Popular Mobile Development Terms That You Must Know

Easy access to learn about your most favourite Mobile App Development Terminology

Easy access to learn about your most favourite Mobile App Development Terminology



Android is a software stack, targeting mobile devices and although largely referred to as Google’s Android, it has been developed by the ‘Open Handset Alliance, wherein Google has played the leading role. 

The Android Software Development Kit enables developers to build applications using Java on the Android platform. Its latest version, Android 4.0 is commonly called the Ice Cream Sandwich.

App with Down-Sync process

In this process, all data will come from the server through the web service and it will not work without internet connectivity. This ensures that whatever the data available on the server, will be displayed in the app.

App with Sync process (Up-Down)

In this process, the user will also be able to work in the offline mode, without internet connectivity. When the user does have internet availability, he can upload all local data to the server. This will ensure that at the end of the day, the same data will be on the mobile app as well as the server. 


This payment gateway offers mobile point-of-sale solutions, allowing merchant sites to accept payments from shoppers who shop for products and services through their mobile phones.

AdMob (Third-party advertisement)

Developers need to be able to market their apps and this is a mobile advertising platform that not only helps promote their apps but also measures app popularity. Developers can use this platform to advertise on applications built for mobile operating platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 etc.


The accelerometer is used by mobile app developers to create applications that allow users to control games or applications just by tilting shaking or rotating their mobile devices. Basically, accelerometers are tiny sensors that measure the direction of the mobile phones, based on its movement. 

Ad hoc Bundle

This bundle is used for sending the app to clients for testing purposes.

Adaptive Layout

It is a kind of website layout that utilizes media queries for changing the design of the site for particular devices or windows sizes. 


Application Programming Interface is a specification showing how different apps interact with a range of software components. Apps can cover APIs for external use by different software. 


Appcache is an HTML5 standard that permits a web app to get cached and make available offline. 


Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a group of interrelated web development techniques utilized on the client-side for building interactive web apps. 

App Store

It is online for all mobile device users. Developers submit their mobile apps to the app stores where people search and purchase and download or install apps. 

Action Bar

The action bar is known as App bar that includes interactive elements, it provides some important activities like support navigation, search and covers drop-down list. 


BlackBerry OS

BlackBerry OS is RIM’s mobile operating system providing support to BlackBerry mobile devices. The latest BlackBerry OS is 7.1. 


It is a wireless technology networking protocol that is used for exchanging data over short distances. 


Business-to-customer is a mobile app that is built for the average customer. 


Business-to-business is a mobile app that is built especially for using in another business. 


Business-to-employee is a mobile app especially for the use of internal business, for example - an enterprise app. 

Background Services 

These are the services that usually run in the background without any direct interaction with the user. 

Badge Count

Badge count reflects all types of missed calls, unread emails, or unread SMS


Badges are used by iPhone for indicating a new message, voicemail, email and push notification. 

Beacon Devices 

Beacons are used interchangeably and it is the name for Apple’s technology standard that permits mobile apps to respond to the signals from beacons in the physical world. 

Bluetooth Printing 

Bluetooth is utilized in printers that permits effortless and wireless printing. Bluetooth printing offers an easy way for printing without any requirement of the physical connection. 


A bug is a coding error in a computer program. 



This is a framework that is used for custom mobile app development to build 2D games for the iPhone. 


This is a mobile app development framework that enables developers to build applications and games. Developers working on Corona don’t have to write two separate codes for building apps for the Android OS or iOS. They just need to write the code once, to ensure that they develop an app that is compatible with both the platforms. This improves productivity.


Cocoa or specifically the Cocoa Environment offers developers a collection of object-oriented software libraries, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and a runtime system. It’s an application development environment that helps build Cocoa applications for the Mac OS X operating system and iOS.

Chart Display

A chart is used to display the comparison of different data. A chart can be a bar chart, pie chart, etc. 

Card Reader Integrations 

Using a mobile credit card reader, you can make card payments through your mobile phone. 


