Easy access to end-to-end Web Development Glossary

Easy access to learn about your most favourite web development terminologies

Easy access to learn about your most favourite web development terminologies


AIM - Advanced Integration Method

This is a payment gateway developed by Authorize.NET that helps integrate every type of transaction occurring on the mobile, website, and other business applications.


An app is a type of software that enables the user for performing diverse tasks like whether it’s setting an alarm on your smartphone or typing a document in the Microsoft Word. 

Adaptive design 

It is a way in which any website is created that determines how it appears on diverse devices. The adaptive design builds a website in different layouts, every suitable for diverse screen sizes. 

ActionScript 3

This is the third version of the Objective Oriented language from Adobe Systems. 


The term AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and doesn’t refer to just one web technology but represents a group of technologies.

Audio (mp3, Ogg, Wav)

This is an audio element in HTML 5 that offers a standard for playing audio files on a web page. 


An accordion is a web control that is a part of the Graphical User Interface. This is displayed as a list of items like labels or thumbnails that are stacked vertically.

Adobe Flash Professional

Adobe® Flash® Professional software is an industry leader in providing an authoring environment for creating animated interactive content.


Developed and maintained by a community of developers, Apache or Apache HTTP is an open-source web server that is known for its high degree of functionality and performance. 

AWS - Amazon Web Services

This is a cloud computing platform from Amazon that offers a whole range of services including computing, applications hosting, website hosting, backup, and storage, amongst a host of other features and solutions.


This is a payment gateway services provider that facilitates online transactions like credit card and electronic check payments.


This is a free web application framework that is used for building dynamic websites, web applications, and a whole range of web services with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


This is a process that makes .NET applications more secure by asking for identification credentials such as name and password from a user.


Once an identity has been authenticated, the process of authorization determines whether that identity can access a particular resource or not.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is essentially a set of functions, whose use in an application, operating system, or any component allows end-users to access the features and functionalities of a particular web tool for which the set of programming instructions have been defined.

ARB - Automatic Recurring Billing

This is a tool developed by Authorize.Net that is used not only for the submission of but also for the management of all transactions that are repeated frequently or are subscription-based.

Active Directory

This is a directory that is a part of most Windows Server operating systems; it is the location where all user accounts and passwords that are a part of network administration and security are stored. 



It is an open-source, free frontend framework for designing websites and web applications. 


Backend development refers to everything that goes on behind the scenes. Backend development can be broken into four major components of a software stack i.e the database, the server, the operating system, and the software.


A web browser is the software utilized for accessing the internet and display web pages. 


A bug is an error that will prevent any website or application from running as it should get run. 

Browser Compatibility

A web designer needs to focus on ensuring browser compatibility; what this means is that the designer must ensure that a web page must be properly interpreted by all web browsers.

Background animation

This is an HTML5 & CSS3 term specifically used for animations used in the HTML page background.



The canvas element offered in HTML 5 enables developers to embed graphics on a webpage. It must be noted that the Canvas element doesn’t have a drawing capability of its own, but allows developers to draw graphics on the web page with the help of JavaScript.

Corporate Identity (Logo)

The corporate identity is the ‘persona’ of the business/organization/corporation and is defined by its purpose, values, business philosophy, mission, and objectives.


This is a phrase used in desktop publishing or website designing and refers to the use of a label that identifies the various parts of a visual used on a web page or a publishing document.


Cascading Style Sheets is a language used by designers to present the look and formatting of a web page that has been written in HTML and XHTML.

CSS3 Animations

Animations created using CSS3 are CSS3 animations, these animations can be used as a replacement for Flash animation, JavaScripts, and even animated images on many web pages.


This is an open-source web application framework written in PHP, used for the development of web applications. The use of CakePHP speeds up the time taken for the development of an application.


This is a simple, yet powerful PHP framework that allows developers to build full-featured web applications. It has a small footprint, so doesn’t consume a lot of memory.


It is a temporary storage space for data. When you visit any website, the files that you will be going to requester automatically stored in the cache. 


Code is essentially what web developers are writing with the use of programming languages. 


