Popular App Concepts That Positively Impact Service-Based Businesses

Learn how modern app concepts can improve operations and accelerate their pace on the growth trajectory.

Published 10 Nov 2021Updated 17 Apr 2023

The modern business world is dominated by innovative solutions and concepts. Businesses that focus on finding solutions to the problems of consumers through innovation have the best chances of succeeding in a competitive environment. No longer can a business stay aloof from customer requirements and dream of success only because of a revolutionary idea. Innovation has turned into a more sophisticated phenomenon where inventive methodologies have to be blended with the demands of end-consumers.

In service-based businesses, delighting end-customers through innovative solutions can turn quite tricky. With no physical product to offer, the success of service-based businesses depends on the experience offered to the customers. Technology has facilitated such businesses in improving customer experience through mobile apps. Modern app concepts can improve operations of a service-based business and accelerate their pace on the growth trajectory.

Mobile App Concepts & Service-based Businesses

According to Clutch, 42% businesses in the US by March 2017 had their own mobile app. By the end of 2018, this number is expected to climb to 67%. The businesses that own a mobile app revealed that investment in mobile app development  was crucial for improving customer service experience.

(Image source: Clutch) 

The statistics are in favor of mobile app development for service-based businesses. Not only mobile apps improve customer experience but also help in streamlining operations, making it easier for entrepreneurs to achieve their business objectives.

Promising App Concepts for Service-based Businesses

Every service-based business focuses on fulfilling the requirements of convenience-seeking customers in the fastest and cheapest way. Entrepreneurs who pioneer service-based business models understand the importance of doing everything in the right way. Modern app concepts can help several businesses in various segments of the service industry such as:


Businesses in the education domain have a spectacular opportunity to leverage the benefits of modern mobile app concepts to improve their service offerings. Through a cloud-based learning app, a business in education domain can enable students to take lessons on-the-go, upload their assignments, and take online exams from anywhere, anytime. Not only will it help a business in reducing operational costs, it will empower its end-customers i.e. the students to learn as per their own convenience.

Businesses offering education services can also think of developing a holistic preparation community with the help of a virtual study app. Users can collectively share their personal notes, chat with fellow students, discuss their queries and access extensive study material with the help of such an app.

Business Consulting

A large share of the service-based industry lies in the business consulting domain. Every year hundreds of new players venture in the consulting field to help other businesses tackle everyday business challenges related to finance, strategy, IT, marketing, etc.

A business in the consulting domain can think of cloud-based presentation application that will enable various stakeholders to collaborate on a presentation or project in real time. The whole team can contribute their ideas and provide feedback anywhere, anytime, making the consulting process more fruitful.

Not only will it empower clients to understand the consulting process and provide healthy insights throughout the consulting phase, but will improve internal coordination between different teams of a consulting business.


Logistics businesses have seen a spike in demand in the recent times. Nomadic natures due to educational and professional obligations have created a sparkling opportunity in the logistics domain. A logistics business such as packers or movers can make use of technology to provide real-time updates about the shipment to a customer.

With the help of GPS-based mobile app, the business can keep the customer updated about the movement of his/her cargo. Such a mobile app instills confidence into the customer and improves goodwill of the business in the long term. Further, logistics business can embed barcode-based modules in the mobile app to keep an accurate record of goods acquired by customers for shipment.

Developing a quote estimation feature that can scan goods to be shipped and provide accurate quotes based on dimensions through a mobile app is also an interesting concept for the logistics businesses.

Travel & Hospitality

Service-based businesses in the travel and hospitality industry have a great scope of improving their operations with the help of mobile apps. A travel operator can enhance customer delight by giving customers the option to discover best deals on hotels, flights, etc. through the mobile app.

Building a mobile app with geo-fencing capabilities can enable hotels, resorts, restaurants and even travel operators improve service delivery. Such features can be used by businesses to run targeted campaigns and automate operations by speeding up regular tasks, making a customer hooked to a travel operator or a hotel/restaurant.

Even airlines can make use of mobile apps to generate virtual boarding passes to reduce wait time at the airports with the help of a mobile app.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Business service providers such as accountants can leverage the powers of technology to empower their customers and take control of critical business processes such as accounting. By digitizing their records, accounting firms can speed up operations while at the same time give customer’s real-time updates about their financial position as well as the bottom line through a mobile app.

A dedicated mobile-based client portal can be developed by such firms that can be accessed anytime, anywhere to keep a track of financial position, taxation compliances and access important financial and business reports that can help management to make better business decisions.

Mobile apps have the potential to improve conventional operations of service-based businesses. Having the potential to handle massive information overload, mobile apps can take care of customer databases, restructure service offerings and enable businesses to delight customers in a better way. Intuz has been helping service-based businesses by developing custom mobile applications based on revolutionary app concepts. The expertise of mobile app developers at Intuz ensures that a business benefits from the mobile app and it becomes an integral part of its operations. By understanding core service offerings and business model, Team Intuz develops promising prototypes that are sure to positively impact a service-based business in the long run.

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