Code-division multiple access is a technology that is used to transmit data. It provides a single transmission channel for multiple signals. 

Charts, Graphs

Charts and graphs are used for communicating messages effectively. These include pie charts, bar graphs, line charts, and Venn diagrams, etc. 

Churn Rate

Churn rate is an annual percentage rate on that customers stop subscribing to any specific service. 

Cloud Apps

It is a program that functions in the cloud. Cloud app has some of the characteristics of the desktop app and web app. 

Cocoa Pods

Cocoa pods handle library dependencies of Xcode projects. These dependencies are mentioned in the single text file that is known as Podfile. 

Consumable in-app product 

In-app purchase is utilized for selling content, services and in-app functionality.

Content Provider

The content provider is the standard interface that joins data into one process using the code that is running in different processes. 

Core Data

Core data is used for managing model layer objects in the app. It will permit the data that is organized by the relational entity to get serialized to the XML, SQLite stores and binary. 

Crash reporting

It often reports crash details like types of crash, software version, and stack traces.

Cross-platform app

These are the mobile apps that can be used on different mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows.

Cross-platform mobile app development 

Cross-platform mobile app development is used for developing mobile apps that can get used on multiple mobile platforms. 

Custom API integration 

It is a process that will permit the program to connect and communicate with different programs. 


It is a kind of customized and aftermarket firmware distribution for different Android devices. It offers different features that are not found in different Android versions. 


Certificate Signing Request is a required digital asset that contains personal information that is used for generating developer certificates.


Cloud computing or Software as a Service is computer hardware and software that simplifies provided on the network like the Internet.


Development Language

These are the languages that allow developers to create applications with the kind of coding that suits the pertinent OS, for which the app is being developed.


Debugging refers to locate and fix the errors in a computer program.

Development certificate

It is used when the developer needs to install the app and test it with the use of Xcode.

Device compatibility

The device is compatible only if it can run the app correctly which is written for the operating system.

Device ID

It is a generic term that is used for describing the unique identifier every Android and iOS device has.

Device orientations

Finding orientation is for reporting data that indicates changes to the devices with the pulling off the gravity.

Direct Manipulation

Direct manipulation is an interactive system where the user physically communicates using the operating system providing user control.

Development Life Cycle

It consists of the process and procedures that involve in the program building, system and for the product.



An emulator is a hardware or software that enables one computer system known as the host for behaving like a different computer system called a guest.


Encryption is referred to as the conversion of electronic data in a different form. This is done for protecting digital data that is stored on the computer system or transmitted using the Internet or different networks. The decryption of data referred to the converting encoded data to the text that can easily get understood by the computer or to the normal person.

Enterprise Distribution

This can be done when any Apple developer enterprise program permits to create proprietary, in-house apps that can get distributed to the employees.

Environmental sensors

These sensors on the phone can sense the temperature and air pollution and enable the phone for keeping an eye on the environmental state around you.

Expedited app review

These apps are data-sensitive or their update is needed for fixing some bugs, in that case, Apple can enable users for asking for an Expedited Review.


Encrypting refers to the act of securing data from being getting read by unauthorized entities in a way that its original state can get restored later on.


End-user is a person or a group of persons that a software program or hardware device is designed for. These are the ultimate operators of the software or device after it gets fully developed, marketed and installed.

Enterprise license

An enterprise license is required for distributing, updating and hosting in-house proprietary mobile applications to all the employees in your organization.


Flurry Analytics

This is a mobile analytics platform, and plays a role in app marketing . It is a platform that helps identify the best users of the mobile app. These users can be identified by considering various parameters including, spending, heavy users and a whole lot of other factors that will help target the users who are not only a part of the app’s target audience but also who are most likely to download the app.

Feature Phone

A mobile phone having internet access and music playback that lacks the functionalities of a smartphone.

File Transfer Protocol

FTP is one of the most commonly used protocols for transferring data from one content to another using the Internet.