Also known as Visual C ‘Sharp’, this is an object-oriented computer programming language that is used for the creation of robust and highly secure applications and websites that run on the .NET Framework developers can also use this language for software component creation.

Compact Framework (PDA / Mobile solutions)

This is a version of the .NET Framework that runs on mobile or embedded devices constrained for resources such as personal digital assistants, mobile phones, and even set-top boxes and factory controllers.

Compiled/Published Source Code

A compiled/published code is a client-side code, which means whenever clients want to make changes to their website, they need to contact the developers who were in charge of project development.

Custom Control Library

A custom control library is used by developers to create a custom control if none of the ASP.NET server controls meet the needs and requirements of the client’s application.

CIM - Customer Information Manager

This is a payment gateway developed by Authorize.Net that enables the storing of sensitive payment information of customers on the company’s (Authorize.Net) secure servers.

Cloud Computing

This concept improves the performance of large database applications using a collection of logical servers, which manage traffic, as well as, data.

Cloud Hosting

This is a type of hosting that makes use of multiple web servers to host the resources of a website. These resources are rendered as per the need of the user or administrator of the website.

CRUD operation

Create/reads/updates or deletes operations performed via the application.



This is an open-source content management framework that is used by developers to build a variety of websites and web applications.

Data structures

An important aspect of development and programming and data structures are a different way of organizing and storing data for maximum efficiency. 


Debugging is a multistep process that helps the developer to locate the problem and isolate the source and then gets to work for fixing it or comes up with the workaround. 


It is a key step in the website development process. On any website or an application has been developed and tested and then it is ready to go live and then it will get ready to get deployed. 


An important part of software engineering, documentation is importantly the central point of reference for anyone that is involved in managing and maintaining or utilizing a website or a piece of software. 

Domain Name

The domain name is a website’s domain name is essentially it is the address on the world wide web. 

Desktop Application

An application that runs stand-alone on a desktop or a laptop computer is called a desktop application and such applications do not need a web browser to run.

Dedicated Server

As the name suggests, a dedicated server offers internet hosting services to a single client.


A database is a collection of data. Here, data encompasses elements like a customer, product, employee, etc. 

Database Server

This is the server where the database is hosted. It is a computer program or a computer dedicated to running a database program, which offers database services.

Database Design

This is the process of designing the logical structure of the database.

Dataflow Diagram

This is a two-dimensional symbolic representation of the data flow through an information system.

Database Connection

A database connection allows client software to establish a communication with database server software, which can either be on the same or different machines. 

Database Normalization

A relational database can get redundant or show increasing dependency after a certain amount of time. It is only after normalizing the database that the redundancy and the dependency can be decreased.


Email Template

This is a standardized email format that developers create using HTML. Website/web applications send automated emails to users, e.g. when they have signed up to use certain services.

Ext JS

This is another JavaScript library that is used for scripting cross-browser compatible and highly interactive web applications with DHTML, DOM, and Ajax.

Express Checkout

Express checkout is a service that has been developed to minimize the incidences of checkout abandonment.

Entity Relationship Diagram

A database is made of different entities whose relationships determine the scope and scale of the database.


This is the space that lies at the very bottom of the web page. Footer signals the end of the web page and this space is used by web designers to place links and shortcuts to other webpages and offers information about privacy policies etc. 


The fronted of the website is also called the client-side and the frontend languages cover HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that all have a hand in determining the visual output of a website.  

Flash animation

Flash animation also known as Flash cartoon is essentially an animated film that is used on a website by designers to make it more engaging or to improve its visual appeal. 

Fixed layout

The components of the layout have a fixed width and so does the wrapper or the container element. 


Full-stack developers work over all the three layers i.e. the frontend, the backend, and the database layer.  

FadeIn FadeOut

Technical term for jQuery effect. When an element appears slowly from transparency to a clear view it is called Fade In. Else if it disappears slowly it is called FadeOut.


This refers to a software/web framework, which are software libraries that enable the programming of a software application.

Facebook Connect

Facebook, the social media networking site has made available a series of application programming interfaces to its users.


The acronym stands for File Transfer Protocol and it is a system of messages and rules for file transfer between two hosts using the TCP based network (Transmission Control Protocol). 



