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Published 2 Nov 2021Updated 2 Nov 2021
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The way technologies are blooming, sooner the world will be ruled by a plethora of gadgets and devices.

Do you agree?

Look around you! I am sure; you will… 

Belonging from a tech millennial, we all are the tech-savvy generation who’d want digitization and plug-and-play anything and everything at every moment. This is the reason each new technology gets overwhelming response and adoption from our generation. One of such technologies is “Wearable” about which tech world is buzzing around. They literally convert your personal objects into plug-and-play gadgets!

Well, I guess you must have a thorough idea about what wearable technology is all about or maybe you are one of the users of it.

Ummm… Still, let’s start by sharing a basic idea about it.

Wearable technology is a group of technology devices that can be worn by users to track various personal activities. On the other hand, few of the wearable tech gadgets contain small motion sensors that sync the data of wearable device with your smartphone.

Here, you might think over the possibilities of how wearable devices disrupt your personal space.

Am I right?

Yes, wearable technology has been deemed as a game changer strategy for tech leaders, as it has assertively started showing its presence in our day-to-day lives. See how wearables will reshape the world around you by making it better and smarter.

Table of Content

  • 6 Next-Generation Wearable Technologies
    • 1. Google Glass
      • 2. Smartwatches
        • 3. Wristbands
          • 4. Interactive Clothes
            • 5. GPS Shoes
              • 6. Fin Ring

              6 Next-Generation Wearable Technologies

              1. Google Glass

              Google Glass

              2. Smartwatches

              Smart Watch

              One of the most trending wearable gadgets of this time. Smartwatch simply brings your smartphone at your wrist. It allows you to download and access various applications into it just like your phone. It enables users to receive important notifications at their wrists, run native apps, track exercise over GPS, search internet with the voice, develop custom apps specifically for the watch as per personal use, and much more.

              3. Wristbands


              If you are a fitness freak, then wearable devices called ‘fitness trackers’ help you in tracking your daily workouts. Furthermore, these trackers are a blessing for anyone having a serious health issue that has to be monitored continuously.

              Fitness tracker helps you in checking your health progress and making effective fitness goals by allowing you to monitor your heartbeat rate, calorie consumption, oxygen level, blood sugar level, skin temperature, nutrient intake, sleep cycle, and much more. Gym enthusiasts and athletes are increasingly using fitness trackers to check out daily updates about their health and fitness.

              Wristbands also facilitate users with remote health monitoring solutions. It saves an exorbitant amount of money and time for in-person health monitoring through the doctor. In another way, wearable technologies enable patients to diagnose their health issues quickly and keep a close watch on their health condition.

              4. Interactive Clothes

              Interactive Cloths

              The health sensors can be covered into the t-shirts and inner wear as well! It also helps users to monitor their fitness and health parameters remotely. Sometimes, it works as a lifesaving partner for aged people and users who are suffering from acute or chronic deceases by catering them an alarm system during any medical emergency.

              5. GPS Shoes

              GPS Shoes

              GPS system is the blessing for hikers, hunters or riders who frequently walk around weird and unknown places. Until the time, they used to check the proper navigation by accessing the GPS app on their smartphones. But now there are GPS shoes are in the market. You can connect the shoes with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

              Now, you can get all direction notifications from the shoes. No need to look into your cell now and then to check the GPS navigation. For an instance; if you need to take a right turn as per the GPS app, the shoes will give you a mild vibration in your right leg.

              6. Fin Ring

              Fin Ring

              Fin ring offers an innovative gesture to the users to control the smart devices. Users need to connect the fin ring with Bluetooth. It helps you in controlling any smart device by moving the thumb over the other fingers. You can also switch from once smart device to another one by tapping on the finger while wearing fin ring on the thumb.

              These are only a few currently trending technologies. More innovative and outstanding wearable technologies are on the way. Adopt the latest wearable devices and gadgets, as they are driving positive change in your life by making required information available to you in real-time.

              Stay tuned with Intuz to have each update about the upcoming wearable technologies. Even if you have a desire to develop robust applications for different wearable, let’s have a talk We would be glad to work with you.

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