It is a real-time, scalable backend app platform. It permits developers to create a rich and collaborative app using client-side code.


Foxed software programs that internally control different devices or hardware part for those like mobile phones.

Force Update

Google always keeps on upgrading Android. These are the updates that are taken by phone manufacturers and then sent to the respective devices. But some of the phones don’t get all such new updates when they came out. In this situation, you can force your phone to check for the update that uses dealers and sometimes you will not get updates before the device would get the update.


Frames Per Second is the video resolution measured in time. For example - 24-30 FPS is the normal level with good quality for pictures.

Frame Error Rate

FER is the ratio of data that is received with errors to the total of what data is being received. If the FER is high then the connection becomes poor or may drop.


Freemium is the combination of two words i.e. free and premium. It is a kind of modelling in which the core product is provided in free to a huge group of users and premium products are being sold to a small group of their user base.


Functionality refers to the capabilities of any software program or application.


Fragmentation in mobile can be defined as the current dilemma in mobile landscapes. It is an inability for building a single page app that can easily get operated across all the devices.


Game Center

The Game Center is Apple’s social gaming network that developers can integrate within their gaming apps, to enable its users to make use of the various features of Game Center including, tracking best scores, comparing scores/achievements with other users of the game, multi-player gaming, and turn-based gaming.


This is a mobile advertising network, which allows developers to push advertisements through mobile applications developed for smartphones.

Game development

Mobile game development is essentially developing gaming applications for the various mobile OS including iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Symbian, and BlackBerry OS. 

2d2d refers to visual objects that are constructed on two planes (X and Y; Width and Height). Two-dimensional structures are used for 2D images and to simulate 3D images. Two-dimensional shapes have only two dimensions (length and width).

3d: 3D designing is the visual rendering of objects on paper, film or screen in three planes (X, Y, and Z,), which is in three dimensions (length, width and depth). On the computer, a designer can use a 2D drawing program to illustrate a 3D object, but with certain limitations. The accurate representation of a 3D object that can rotate interactively on all its axes is only possible with a 3D drawing program. 

Box2d: This is an open simulation library that mobile app developers use for building 2D games. With its use, developers can make gaming more interactive by ensuring that objects move seamlessly and in a more believable manner.


It is an instrument that is used for measuring the orientation of any device to get an orient display.


Gasify is the concept for applying game-design elements and principles in the non-game context. It is performed for engaging and motivating and solving problems.


Google Cloud Messaging helps in sending and receiving from your server to the user’s device. Also, it enables the developers for sending notification data or information.


Geofencing is a feature in the software program that makes use of GPS(Global Positioning System) or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) for defining geographical boundaries.

Google Wallet

Google Wallet is a payment service which is developed by Google it enables people for sending and receiving money from mobile device or desktop.

GPS Integration

With the help of GPS integration, user can monitor the location through Google, Baidu, and Yahoo and different powerful GPS video monitoring platform for getting real-time vehicle tracking, event feedback and data inquiries, etc.


GeoRSS is the location-encoded feed formats that are used for publishing and delivering regularly updated web content like audio and video and even news headlines.

GPS (Global Positioning System)

GPS is the smartphone that covers GPS capabilities that provide location and time information all times when it is enabled.

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

GUI is a tie of user interface that allows easy interaction between a user and an electronic device and with the use of images instead of text commands.



It is a specification that defines the 5th major revision of HTML. It is used as an adjective for describing web apps that use new HTML, CSS and JavaScript specifications or generally as the shorthand for the browser as app platforms.

Hybrid App

Hybrid app is a type of software that is created with the use of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After that, the Hybrid applications are being hosted inside the native app that offers features like contacts, camera after accessing to native platforms.


It can be used for referring to mobile devices of any type or kind or additional peripheral components.

Hit Target

Hit Target refers to the touchpoints on the devices. It is recommended that every toolbar item maintains a 44 x 44 pixel size for good usability.