The integration of Geolocation API (Application Programming Interface) into a web application allows it to zero in on the location of the user.


Git is a version control system where the developers can store and manage their code. 

GD library

This is an open-source library that allows developers to create dynamic images.


A header in website design parlance is the space that lies at the very top of the web page design.


HTML 5 is the fifth revision to the HyperText Markup Language and experts rate it as the best. 

HTML Slicing

This is a term that signifies the conversion of PSD / JPG layout into HTML.


HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a computer language utilized for creating websites. 


HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is used for transferring data across the internet. 


A server is made up of various directories and sub-directories and an Htaccess (Hypertext access) configuration file help exercise control over them. 

Hosting Server

This server provides hosting services for websites.



Also called Inline Frame, this is an HTML tag, supported by all major browsers, and is used to specify an inline frame.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture is the process of arranging complex information clearly and logically. 


This is an open-source software suite that can be used for creating, editing, composing, and converting raster image files.


Internet Information Services is Microsoft’s web server application that supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP, and NNTP. 

IPN (Instant Payment Notification)/Silent Post

Whenever a transaction is accomplished on PayPal, a notification is sent to sellers, which enables them to fulfill orders even before the payments come in.



This is a free, open-source, cross-browser compatible JavaScript library and is a CSS3 compliant language.

jQuery UI

This is a UI that developers can use to develop rich and interactive web applications with advanced effects founded on jQuery JavaScript Library.

jQuery Mobile

Founded on the jQuery and jQuery UI foundation this is a touch-optimized web framework for developing web applications for smartphones and tablets. Its HTM5 based UI means it offers a unified system for development.


This is a free, open-source, cross-browser compatible JavaScript library and is CSS3 compliant. It is the most widely used JavaScript library, as it has made the development of dynamic web pages and applications easier and quicker. 



This is a programming language that makes web pages more interactive. It helps web developers add dynamic content to websites. 


It is one of the most popular programming languages out there. Java is popular and platform-independent that is created using Java to run on any device instead of what operating system is used. 

JavaScript libraries/frameworks

JavaScript libraries are a collection of pre-written JavaScripts that allow developers to build applications scripted with JavaScript.


This is an open-source CMS, written in PHP, whose extensibility and convenience, means that it is a preferred choice of developers for building power-packed web applications.



A layout in designing parlance refers to the layout of a web page and even documents like newsletters, corporate brochures, etc.


This is a software bundle that is a coming together of open source software including Linux, Apache HTTP server, MySQL, and PHP, and offers developers an all-in-one web stack.


This is a non-proprietary operating system and is freely available.

Linux server hosting

This involves the hosting of applications on a Linux Server.


This is a feature/specification offered by HTML5. Technically speaking it is a client-side database.


Languages are basically what the programmers use for building websites, software, and apps. 


Libraries are stores of pre-written code or modules that programmers take and insert in the code what they are writing. 

This is a JavaScript plugin to show any information whether image, content, or an external page in a popup.

Landscape / Horizontal layout

A horizontal web page layout is characterized by horizontal scrolling.

Liquid layout

This is also known as fluid layout; the components that are a part of the layout adjust to the screen resolution of the user. 


Mobile Compatible

This is a website that can be accessed through mobile devices of the users.


When a client comes to us with a requirement for a website that needs to be mobile-friendly, we develop the website in a way such that when users access this website through their mobile devices, they will be able to view the website with all its features – We do not create a separate layout to make the website mobile-friendly.

Media server

This is a type of server that allows the storage of media and also allows this media to be accessed through a network connection. 


A mockup is taking the concept of wireframe a few steps ahead. It offers a complete website design model, which helps designers and clients alike evaluate the design for its strengths and weakness.


It is the process of minimizing code and markup that reduces the size of the file. 


It is an approach for the need of website design and development that prioritizes mobile devices. 


Minimal Viable Product is the most of the pared-down version of a product that can be released to the market. 


A mega menu is an improvement on the traditional drop-down menu. It is called the mega menu and is composed of two-dimensional drop-down menus that are grouped and organized for the navigational options that they provide.

