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Select one unit, view all possible conversions on one screen. Calculate and share mathematical operations with powerful widget in real time. Now quickly search units and categories for swift use. Intelligent Calculator and Convertor in One.


  • Access 35 ready to go categories with more than 1000 units
  • Comprehensive support for 157 world currencies
  • Directly access your favorite units list from home screen
  • Tap on Math expression to edit and add your notation to each number
  • Use backspace anytime to correct a simple mistake, instead of calculating all over again
  • Full compatibility, starting from iPhone 4s upto iPhone 6 plus with iPad, including support of iOS 7 and 8
  • Elegant and sophisticated interface with gorgeous backgrounds

Widget Notifications Center

Get your preferred converter categories and mathematics calculations for fast access through notification center as Widget. Experience the power of widget exclusively designed for iOS 8.

Sharing Made Easy

Add personal notes to saved conversions or share complete calculation with your friends through Email or Airdrop or Print it.

Live Math Expression

Create live math expression. Automatically save your complete expression for future use.

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