This is Apple’s mobile Operating System and its latest version is iOS 5. In its earliest avatar, it was an operating system that was only used for the iPhone, but today, it also supports the iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV. Developers use iOS to build cutting edge and full-featured applications for these Apple devices.


Think of the iCloud like a huge hard disk that stores the content of iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iMac users. All content in the form of documents, videos, music, pictures and a whole lot more is automatically stored on the iCloud, and this content can be accessed by users through their Apple devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iMac.


The iAd has been developed by Apple Inc. and is an advertising platform that can be used by businesses, to incorporate advertisements into applications that are a part of the iTunes store.


In-App purchase

An in-app purchase allows app users to purchase upgrades, features, extensions, and new content from within the mobile app. E.g., if they are using an iPhone app, and it offers in-app purchases, a user won’t have to go to the iTunes store to make that purchase, but can make the requisite purchase from within the app itself.

Image Manipulation

Image manipulation includes image related operations such as image merging, image scaling, image moving, image rotation and image cropping.


Internet of Things is a network of physical objects that are embedded with electronics, sensors, software and connectivity that enable it for achieving greater value and service by exchanging data with different connected devices. 



Image processing

It is a method of converting an image into digital form and performing some actions on it.

In-App billing

In-app billing is a Google Play service that permits you to sell digital content from inside the app.

In-app subscriptions

In-app subscriptions will let you sell features and content in your application with automated and recurring billing. Also, it will allow you some offer trial period for a monthly or annual subscription.


The intent is a messaging object that is used for requesting action from different app components. The Internet allows communication between components.

Interactive notifications

With the help of interactive notification, a user can directly communicate with the push or local notification without even opening any app.

Interstitial Ads

These are full-screen ads that include interacting with the app. They are being displayed at certain points in the app like between activities or during a pause or between different game levels and more such.


It is just like repeating the process either for generating a sequence of outcomes or for achieving the expected results.



It’s an acronym for JavaScript Object Notation and it is a type of Web-Service format like XML. Some well-known social networks like Facebook, Twitter are providing data in JSON format for communication between the server and mobile app.


Jailbreaking is the process of removing software restrictions that are imposed by iOS on devices for running it through the use of software exploits. It will allow root access for the iOS file system.


Java Native Interface is an open-standard format that makes use of readable text for transmitting data objects that consists of attribute-value pairs.



Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) is a way of measuring how good an application is meeting the goal of your business.


A keychain is used for the iOS platform that stores coded information which is used for different services and apps.


Local Notification

These are notifications that are sent locally from within the device or the app, and not pushed through by the server. A user can schedule a local notification.

Launch Images

The common term for Launch Images is Splash Screen. It is the branding screen that is displayed to the user when the app starts.

Live Chat

It is a service that permits businesses or individuals for communicating in real-time with the visitors. It is used for providing instant customer support.

Location-based services

Location-based services are service-based information about the physical location of any user or a device like the location of the nearest hotel or vehicle tracking, etc.


Mobile Database

This is the kind of database that is used by developers to create and deploy database applications on mobile platforms such as iOS, Android etc.


This is a mobile advertising platform, specifically a mobile ad exchange platform that allows advertisers to bid for spots on mobile applications, based on various parameters like demographics, geo-targeting etc.

Map Kit

A Map Kit framework for the iOS allows developers to easily build the kind of applications that will make use of the maps that are a part of these applications.

Mobile Social Network

This is a platform where users with similar interests, likes and preferences meet on social networking sites through their mobile devices. Users can make use of a Facebook mobile app to use the Facebook platform, the Twitter mobile app to use Twitter and so on.

Mobile app

An app that is created for the use of wireless devices like smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps can be native, hybrid and web-based.


Mobile Application Development Platform is a kind of development tool that covers mobile middleware servers which are used for building hybrid or native apps for every mobile platform from a single codebase.