Meta tags

A meta tag is an HTML code that in the context of search engine optimization usually refers to meta title tag or the meta-description tag. The meta tag is integrated into the header of the web page.


This is a relational database management system (RDBMS) and is surely the world’s most popular open-source database which makes it the perfect choice for developers.


MVC is a standard design pattern that divides an application into three main parts, namely the Model, the View, and the Controller.


This is an open-source Joomla integrated, JavaScript Library and it allows developers to build cross-browser compatible web applications.


This is an open-source e-commerce platform built using a PHP scripting language called Zend. Owned by Magento Inc., it aims to offer shopping carts for both small and enterprise businesses.

Microsoft .Net Framework

This is a software framework that includes a huge library, as well as, supports a diverse range of programming languages, which enables language interoperability.

MVC Framework

MVC stands for Model View Controller and the ASP.NET MVC framework helps build dynamic websites through a powerful patterns-based approach.

MVC Framework

MVC stands for Model View Controller and the ASP.NET MVC framework helps build dynamic websites through a powerful patterns-based approach.

Mobile Compatible Website

This is a website that can be accessed through mobile devices of the users. It meets the needs of those users who access the internet from their mobile phones.

Mobile-friendly Website

When a client comes to us with a requirement for a website that needs to be mobile-friendly, we develop the website in a way such that when users access this website through their mobile devices, they will be able to view the website with all its features – We do not create a separate layout to make the website mobile-friendly.

Merchant Account

A merchant account is a bank account that allows businesses to accept payments through credit or debit cards.


Microsoft SQL (Structure Query Language) Server is a relational database server, which is used for storage of data, which in turn can be retrieved by software/web applications as and when required.


A Navigation menu helps website visitors navigate the website or can also take the users of a web application through the various features/functionalities of the web applications. The idea behind a navigation menu is to enable users to make optimum use of the web application.



Technical term specifically for tablet and mobile devices. When the phone/tablet gets rotated from horizontal to vertical or vice versa it is called orientation change. 

Open Source CMS

These are CMS (content management systems) that have been developed in a collaborative environment, using the open-source philosophy of development, meaning their source code is public and they can be freely redistributed.

Open Source Shopping Cart

An open-source shopping cart is a system that has been developed in a collaborative manner using the policy of free redistribution, and making the source code accessible to the public. 


This is a PHP based open source shopping cart, that enables the development of shopper-friendly shopping carts filled with rich features such as unlimited product categories, the ability to choose from more than 20 payment gateways, product ratings, and reviews amongst many other features that together offer online shoppers an immensely shopping friendly experience.


More specifically the osCommerce Online Merchant, is a free e-commerce system that enables the development of online shopping systems that are packed with shopper-friendly features.

Open Source

An open-source software model makes available the source code of the software to its users. Apart from this, other rights typically only accessible to copyright holders of the software are also offered to users under what is known as a free software license.



Two languages are commonly used for development - HTML and JavaScript. PhoneGap is an open-source mobile development framework that leverages the advantages of both languages to offer developers a convenient way to build applications for mobile devices with the help of HTML 5, CSS3, and JavaScript.


A plugin is an extension that will add extra functionality for an existing software like plugins for your browser or add-ons for the WordPress CMS. 


This stands for Portable Document Format, and is an open standard developed by Adobe Systems that allows for the representation of documents in an independent manner irrespective of the application software, hardware, or operating system being used.

It is a technical term that is used for any information coming in from a separate window inside the parent window. It can be a menu or dialogue box. It is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that appears on a user’s screen resulting from an action performed by the user, e.g. a right mouse click

Panning effect

The panning effect is used by designers to improve the visual quotient of the web page on which it is used.

Portrait / Vertical layout

This is the most commonly used layout, more so because it makes sense. Such a page layout is founded on the concept of vertical expansion and as more content is added to the page, it becomes taller.

Page Title

Web browsers, use the Page Title, to identify the page of the website in their Title Bar; Google and other search engines use the Page Title, to display a particular page in their search engine page results.


This is a technique in computer graphics wherein designers use independent layers for creating a particular scene and each layer is scrolled at different speeds. 


This is an open-source general-purpose scripting language used by developers to create dynamic web pages and standalone graphical applications.


