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Category: Issue and Bug Tracking

Last Updated: 2021-09-16

Version: 7.12

We Offer

Intuz offers ELK Stack to businesses to deploy a central hub for identifying, discussing, and resolving bugs and issues in their systems.

About ELK Stack

A collection of three open-source tools Kibana, Logstash, and ElasticSearch, this stack helps resolve bugs related to the central logging system of a business. Meaning, every manager gets a high-level view of where the bug is in the workflow. Used by Netflix, Medium, and LinkedIn, ELK is available to use as a cloud app and on-premise. Unfortunately, it does not support integration with other tools.

Critical Features Of ELK Stack

  • Emphasizes the need to log into numerous log data sources simultaneously
  • Ensures rapid on-premise installation
  • Implements scale horizontally and vertically easily
  • Works with many languages clients, including PHP, Python, Java, and .NET
  • Offers enterprise-grade security that makes the software resilient
  • Enables centralized logging helpful in identifying issues with apps or servers

Intuz’s ELK Paid Stack

ELK is an open-source solution that the Intuz team can customize per your business requirements and launch on Amazon Web Services [AWS]. Make extensive use of our detailed documentation on the ELK stack. We also provide helpful scripts on Password, Update, and Snapshot management. Our stack is easy to use, secure, and performs consistently across platforms. Now is the time to get started with ELK Stack on AWS Marketplace.

Included With Application

Enjoy seamless bug tracking power with ELK stack — capture and resolve software issues hassle-free

How To

Require any assistance with ELK stack? No worries!

Applications Installed

Our open-source and dynamic ELK stack installers are easy to work with and up-to-date.

ELK Stack





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