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What is RAD?

An alternative to the typical waterfall development model

Rapid application development (RAD) is a software development methodology technique used to expedite the application development process. RAD's approach towards software development emphasis more on the adaptive process than on planning.

  • Analysis & Quick Design

  • Find and Optimize the Libraries

  • Development Based on Libraries

  • QA and Testing

  • Launch and Maintenance

Why RAD?

Stable, simple, minimal efforts, no or less coding and highly flexible

In the RAD model, the functional modules are developed as prototypes and are integrated to form a complete product. There are quick implementation methods wherein features are exposed gradually and changes incorporated immediately.

Advantages of the RAD model

  • Faster delivery of finished apps
  • Reduces the overall project risk and cost
  • Components are reusable that allows timely delivery and cost reduction
  • Encourages user feedback throughout the development cycle
  • Client is involved in the development process giving no chance of missing the requirements

RAD vs Custom Development

Learn how RAD has become a popular alternative to the traditional app development.

Parameter RAD Custom Development
Application Development Process Incremental and iterative. Linear and predictive.
Productivity and Flexibility High due to the use of pre-defined leading to faster turnaround time. Low due to rigid approach leading to high cycle times.
Documentation Minimal Stringent
Time and Cost Estimation Short duration projects with low project and low maintenance costs. Medium to long duration projects with high project and maintenance costs.
Testing Performed at every iteration. Performed after coding phase.
End User Interaction Extensive. Involved at the beginning for requirements and at the end during the acceptance stage.
Predefined Elements Use of predefined, tested and ready-to-use applications, themes, etc. Custom elements are designed constructed for the project. Hence, are not reusable.

Intuz’s Libraries for RAD

Packages to match all your app requirements


This is critical to the success of an app as a good onboarding screen increases the likelihood of the first-time users becoming full-time users. This will include app tutorial screens, registration, mobile verification and social integration.


Chat, create groups and communicate with one another or with businesses. Our readymade libraries will allow to integrate chat based features on your mobile application with the extensive support to communicate with text, image, video and audio transfer. Add this service without the complexity of Sinch, Quickblox or other custom components.

Media Management

Record the audio or video or select a file and quickly truncate it as per your requirement. Integrate Intuz’s custom-designed audio and video trimmer or editing components in your next Mobile applications.


For your quick reference, we have compiled the answers to some Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How is Rapid Application Development different from Agile?

    • The working software or project is delivered quickly (mostly in weeks rather than months) in agile whereas in RAD no specific time-frame is recommended though emphasis is on speed.
    • Face to face conversation is considered the best form of communication in agile. In RAD, it is not mandatory for the members to be at the same location.
    • Simplicity is essential in agile. Whereas, RAD does not emphasize on reducing the work but proclaims in there will be less work in the long run.
    • In Agile, there is close cooperation between business and developers. In RAD, there is no equivalent cooperation as in agile though feedback from end users is critical in this process.
  • What is RAD model in SDLC?

    • Business Modeling
    • Data Modeling
    • Process Modeling
    • Application Generation
    • Testing & Turnover
  • Why RAD could be beneficial to a startup?

    Startups have an idea but may face financial constraints in the initial days. They can get the POC made by Intuz, launch the app in the market and finally develop the full solution later. Thus, having the first mover advantage over the competitors.

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