MVC stands for Model View Controller and the PHP MVC framework helps build dynamic websites through a powerful patterns-based approach.


This is a tool, written in PHP that is used to create, modify, delete, MySQL databases through a web browser. With the help of an intuitive web interface, developers can browse, create copy, drop, rename, and alter databases, fields, indexes, and tables. 


This is an open-source e-commerce application offering over 260 features for the development of a comprehensive e-commerce site that not only attracts customers but also converts them to achieve profitable results.

Payment gateway integration

An e-commerce website needs to be able to accept payments made by the shopper to the merchant. This is accomplished using the integration of a payment gateway.


To put it simply, PayPal, facilitates online purchasing by accepting, sending, and making payments. This is just a very brief overview of what it does.


The ASP.NET framework allows developers to declare server run controls and post back to the same page. You could call Postback an event that is triggered by a control that has been used on an ASP.NET page.



It is a metric that is used for describing the size and quality of the image. 

Responsive design

It ensures that any website when displayed correctly no matter what device that customer is using for viewing it. 

Ruby and Ruby on Rails

It is yet another programming language which is an open-source, and dynamic programming language that focuses on productivity and simplicity. Ruby on Rails is a framework that is created in Ruby. 


This acronym stands for Representational State Transfer. REST is a way of styling software architecture, which allows an application to exploit the architecture of the World Wide Web to optimize its functionality, efficiency, and overall performance.


Stationery (Business card, Letterhead, flyers, brochures)

Stationery is a term that denotes a large number of materials including, paper, writing implements like a pen, etc. and all kinds of office supplies.


It is an outline of all the web pages on any website. There are three diverse types of sitemaps that are used by web designers while planning a website. 

Software stack

It makes up the backend of a website and they are important bundles of software that work together. 


This is an element in the graphical user interface, wherein a user clicks on the slider or sets a value to move its horizontal setting.


This stands for Simple Object Access Protocol, and simply put it is a system of rules that allows two programs running on two different operating systems to communicate with each other using the internet.


Symfony is a framework/library of classes written in PHP. It provides components and tools for developers to build scalable applications faster.


This is an application framework from Microsoft that helps develop rich internet applications.


Simple Integration Method: This is a payment gateway developed by Authorize.Net that is a good choice for those web merchants that do not have an SSL certificate.

Shipping Service

These are a courier or package delivery services like UPS, USPS FedEx and they are used for calculating shipping charges with the use of their API.

Software Architecture

Software or a software application has a specific structure that is built up of different software elements coming together to address the requirements of the client (business goals), the user, and the system (IT infrastructure). 


The word server is usually used in the context of client-server architecture and is a computer program that caters to requests made by the ‘client; in common parlance, a server is computer hardware that plays host to certain specific services that satisfy the needs of clients connected to the server through a network. 

Shared Hosting

If the webserver is playing host to numerous websites, then this is called shared hosting. The server is partitioned and a website resides in each partition so that one website doesn’t interfere with the functioning of another.

SQL Express

The SQL Server Express is free database software that is a part of Microsoft’s SQL Server relational database management system, specifically used for small scale applications.

SQL Enterprise

This is an enterprise edition of Microsoft SQL Server, which stores and retrieves data for enterprise-level applications. 

SQL Server Integration Services – SSIS

This service provides data migration and import/export functionality.

SQL Server Reporting Services – SSRS

SQL Server Reporting Services is Microsoft’s server-based software system, which is used for preparing and delivering a range of interactive and printed reports.

SQL Azure

This is Microsoft’s cloud-based service that offers data storage capabilities.


This is a complete detailing of the database structure.



You must have used a folder with tabs. You can flip through the tabs on the folder and find the page that you are looking for quickly and without any problems at all.

Tableless / Div based

This is an HTML development term. Before a few years or for IE7 and lesser compatible browsers, designers had to create HTML with the use of Table tags. In WEB 2.0 standards use of the table is avoided. 


This is a process of changing colour schemes and the look and feel of applications.


Concerning databases especially, relational and flat file databases, a collection of values organized in the form of vertical columns is called a table.


