Facilitate customers with a smooth and quick shopping experience to drive more action from their end.


The mobile app developers must understand the clients’ business goals and help them to attain all these advantages and generate maximum ROI with feature rich mobile app development. Intuz have dedicated mobile app developers who considers your business requirements and develop custom mobile app that helps you go online and expand your business globally. Let’s talk and implement sophisticated mobile app that entices customers to make buying decisions.

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