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AIM - Advanced Integration Method

This is a payment gateway developed by Authorize.NET that helps integrate every type of transaction occurring on the mobile, website, and other business applications.


An app is a type of software that enables the user for performing diverse tasks like whether it’s setting an alarm on your smartphone or typing a document in the Microsoft Word. 

Adaptive design 

It is a way in which any website is created that determines how it appears on diverse devices. The adaptive design builds a website in different layouts, every suitable for diverse screen sizes. 

ActionScript 3

This is the third version of the Objective Oriented language from Adobe Systems. 


The term AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML and doesn’t refer to just one web technology but represents a group of technologies.

Audio (mp3, Ogg, Wav)

This is an audio element in HTML 5 that offers a standard for playing audio files on a web page. 


An accordion is a web control that is a part of the Graphical User Interface. This is displayed as a list of items like labels or thumbnails that are stacked vertically.

Adobe Flash Professional

Adobe® Flash® Professional software is an industry leader in providing an authoring environment for creating animated interactive content.


Developed and maintained by a community of developers, Apache or Apache HTTP is an open-source web server that is known for its high degree of functionality and performance. 

AWS - Amazon Web Services

This is a cloud computing platform from Amazon that offers a whole range of services including computing, applications hosting, website hosting, backup, and storage, amongst a host of other features and solutions.


This is a payment gateway services provider that facilitates online transactions like credit card and electronic check payments.


This is a free web application framework that is used for building dynamic websites, web applications, and a whole range of web services with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


This is a process that makes .NET applications more secure by asking for identification credentials such as name and password from a user.


Once an identity has been authenticated, the process of authorization determines whether that identity can access a particular resource or not.


An Application Programming Interface (API) is essentially a set of functions, whose use in an application, operating system, or any component allows end-users to access the features and functionalities of a particular web tool for which the set of programming instructions have been defined.

ARB - Automatic Recurring Billing

This is a tool developed by Authorize.Net that is used not only for the submission of but also for the management of all transactions that are repeated frequently or are subscription-based.

Active Directory

This is a directory that is a part of most Windows Server operating systems; it is the location where all user accounts and passwords that are a part of network administration and security are stored. 



It is an open-source, free frontend framework for designing websites and web applications. 


Backend development refers to everything that goes on behind the scenes. Backend development can be broken into four major components of a software stack i.e the database, the server, the operating system, and the software.


A web browser is the software utilized for accessing the internet and display web pages. 


A bug is an error that will prevent any website or application from running as it should get run. 

Browser Compatibility

A web designer needs to focus on ensuring browser compatibility; what this means is that the designer must ensure that a web page must be properly interpreted by all web browsers.

Background animation

This is an HTML5 & CSS3 term specifically used for animations used in the HTML page background.



The canvas element offered in HTML 5 enables developers to embed graphics on a webpage. It must be noted that the Canvas element doesn’t have a drawing capability of its own, but allows developers to draw graphics on the web page with the help of JavaScript.

Corporate Identity (Logo)

The corporate identity is the ‘persona’ of the business/organization/corporation and is defined by its purpose, values, business philosophy, mission, and objectives.


This is a phrase used in desktop publishing or website designing and refers to the use of a label that identifies the various parts of a visual used on a web page or a publishing document.


Cascading Style Sheets is a language used by designers to present the look and formatting of a web page that has been written in HTML and XHTML.

CSS3 Animations

Animations created using CSS3 are CSS3 animations, these animations can be used as a replacement for Flash animation, JavaScripts, and even animated images on many web pages.


This is an open-source web application framework written in PHP, used for the development of web applications. The use of CakePHP speeds up the time taken for the development of an application.


This is a simple, yet powerful PHP framework that allows developers to build full-featured web applications. It has a small footprint, so doesn’t consume a lot of memory.

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