Appreneurship: Tips and Tricks Every Start-up Must Know

Published 1 Nov 2021Updated 1 Nov 2021
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We are living in a digital era where computers and mobiles are inseparable part of our life. There was a time when people hardly knew about the existence of computers. But today we all have personal smartphones that contain our most favorite apps. Few of them are downloaded to have fun and entertainment while rest of the apps are useful to make our lives a whole lot easier.

By considering increasing usage of smartphones and user’s interaction with mobile apps, businesses are moving onwards to utilize advanced capabilities of mobile platforms. Since the last few years, this ratio is enlarging drastically. Businesses usually copy their competitors. By the way, it’s not a right practice at all! Your business is the result of your unique ideas, and if so, then believe in it strongly and plan out strategized iOS or Android mobile app development

Here we are presenting few guidelines and precautions to smoothen your journey as an appreneur. Let’s understand all essential aspects together.

Decisions You Have to Make…

Define Vision

Ask yourself why you want a mobile app? What you want to achieve out of it? Set the vision for your mobile app development and move onwards in order to accomplish it. Define the path along with your journey to success.

Pick Platform(s)

While making a decision to build a mobile app, you have to decide the preferred app platform from iOS or Android or both. Based on the selection, you can make plans for further moves as there are different technical requirements of each platform.

Decide A Category

Select an appropriate category for your mobile app to represent the business correctly. Develop a consumer app that appeals to mass or enterprise mobile app that streamlines your business processes. Additionally, you can go for app migration from web to mobile or re-engineering of existing app.

List Out Functionality

Be very precise while inserting functionalities in your app. Include only essential functions and avoid the stuffing of unnecessary elements. Less features, less confusions. Users can feel more comfortable in completing a task. Just focus on main functionalities that would deliver the biggest impact.

Tie Up with Right Development Partner

At the time of selecting a mobile app development company, check out their credibility and work portfolio. A highly experienced company can understand your app design and usability. They deliver a next-generation app that helps you in achieving your objectives without any hurdles. Have an intuitive app that satisfies the users.

App Enhancement

One-time development is not enough to attain targeted goals. Once the app hits the store, collect feedback from the end users who are using the app. Consider the criticisms of users and enhance the app accordingly. Such practice helps you in delivering a more seamless experience to the users and attracting them as well.

Feature Updates

Introduce new features and update existing one on a regular basis. It not only optimizes your app performance but also engages users more and more. Integration of cutting edge features enable users to complete their required tasks seamlessly.

Precautions You Have to Take Care…

Be Careful in Selecting Launching Platform

Generally, organizations believe that they need to develop an app and it works efficiently on both iOS and android platform. However, it’s not true. Both the platforms have their own requirements. You can either go for iOS or Android. Using the hybrid app development technique , you can achieve optimal performance of the app on both the platform.

Website and App Are Different

There is a vast difference between an app and a website or mobile site. Core purpose of the app is to simplify business processes for your internal and external resources. On the other hand, a website or mobile site is designed and developed to promote your products and services. Mobile app helps in resembling different entities of your business and streamlines various processes. Due to different usage, app and website are quite different in terms of scopes, size, and functionalities.

Keep Monetization in Mind

Don’t forget, your ultimate goals for app development is to generate revenue. Try to attain this objective from the beginning. It helps you in defining a correct path for earning maximum revenue out of your investment. Think on what type of app you are looking for, a subscription based or in-app advertising. There are few sites that help you in organizing your app by popularity and genre.

Plan Out Full-Proof Marketing Strategy

Your app must be excellent as you have invested all your hard efforts to make it attractive, engaging and easy-to-use. But don’t forget, you are not alone! You have to compete with several other well-reputed apps that are already in the market. To win this battle, keep your backup plan ready with an exclusive App marketing strategy for continuous improvement in app visibility.

Beta Testing

Rather than just testing the app by yourself or internal resources, go for beta testing. Outsiders can see the pitfalls of the app clearly that you cannot. It also helps you in understating the end users’ expectations and perspective for your app.


Once all set, design comes into the picture. When two apps are solving one purpose, then design difference among them becomes key a differentiator. Amazing, appealing, and aesthetic design attracts their senses. Intuitiveness and smooth transition from one screen to another engage them for a long time. Ultimately, organizations can achieve maximum app installs. Create an app with stunning user interface and visually appealing design in order to deliver an intuitive user experience to end users.

Don’t just be an another business having an app. Be an appreneur in true sense!

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