Mobile Backend-as-a-Service is a service that joins mobile apps to the cloud database and offers user management, social integrations and push notifications.


Mobile Consumer Application Platform is used for creating mobile consumer applications.


Mobile Enterprise Application Platform is used for building enterprise applications.

Mobile middleware

It is a technology that offers app management functions that permit apps to communicate on-premise and cloud-based apps securely.


MQTT is a messaging protocol that is lightweight and offers network clients with a pattern of distributing information.


Minimal viable product is a version of any product that contains such features that are required to launch to the market.

Material design

It is a guide for visual, interaction and motion design on all the platforms and devices.


MDM (Mobile Device Management) is security software that deals with monitoring, securing, integrating and handling mobile devices.

Mobile Analytics

It measures the full value of your application and with its help, you can measure the usage of your app and also app revenue.

Mobile browsers

Mobile browsers are web browsers that are designed for mobile devices. These are available for mobile devices only like Opera, ThunderHawk, etc.


Native App

This is a native application on a mobile device and runs on the device’s mobile operating system. It does not need to connect with the web to function.

Native Bridge

The native bridge is an abstraction layer that provides a non-application access for the API for the mobile devices.

Native Packager

It is a tool that creates native wrapper and native bridge around the mobile app which is written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript for building a hybrid application.

Native Wrapper

It is a component that packages a non-native application so that it can be viable for native distribution.


Near-Field Communications is a set of protocols that allows two devices of proximity for communicating with each other.

Navigation is the process that monitors and controls the movement from one place to another place. It can help you to find the best places and the relevant information to reach there.

It is just like a road map for all diverse areas and information on the phone or the website.

Non-Renewable Subscriptions

When the user is signing up for the non-renewable subscription, the user is subscribing for a specific period like for 1 month or 2 months.

Non-Consumable in-app products

These are the items that are available for all the users on their devices. All these products are when purchased by any user then do not get expired or decrease their usage.

NPS Surveys

Net Promoter Score is a metric that is used for measuring the loyalty of any user. It will ask the user to give a rating for the app on a scale of 1 to 10.



This is a mobile gaming network that allows developers to integrate their gaming app with a variety of social networking features quickly and conveniently. It allows developers to create a gaming application that allows users to invite friends from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to play with them. This platform can only be used for Android and iOS.

Operation System

A mobile operating system powers the functioning of mobile devices like smartphones, PDA and others. It facilitates the running of mobile apps and games on these mobile devices.

Objective C

This is an object-oriented programming language used on applications developed primarily for iOS or Mac OS X.


OAuth is a basic and common open standard for authorization.


Optical Character Recognition is an electronic conversion of the types of images and handwritten and printed text into the machine-encoded text.

Offline Caching

An application Cache permits the developer to clarify which of the files will be cached by the browser and Make them available for the offline user.

Open Graphics Library (OpenGL)

OpenGL is a cross-platform and cross-language application program interface used for defining 2-D and 3-D graphic images.

Open Loop Card

Open Loop Card is a system where it has general-purpose cards like American Express and Master Card that can be used whoever the cards are accepted.

Open Source

An open Source is a software of which the source code is being made available for usage and modification.


Opt-out is a method using which a user can avoid receiving push notifications from any application.


Operating System controls all the basic operations and allows the user to install and run third-party apps.


Over The Air Programming refers to diverse methods of distributing new software and updating encryption keys for devices like mobile phones.



PayPal offers a range of transactional solutions for various platforms including mobile. It offers its services through applications for various mobile OS, which can be downloaded onto the smartphone to use PayPal’s services. Developers can also create web applications that are integrated with PayPal, which facilitate mobile payments.

Push Notification

This is the kind of notification that appears on the screens of mobile phones. These notifications are sent by the server. This is why the mobile device needs to be connected with the internet to receive a push notification. An app which provides the notification automatically notifies the user through push notification implementation, whenever it makes available a new content or service.

Palm Web OS

This is the HP WebOS that was initially developed by Palm.

