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What is RAD?

A technology that consistently delivers software ideas on-time and in budget

Rapid application development (RAD) is a software development methodology used to expedite the application development process. RAD's approach towards software development emphasis more on the adaptive process than on planning.

RAD Process

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Why RAD?

Stable, simple, minimal efforts, no or less coding and highly flexible

In the RAD model, the functional modules are developed as prototypes and are integrated to form a complete product. There are quick implementation methods wherein features are exposed gradually and changes incorporated immediately. It uses readily available libraries and pre-built components to build applications thus saves time and provides benefits for companies of all sizes.

Why Startups choose RAD?

We help startups grow faster, with less risk

  • A quick go-to-the-market app development solution
  • Innovative mobile apps on a budget
  • Hands-on involvement in the development process from start to finish
  • Increase ROI with value-driven development

Advantages of the RAD model

  • Apps typically developed and delivered within weeks
  • Reduces the overall project risk and cost
  • Uses readily available tools for quicker and better app integration
  • Encourages user feedback throughout the development cycle

RAD vs Traditional Development

Though RAD has become popular development methodology still one cannot overlook the benefits of traditional development. Learn the pros of both the development methodologies.

ParameterRADTraditional Development
Application Development ProcessIncremental and iterative. The objective is to deliver an application quickly with complete & functional components. Implying that the stages of the development process can be revisited later.It uses a linear approach to the software development process. Here, a sequence for software development is to be followed.
Productivity and FlexibilityHigh due to the use of pre-defined libraries leading to faster turnaround time.Visualize and define the project details before starting. Leading to customization at each stage implying high development cycle times for the project.
Time and Cost EstimationShort duration projects with low development and maintenance costs.Medium to long duration projects with high development and maintenance costs.
TestingPerformed at every iteration.Performed after coding phase.
End User InteractionExtensive.Involved at the beginning to gather project requirements and at the end to accept the project.
Predefined ElementsUse of predefined, tested and ready-to-use applications, themes, etc.The application and the elements are customized and designed according to the requirements of the end user. Hence, are exclusive to the project.

Intuz’s Libraries for RAD

Packages to match all your app requirements


Push Notification

It’s a way for an app to send a message or to notify without actually opening the app. It helps in increasing engagement with the app and improves user retention rates. Use Amazon SNS or FCM with or without deep linking to send notifications in the apps.


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