Transition From ‘I’ To ‘We’ @ Hackathon

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Friday’s are many, HACK a day is one

It was indeed an awesome Monday for all technology driven Intuzians .Everyone started their day by greeting each other but this time the spark in their eyes and confident smile brimmed the floor with positivity and happiness. Now that’s what I call a real transformation of the igniting minds @ innovation which happened on September 1st, 2017. Our Friday happy hour session became a rocking Hackathon for all. We realized our culture and values which helped us unveil the unexplored innovation with Unity, Purity and Creativity.

It was an exceptional job engagement by the passionate Intuzians which made this event a success. Effective meetings happened to plan, coordinate and execute various tasks like, food items, music, photo booth, floor decorations, prizes, presentations etc. The event theme was finalized as the “Universe”. Just as energy and gravity brings harmony in our solar system orbits, the ideology behind Hackathon was to work with harmony to energize the creative and igniting minds of Intuzians. I feel proud in writing that even few families became a part of Hackathon. The cake was baked with love and affection by one of our Intuzian’s Mom. The story of Hackathon was igniting innovation in minds of many kids at home. Now, that’s what I call a real family engagement.

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Teams are many, Goal is one

Ahaa…finally Hack day arrived and the feelings were awesome, teams were all set to unleash their true potential. As the sound of the conch declared Hackathon is ON! the transition from I to WE uncorked the creativity.

There were 6 teams working with unity in thoughts, words and actions to achieve one goal. There were 6 mentors who encouraged and guided rules of Integrity which were followed by Intuzians with pure heart and mind. There were 6 days & nights, dreaming innovative concepts using NodeJS, React Native development & AWS and the event went on for 6-hours including presentation. Not only that, but the teams were also surprised with fun games along with delicious food and non-stop music to keep up the momentum. It was the last one hour and the team’s spirit was at its best to conclude their creative innovations in web or mobile platform. The “power of points” presentation was ready to promote their unique and appealing innovation into business ideas with excellent marketing strategy, emphasizing community development. The Judge’s and mentors had a long discussion on various parameters and finally they announced names of two teams, team “Slytherin” was titled as winner and team “Cloud-9” as 1st runner-up.

winner at hackathon – Intuz

Successes are many, learning is one

As we say in Olympics, it’s the participation that matters and not just winning medals! The journey of learning and working with new technologies continues and so is the race of the competition, but this time it’s Me Vs. Me. Now, that’s what I call a real fun & learning culture, in a growing organization which has transformed many hearts, minds and careers and will continue to do so till earth survives. Amen!



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