Client Sprints Guideline for
Progressive Development Tasks

If we talk about Sprint Planning then it is simple to understand that it is an event in the Scrum Framework where the team joins hands to find out the product backlog items on which they will be working during the sprint and will discuss their initial plan for finishing those product backlog items.

Sprint Planning is an undoubtedly vital task because its outcomes are Sprint Goals and a well-structured plan of delivering the Increment. The Sprint Backlog contains all the work that should be performed in details and that allows the whole development team to forecast the work and time if needed.

Progressive Development flow

Here are our top guidelines that we follow for ensuring a flawless Client Sprints for Progressive Development Tasks.

Sprint 1 - Planning

In Sprint 1, the whole planning and requirement gathering about the project have been performed.

Cutoff date to add tasks -

Adding Project Task In Basecamp

Here, a date has been finalized for adding progressive or new development tasks. For providing any kind of new requirement, you can do it till 5th business day.

Requirement finalization -

In this stage, the overall finalization after gathering all the information on assets has been done. Requirement finalization can be done by 7th business day so you have to make full surety on the information that you gathered.

Estimation delivery -

Here, an estimated date for the project submission to the client has been decided. The estimation delivery is done till 9th business day as till then you can complete all the project related work.

CR approval and payment -

In this stage, CR approval and payment discussion have been decided based on the estimation provided with CR approval. On the 10th business day, client has to approve the CR which was shared on the 9th business day.

Sprint 2 - Execution

In sprint 2, the execution and development part has been performed by our dedicated and skilled developers.

Dev completed -

Here, an estimation has been calculated for the whole dev completion task. The development part should get completed till the 6th business day.

Client approval -

In this stage, after delivering the whole project, we wait for the approval of our valuable client. The client have to approve the project till 8th business day.

Release -

In this stage, we make sure that everything is working fine and discuss a release date for launching the project live. The project should get released by 9th business day.

Hyper care -

Here, after releasing the project, hyper care has been taken by the testers and developers to solve any kind of issue instantly if occurs. If there are any issues or bugs then it should get fixed by 10th business day as the Sprint Closes after that.

Project timeline schedule example

Here are some important points to consider -

  1. The company will perform the development part in multiple sprints if the total development efforts go beyond 10 business days.
  2. The company will not entertain any kind of last-minute changes or urgent requirements for the approved changes.
  3. If there are any kinds of new requirements then it will be added to the next sprint.
  4. If there is a demand for any kind of bug resolution, then it will be released with the other feature live date.
  5. If there are any business-critical bugs, then it will be implemented by us immediately. This might change the existing delivery plan.
  6. The client can share their requirements during any sprint, but the implementation part will take place as per the company planned sprint schedule.
  7. All the tasks need to add in the Basecamp to-do list only with appropriate sprints. The company has all the right to move any of the tasks in the future sprints according to the execution plan. No email or verbal request is valid or will be accepted.
  8. You need to arrange all the tasks priority wise that you first want to get delivered so that we can prioritize them accordingly.
  9. If any of the defined tasks is taking more than 2 days in research then it will not be analyzed in the same sprint and will get moved to the next analysis and planning of sprint.


When we are committing something then we have the potential to make a miracle in that project. Our developers are highly skilled and talented enough to deliver only the expected results at clients’ end. We are always ready to serve the best-in-class services to all our clientele. If its about Client Sprints for Progressive Development Tasks then we are master at it. Coming to us, you will always get a satisfactory result on the set deadlines.

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