CouchDB Stack

CouchDB Stack

Category: Database

Last Updated: 2021-11-20

Version: 2.4.2

We Offer

Intuz offers CouchDB stack to businesses for storing, transferring, and processing their data in multiple formats and protocols.

About CouchDB Stack

CouchDB is an open-source and free-to-use software that integrates with your current data management infrastructure. You can store your data with JSON documents and access it on modern web and mobile apps. Since you have more control over CouchDB, there is a scope to adapt it to the unique needs of your business. It is highly scalable. CouchDB is available to use as a cloud app and on-premise.

Key Features Of CouchDB Stack

  • Serve web apps directly out of the CouchDB stack
  • Runs on various operating systems and virtualization tools
  • Supported by a thriving community of developers worldwide
  • Support master-to-master setups with automatic conflict detection
  • Can be installed on Linux, Mac, Windows, or deployed on the cloud
  • Facilitate a browser-based GUI for handling data, configuration, and permission

Intuz’s CouchDB Free Stack

Our stack is built for personalization, allowing businesses to modify it as per their requirements and launch on Amazon Web Services [AWS]. Feel free to utilize our detailed documentation on the CouchDB stack. We also offer Password management script. Our stack is easy to use, safe, and a consistent performer across platforms. What are you waiting for? Start with CouchDB Stack on AWS Marketplace today!

Included With Application

Enjoy a scalable solution for secure, durable data storage and replication with our CouchDB stack

How To

Seeking guidance with the CouchDB stack? Fret not!

Applications Installed

Our open-source and flexible CouchDB stack installers are incredibly simple to use.



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