UI Design

It stands for the user interface design and it is all about the screens and interactive touchpoint that will make a website or an app. 


This stands for United Parcel Service, Inc. It has a shipping API that is integrated by developers into most e-commerce websites owing to the company’s, leading reputation as a package delivery company.


This stands for United States Postal Service (U.S Postal Service), and it has a shipping API that is integrated into a website to offer shoppers a shipping option.

Un-Complied/Full Code

This is when the client has both the client and server-side code, which is the full source code of the website/web application.


Video (MP4 / MPEG – 4, .OGG, H .264)

HTML 5 offers a video element, which enables developers to directly embed videos into the web page without taking the help of 3rd party applications. Video formats like MP4, MPEG-4, OGG, H.264 are supported by HTML 5.

Version control

It is about recording and managing the changes that you are making along the way or be it changes to the code when you are writing, to a website or a computer program and a document. 


This is a process of using HTML validators to identify and debug embedded HTML errors. Validated web pages don’t lead to browser-related errors, which means website users can have a seamless browsing experience.

Video Streaming

Video streaming is the process of sending the video content to the user over the internet in real-time, meaning, the user does not need to download the file to play the video.

Video broadcast

Video Broadcast’s complete name is Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and is a collection of publicly available standards for the use of digital television. 


.Net is a huge library that satisfies the programming needs of developers who want to develop a software application. Visuals Basic is a programming language in the .NET framework.


Microsoft Visual SourceSafe is a source control system which means all changes made to the websites; applications, programs, etc. are stored as computer files.

Visual Studio

This is Microsoft’s Integrated Development Environment, used for building websites, web applications, graphical user interface applications, and Windows Form applications.


Web app

Web applications can be accessed using the Internet browser and will adapt at whichever device on which you are viewing them. 


In the world of website design a website wireframe refers to the skeletal framework of the website, which is in the form of a visual guide.


Web services are self-contained and self-describing application components that communicate using open protocols. To put it simply, these are essentially those services that are published, found, and only used through the World Wide Web.

WordPress (WP)

WordPress is an open-source CMS that is popularly used for the development of websites and blogs and is based on PHP and MySQL. It offers numerous plugins, widgets, and themes that cater to the diverse needs and requirements of clients. 

Web Application

The two words web and application define web application. While web refers to the World Wide Web or the Internet, the application is essentially software that helps a user perform certain specific tasks.


Essentially, a website is a collection of web pages that are related to each other and which offers users content such as text, images, videos, audios, etc.

Web Server

The basic function of the webserver is to deliver content to users through the internet. Typically, used to host websites, other uses of a web server include storing data and also running enterprise applications.

Web Part

This is essentially a really small application which an end-user can install and execute within the webpage at run time.


With the help of ASP.NET Web Forms, developers can efficiently and quickly build websites that are not only powerful but extremely sophisticated.

Web Services

A Web Service is a type of API that mostly communicates over HTTP. It is a service that is published, found, and used through the World Wide Web. 

Windows Services

These services are used whenever developers need to create an enduring functionality that runs on its own without any user interaction.


The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a part of the .NET Framework and enables developers to build complex service-oriented applications quickly.


Developers can make use of this highly advanced presentation system to build impressive Windows client applications that offer powerful user experiences.

Website Payment Pro

This is a merchant account as well as a payment gateway from PayPal. This means credit/debit card payments are processed directly on the client website.

Windows hosting

Windows hosting is a process that hosts applications and websites built using Microsoft technologies, on a server that uses the Windows operating system. What this means is that a site that has been scripted using ASP.NET can only be run on Windows Hosting.

Windows Azure

This is a cloud platform by Microsoft. It is an integral part of the company’s cloud computing strategy.



This is the acronym for Extensive Markup Language (XML) and is a set of rules that helps encode documents.



This is an acronym for Yahoo! User Interface Library, an open-source JavaScript library that enables the development of richly interactive web applications.



This open-source software programming framework helps develop sophisticated and high-performance PHP applications quickly and effectively.


Written in PHP and using a MySQL database, this is an open-source e-commerce shopping cart that offers a wealth of features for the development of profitable eCommerce shopping systems.