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Last Updated: 2020-11-27

Version: 3.10.0


We Offer

Intuz Moodle stack is baked-by advance scripts and functionalities to help you build educational AMI on AWS

About Moodle Stack

Moodle stack is a free and open-source learning management solution for schools, universities, educators and governments etc. to create robust, secure and personalized online learning environment. End-to-end LMS platform is fully flexible and customizable, allows businesses to build courses and content, student assignments, quizzes and tests, track of assignment submissions and test reports, define workflows and lot more.

Key Features of our Moodle Stack

  • Open-source online learning platform
  • Our Moodle AMI is integrated with phpmyadmin, webmin and scripts to make it easy-to-use
  • Varied administrative and general features to make the Moodle stack user-friendly
  • It has all packages installed for smooth and functional run
  • Moodle has Password Recovery, Snapshot Management, Update Management and Webmin Management scripts.

Moodle Paid Stack

Intuz Moodle has apache, mysql, ruby, php, phpmyadmin, webmin, Moodle and scripts to build e-learning application (AMI) on AWS marketplace. Install Moodle and get the advantage of vast features.

Included With Application

Install Moodle stack and serve live studying environment on virtual platform via amazing features

How To

Need Support for Moodle Stack?

Applications Installed

Deploy world-class Moodle Stack for extravagant managed hosting experience on AWS marketplace








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