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Raise enormous marketing opportunities for your brand by leveraging online live streaming.

Published 3 Nov 2021Updated 3 Nov 2021
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“Kelly Fernandez is Live now.” Frequently we receive such notifications on the most prominent social networking mobile application, Facebook. It seems like sharing live moments is not a trend anymore, it becomes our habit. Live streaming video mobile app building is a relatively old concept that came into the limelight and started creating hype after getting exposure on Facebook.

78% of online audiences are already watching videos on Facebook Live. 90% think the video quality is the most important aspect of Facebook Live videos. – Livestream

ok or Instagram or YouTube or Twitter or Snapchat or … (the listed cloud be longer and longer and longer), people go crazy to share their live moments on versatile social media platforms. Initially, the concept is widely used by individuals but the way it sets up the personal interaction, businesses are inspired to commercialize the concept. Now, live streaming is everywhere…

The global video streaming market to grow from USD 30.29 billion in 2016 to USD 70.05 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 18.3%. – Researchandmarkets

“Go Live” is a modern way to expand the consumer base and gain more business across the globe. Raise enormous marketing opportunities for your brand by leveraging online live streaming.

Live Streaming Mobile Apps – Why It’s a Renowned Trend for Businesses?

Gain Greater Exposure

Harnessing the power of live video streaming, companies can effectually pitch a wide range of products and services to potential customers. Apart from promotion, live streaming apps work as a powerful platform to start fruitful interaction with consumers that leads to conveying the product benefits and creating a positive impression of the brand.

Broadcast Corporate Events

Corporate can create and share videos of business events on various live video streaming apps. Existing customers will be part of success and admire the company’s efforts and handwork by spreading the word of mount for the brand. On the other hand, new viewers will be eager to explore more about the products or services or company establishment.

Introduce a New Product

Nothing can be as cost-effective for the organizations to announce their brand new product or service as live streaming mobile apps. The video will be available to all app users. Apart from social media friends or followers, brands can attract app users also. Thus, the companies can have a bigger platform and larger viewer base to drive tremendous user engagement for a newly evolved product.

Host Seminars or Training

Image Credit: [Periscope]

Live streaming apps also work as a knowledge sharing platform as companies can broadcast their live seminars and training there. The wider audience can go through the video clips as well as share their feedback or comments on the respective subject and session. There can be a real-time question and answer amongst the company staff and viewers so users can clear all the doubts instantly.

Publish an Interview

Companies tend to broadcast the interviews of C-Level professionals. It can be a success story, discussion on various business strategies, views on the company’s culture and work environment, opinion on ethical business practices, and more. It reveals the values that a company follows and adds credibility to the brand’s reputation.
Broadcasting video testimonials on live streaming platforms, organizations can win the trust of the audience. Moreover, it’s the best channel to publish case studies and client interviews.

Customer Expectations

All the businesses who are dealing with the tangible items can take the maximum advantage out of such live streaming mobile apps. They can capture a video of the property or product and give an overview or demo of respective stuff. It enables consumers to make a quick buying decision.
For example; a hotel chain owner can create a video of his hotels or resorts. He can display the location, room facilities, hotel exterior and interior, and other amenities to attract the customers. It sets a level of expectations amongst the customers that what they are going to receive while visiting the place in real-time.


If all the customers have a few common concerns about a product or service, then enterprises can address them effectively by sharing troubleshooting videos on live streaming mobile applications. It helps consumers to resolve the issues quickly.


In the article, we have already discussed the live video streaming apps are the ideal medium to launch any new product. Additionally, it is highly useful to gather customers’ feedback or opinion about the new product in real-time. This is the best way to understand users’ expectations and improve the product or service accordingly.

Key Components of Live Streaming Mobile Apps

Real-time Messaging

If the companies cannot receive the instant feedback from customers, then there is no meaning to broadcast videos on live streaming apps. Based on the instant reaction of clients, organizations can make crucial decisions such as which products or services consumers like the most, what are their further expectations, what are their specific choices, where the organization is lacking in serving the customers, etc. This data enables brands to identify users’ preferences and accordingly enhance the product or service.

GPS Mapping

Integration of GPS system enables organizations to appeal the audience of a specific region and invite them to watch the videos. When it comes to displaying geographical location, the map view is the best choice.


To engage the users, companies use interesting and effective animations that suit to the nature of product or service. So, it is suggestive to facilitate brands with a few ready-to-use animations that they can immediately apply to the videos.


Customization differs a company from its competitors. Allow corporate to personalize their video settings. They can have the flexibility to adjust video resolution, video quality, audio quality and to publish the post privately and publicly.

3rd Party App Integrations

The app must be integrated with other apps like Chat on, Dropbox, WhatsApp, Gmail, Bluetooth, Google+, etc. It allows organizations to share video links with the friends, followers, and customers on various social media apps or messaging apps using the live video streaming app.

Category Management

The app should contain a list of the categories so that organizations can pick the most relevant one for their videos.

Final Thoughts

Live streaming apps are changing the online business pace. Leveraging this platform, organizations can set up and maintain a long-term relationship with the customers. They can launch a variety of videos related to different products and services. A growing number of live streaming mobile apps prove that businesses are looking forward to participate in such apps to drive potential clients and generate immense ROI.

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