Parse SDK

Parse SDK is a new mobile application platform that is designed for building Android, iOS, Windows and Web Applications. It is based on the Backend as a Service model and covers native SDK (Software Development Kit) for every platform. The important role of Parse is to provide backend without the requirement of creating the backend.


PhoneGap is the software development framework provided by Adobe System and is used for creating mobile apps.

Position Sensors

Position sensors are such sensors that allow you to find out the position of your devices. These are important when one needs to find out the physical position of their device.

Progress Bar

It is a graphical element for viewing the progression of an operation like file transfer, download and installation.


Pushapps is a service that is used for sending and managing push applications.


It is a service that adds real-time data and functionality to the web and mobile apps. Pusher acts as a real-time layer between your server and the server of your clients.



Quality Assurance testing refers to systematic monitoring and evaluating different aspects of projects, making sure that a project is completed based on agreed specifications, functionality and standard requirements.


Real-time data

Real-time data provides us information that is delivered instantly after collecting it without making any delay.

Responsive layout

The website layout which is based on a fluid grid permits the site to consists of hundreds of dynamically generated states with minor differences based on the size of the browser window.

Real-time chat

Real-time chat is a software that enables the live conversation between individuals by displaying the text message on the recipient’s screen immediately.


RenderScript is the component of Android OS for mobile devices. It permits developers for writing a huge amount of complex code for increasing the app performance.


It is the process of removing the limitations that are imposed by Google on Android devices.

RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication Feeds is also known by the name of Rich Site summary. These are formatted and used for publishing and delivering regularly updated website content like blogs, video and audio and news headlines.


Request for Proposal is an initial stage of the procurement process. It is a document that an entity uses for eliciting bigs of any project from the potential vendors.

Rich Internet Application

RIA is a web app that consists of many characteristics of desktop apps, that are delivered by the site-specific browser using a browser plug-in and virtual machines and sandboxes.

Rich Media

Rich media is also referred to as interactive media or multimedia that responds to the input of the user. It is known for its dynamic motion and is abroad range of digital media information that consists of audios, videos and text images.



This is an embedded relational database management system and is used to store the app data locally and implement some database-driven functions.


Security Assertion Markup Language is a common XML-based open data for the need for authentication.


Service-Oriented Architecture is a type of architectural style that makes use of discrete software services with properly defined, loosely coupled interfaces that are orchestrated to work as a whole system by sharing functionality.


Simple Message Service is a text message service component of a phone that uses standardized communication protocols for sending short text messages.


Single sign-on is a feature for accessing control systems that permit users to log into multiple and independent systems with the use of a set of credentials.


Software-as-a-Service is a service that is residing on a layer of abstraction about IaaS and Pass having all the software and features that are already built and offered on the network.


Software Development Kit is a set of programming tools and resources that are built specifically for aiding software development on a specific platform or technology.


If we talk about mobile apps, this refers to any particular thing that encourages the user to stay active in the application for a long time.


SIM Access Profile is a Bluetooth profile that permits the GSM phone for sharing its SIM with other devices of the same type.

Screen Sizes

Screen size is the display size on the mobile phone. It can be measured diagonally in inches, on the other side, the resolution is the number of pixels on the screen.

Screen Tracking

With the use of Screen Tracking, one can find out different screens that are present in the mobile application. It will help one to know most-visited screen and how the buying process is being performed from every screen and for how much time a user is staying on one screen and how the users are moving from one screen to the other screen.


Secure Digital is a type of memory card that is based on flash memory. The aim of SD is for storing and transferring data between computers and different digital products.


Sencha includes frameworks and services and tools that assist developers for building beautiful application experiences with the help of JavaScript and HTML5.


The session is the time in which the user actively gets engaged with the content. In the app, the default session is 30 seconds.

Shake detection

It functions as the motion sensing and allows you to browse the mobile by tilting device, right, left, up and down.


