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Android is a software stack, targeting mobile devices and although largely referred to as Google’s Android, it has been developed by the ‘Open Handset Alliance, wherein Google has played the leading role. 

The Android Software Development Kit enables developers to build applications using Java on the Android platform. Its latest version, Android 4.0 is commonly called the Ice Cream Sandwich.

App with Down-Sync process

In this process, all data will come from the server through the web service and it will not work without internet connectivity. This ensures that whatever the data available on the server, will be displayed in the app.

App with Sync process (Up-Down)

In this process, the user will also be able to work in the offline mode, without internet connectivity. When the user does have internet availability, he can upload all local data to the server. This will ensure that at the end of the day, the same data will be on the mobile app as well as the server. 


This payment gateway offers mobile point-of-sale solutions, allowing merchant sites to accept payments from shoppers who shop for products and services through their mobile phones.

AdMob (Third-party advertisement)

Developers need to be able to market their apps and this is a mobile advertising platform that not only helps promote their apps but also measures app popularity. Developers can use this platform to advertise on applications built for mobile operating platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 etc.


The accelerometer is used by mobile app developers to create applications that allow users to control games or applications just by tilting shaking or rotating their mobile devices. Basically, accelerometers are tiny sensors that measure the direction of the mobile phones, based on its movement. 

Ad hoc Bundle

This bundle is used for sending the app to clients for testing purposes.

Adaptive Layout

It is a kind of website layout that utilizes media queries for changing the design of the site for particular devices or windows sizes. 


Application Programming Interface is a specification showing how different apps interact with a range of software components. Apps can cover APIs for external use by different software. 


Appcache is an HTML5 standard that permits a web app to get cached and make available offline. 


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a group of interrelated web development techniques utilized on the client-side for building interactive web apps. 

App Store

It is online for all mobile device users. Developers submit their mobile apps to the app stores where people search and purchase and download or install apps. 

Action Bar

The action bar is known as App bar that includes interactive elements, it provides some important activities like support navigation, search and covers drop-down list. 


BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS is RIM’s mobile operating system providing support to BlackBerry mobile devices. The latest BlackBerry OS is 7.1. 


It is a wireless technology networking protocol that is used for exchanging data over short distances. 


Business-to-customer is a mobile app that is built for the average customer. 


Business-to-business is a mobile app that is built especially for using in another business. 


Business-to-employee is a mobile app especially for the use of internal business, for example - an enterprise app. 

Background Services 

These are the services that usually run in the background without any direct interaction with the user. 

Badge Count

Badge count reflects all types of missed calls, unread emails, or unread SMS


Badges are used by iPhone for indicating a new message, voicemail, email and push notification. 

Beacon Devices 

Beacons are used interchangeably and it is the name for Apple’s technology standard that permits mobile apps to respond to the signals from beacons in the physical world. 

Bluetooth Printing 

Bluetooth is utilized in printers that permits effortless and wireless printing. Bluetooth printing offers an easy way for printing without any requirement of the physical connection. 


A bug is a coding error in a computer program. 



This is a framework that is used for custom mobile app development to build 2D games for the iPhone. 


This is a mobile app development framework that enables developers to build applications and games. Developers working on Corona don’t have to write two separate codes for building apps for the Android OS or iOS. They just need to write the code once, to ensure that they develop an app that is compatible with both the platforms. This improves productivity.


Cocoa or specifically the Cocoa Environment offers developers a collection of object-oriented software libraries, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a runtime system. It’s an application development environment that helps build Cocoa applications for the Mac OS X operating system and iOS.

Chart Display

A chart is used to display the comparison of different data. A chart can be a bar chart, pie chart, etc. 

Card Reader Integrations 

Using a mobile credit card reader, you can make card payments through your mobile phone. 


Code-division multiple access is a technology that is used to transmit data. It provides a single transmission channel for multiple signals. 

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