Flutter By Google Is New Talk Of The Town. Know Why?

Published 28 Oct 2021Updated 25 Apr 2023

The market for Mobile App Development is evolving each day. Some phenomenal and significant changes are always welcome in this trend of development. We all know that Google doesn’t stay behind in any of such scenarios.

Google has recently launched Flutter, a mobile UI framework to help developers craft a high-quality interface for iOS and Android in a duration unimagined. It is an extensive framework with widgets and tools and is a boon for the developers for the fast development of Mobile applications

Whether you are a developer yourself or run a mobile application development company, this one is surely beneficial for you since it reduces the cost of development to a great extent. It comes with so remarkable perks like stunning visuals, speedy development, and cost-effectiveness. Apart from the features, it is certainly an outstanding and original design vision. This is surely going to change how the Mobile App Development market works in a significant way.

Know more about Flutter here in the official video by Google:

Why Flutter is for you?

It’s Fast and Rocketing

Whether it is an Android app development or for iOS, this framework is indeed great to drive life into each of your application. This toolset works superbly on customizable widgets and helps you native interface run perfectly. So, what makes it different? Well, its high performing rendering engine that draws the widgets makes it unique. Your app gets a life within milliseconds with Hot Reload performance.

Flexibility in Development

With a thin layer of C/C++, you can easily replace, change, remove or read object-oriented language, animation, composting and framework within a very short time. This gives an utmost liberty and comfort to the developers and they can work at ease on this framework. An optimized app can be effortlessly developed by approaching to the development layers without hassle.

Striking UI

The widgets available in Flutter integrate of all critical differences of various like icons, scrolling, fonts, and navigation so that one gets a native recital on iOS and Android platforms. This way it generates high performing applications on both the operating systems. Its easy coding offers beauty to your development of applications with decreasing the codes that are required to make changes in the app interface. Developers can build a highly responsive app using its set of iOS widgets known as Cupertino and its Material Design in order to give a natural and smooth experience to users. Building of the app is equally fun with its user-friendly interface, fonts, navigation patterns, platform-specific scrolling and a lot more.

Keeping the native end-users in mind, Fluttered offers layered architecture that helps in extensive customization leading to unimaginably fast rendering along with flexible and expressive designs.

Contemporary Framework

Flutter is complemented with foundation widgets and efficient layout to help you create well-appointed UI. So, this becomes an ideal framework to cater to all your requirements of a high-end user interface. Along with this, it is even allows you for effects, APIs for 2Ds, gestures, animation and everything you can think of. This is not all! It gives you power to channelize the productivity if your team.

Accessibility of Native SDKs and Features- Flutter leaves no stone unturned to offer the same experience for you with platform APIs, native codes, and 3rd part integrations. Native features and SDKs can be seamlessly accessed on iOS as well as Android. You can even use reuse existing codes in Java, Swift and a lot more on the same and what else do you need after all!

Unified App Development- With so much already said, there is more to it. It has a library of tools to let the ball rolling. Whether it is an iOS or Android development, it doesn’t really need a lot of experience as it I all built on the basis of easy and quick development.

Bottom Lines

Flutter is a way too new to drive assumptions although it is quite promising. It is certainly reliable since it’s the product from Google. Something new sky-rocketing can be made by playing with it. The significant feature is that it can help you develop cross-platform and thus suitable for any type of business. So launch your new apps whether in Android or iOS that runs on minimal requirements, minimum resource demand and tools and less demand and knowledge. In other words, we infer that it is absolutely suitable for those who have not least but even zero experience of development.

The framework is a significant advent in the current market of mobile development where mobile apps are one of the most efficient and integral ways to boost any business. So, providing a platform that helps aspirants as well as experienced developers to exploit this handy toolset is surely going to be incredible.
Build a feature-rich app with Flutter that will bring great results at a cost much lower than your present development cost.

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