Simple Object Access Protocol is a message protocol in web-services. SOAP contains all the information about messages like bug details, how much data is used for making the message reliable.


Session Initiation Protocol is a communications protocol used for signalling and controlling multimedia communications sessions like voice, video, gaming and chat.


It is a relational database that is created for running it as little resources as possible, also it can get embedded inside other programs.

Streaming Video

Streaming video is compressed and packed with particular techniques for distributing them online.


The stylus is a simple plastic or metal stick in the shape of the thin pen having a soft top so that it will not damage your phone screen.


Test-Driven Development

It is a development process that works on the short development cycle. Also, it relies on the repetition of the short cycle for creating test cases and passing them.

Third-Party Ad Serving

Third-party ad serving is used for third party creatives or tags by Ad networks. They will integrate the third-party ad server for delivering an ad instead of utilizing the publisher ad server to upload an ad.


Ticketing can help images to be sent to the mobile handsets that can be scanned upon and redeem.

Time in App

Time in App represents how much time the user is spending in your app. It will show you how much your app is valuable to the user.

Touch ID

Touch ID is a biometric fingerprint recognition feature which is designed by Apple. It helps the user to unlock their devices and buy anything in the App Store.


Trusted Service Manager is a neural broker that sets up business agreements and technical connections via mobile network operators, phone manufacturers and different entities controlling mobile phones.

Test Provisioning Profile

It is also referred to as an ad-hoc provisioning profile. Test provisioning profiles are issued for non-developers or for those who re not a part of the iOS development team as it allows them to install and test apps that are not published in the App Store.


User Experience

It is a term that is used for describing all the aspects of the end user’s interaction using an app.

User Interface

It is a term that is used for describing different ways under which the end-user directly communicates with the device or an application.


Every iPhone, iPod, iPad contains a series of 40 characters that are related to that device. Developers make use of UDIds for creating an ad hoc build or deploying an app to a real iPhone or for beta testing of the iOS apps having a maximum of 100 devices.

Use Case

The use case is a modelling technique that developers use for describing the communication between the user and the software application.



The viewport is a term that belongs to the section of the web page that any HTML meta tab has on the web page.

Video players

These are software programs that help to watch online videos or viewing locally saved videos.


A Virtual Private Network is a medium for connecting to a private local area network with the use of a public network like the internet. VPN enables users for sharing and receiving data across all the shared public networks.


Windows OS/Windows Phone 7

This is Microsoft’s smartphone operating system, enabling developers to create applications for mobile devices that are powered by this OS.


This is an application that needs to be connected to the server, and it does so through the internet.


The webview is a view that shows web pages in an application.

Web app

A mobile app built using web standards and accessed through the browser.


Wi-Fi is a wireless local area network that permits smartphones and computers and also other devices for connecting to the internet.

Worldwide Web Consortium

World wide web consortium is the main international standards organization for the WWW, crating common web language particularly like HTML5 an XML.


Write once, run anywhere is a description of the ability of the program for running on all the operating systems.


Wireless Application Protocol is an international standard for applications that make use of wireless communication.


It refers to the electronic technology or devices that are just like accessories and can be worn on the body. For example, Fitness Band, SmartWatch, Google Glass, etc.


The wireframe is a process of understanding how to build an app and it shows the skeletal framework of the website or mobile app.


Whales are the users that tend to spend more on in-app purchases.

Wireless carrier

It is also called a mobile operator and offers network infrastructure for the use of a wireless device.



It is Microsoft-owned, San Francisco based company that has created Mono for Android and MonoTouch cross-platforms. Developers make use of Xamarin tools for writing native Android, iOS and Windows app with the involvement of user interfaces and sharing coding across diverse platforms.


Xcode is a complete toolset that is developed for creating software for iOS and OS X.

Xenon Flash

The flash of Xenon produces white light for a short time.


Microsoft XNA is a set of tools that can manage the runtime environment by Microsoft. It is used for creating and managing video games.