Bidding Adieu to 2017 and Welcoming Promising 2018

Published 15 Nov 2021Updated 25 Apr 2023

With the Christmas celebration behind us, we just had another celebration to add joy and enthusiasm in Team-Intuz. To add little more fun at the workplace, this time we planned to say goodbye to 2017 by recalling Intuz journey of the year. The year 2017 has been a year of growth, culture and technology for Intuz Family. While the New Year celebration was with the sprinkles of creativity and exchange of affection.

Bidding Farewell: Intuz Journey of 2017

The success of a company is driven by the dedication, efforts, and hard-work of teams working for its prosperity. Their achievements together build the achievement of the company.

To acknowledge the same for Intuz teams, the management has presented the commendable achievements credited by the year-long efforts of all the teams i.e. Sales, Marketing, Design, Development, HR, and operations.

“Let’s Get It Done” – Be Positive. Feel It. Share It. Take Pride. Driven by this determination team Intuz foresees many more feathers adding to its cap in 2018.

Themes of Inspiration

No celebration is completed without decoration! To bring the innovation and creativity from work to desk, we planned the desk-decoration competition that is also given theme-based. The concept was that the decoration theme for the desk should be inspirational. The team attire should also go with the theme. The teams had to present their themes and the inspiration. The purpose was to encourage team to express their thoughts while multiplying the happiness & positivity by giving a makeover to their workstations.

This exposed the great creative skills of Intuz teams. The themes were inspired by the Beach holidays, Christmas celebration, Childhood, Save water and Garden workplace. The creative execution, with great creativity and beautiful thoughts behind, were mesmerizing when presented with their inspiration and costume.

Event Photo

Exchange of Affection

Spreading love and happiness with selflessness is what the world need the most! We took a small step to start it with Intuz family only.
Without any prejudice and friendship, each Intuz family member gifted something to the other one. For many, it was unexpected, for some it was an ice-breaking, some had shown kindness, and some were just glad. It just proved that the colors of love may not be usually seen in the era we live in, but whenever it happens, it fads the darkness, and brings the bright shining smiles on the faces.

Every event we organize at Intuz, it’s not only fun-filled but also inspiring and thought-provoking for us to behave in the real world out of our premises as well. We are just glad that we have a lot many in our buckets to cherish and share in the coming year 2018.

Happy New Year!!

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