Monitor & Control Your Pumps With IoT-based Pump Monitoring Solution Development

Build a smart pump control system to remotely control and manage various pump and motor parameters, including pump speed, water flow rate, pressure, temperature, vibration, and more, in real-time. Tap into the power of “smart pumps” with Intuz today!

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Key Features of Pump Control Monitoring System Development

Boost business efficiency, slash maintenance costs, and extend pump and motor lifespan by integrating an IoT-powered smart pump monitoring app into your workflow.

Wireless Operations Monitoring

Using primary energy, our Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-compatible app manages pump operations, water levels, pressure, and rotational speed. It also monitors pump vibrations and voltage, filtration, and flow rate.

Equipment Failure Prediction

Protect your pumps from clogged suction valves, overheating, cavitation, corrosion, bearing wear and tear, and impeller jams with IoT sensors that identify patterns indicating potential issues or areas of concern.

Remote Pump Monitoring

Schedule seamless, full-system management online using our secure live interactive solution. Monitor and control pump operations anytime, anywhere. Enable rapid responses during emergencies.

Scheduling Custom Operations

Activate or deactivate the pump motor and adjust its flow rate at specified times using our Industrial IoT solutions. Pre-set and schedule operations as per your requirements and be more efficient.

Priming System Mechanism

Select from automatic, manual, or self-priming modes for the system operations, and customize parameters such as RPM, duration, and speed limits using the pump monitoring app. Enjoy workflow control.

Notifications And Alerts System

Receive info on various aspects of pump performance, including high or low pressure/rate alarms, overheating, power failure, and maintenance reminders. Be proactive with scheduled performance alerts.

Data Visualization And Reports

Examine pump performance, energy usage, system failures, maintenance reports, and historical trends via robust data visualization and reporting tools in our pump monitoring app. Make informed decisions on time.

Multi-Device Configuration

Effortlessly connect and integrate multiple pump systems or related devices into one unified app. Get a single, comprehensive dashboard for monitoring and controlling all connected devices and enable efficient system management.

OTA Updates

Wirelessly deliver the latest software improvements and features to the pump system with the OTA updates feature found in our pump monitoring solution. Ensure optimal performance without manual intervention.

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Key Applications of IoT-based Pump Monitoring System

Our advanced solution harnesses the power of IoT to minimize downtime and optimize performance, transforming the way pumps are managed and maintained.

Municipal Water Supply

Ensure reliable water delivery to residences and buildings through wells, boreholes, or public systems with the help of our smart pump monitoring app.

Wastewater Treatment

Supervise and manage pumps within treatment facilities, reservoirs, and distribution networks. Use IoT software solutions for effective pump monitoring.

Swimming Pools And Spas

Regulate water quality, circulation, and temperature for optimal conditions with an IoT-based pump monitoring system. Prevent the buildup of debris.

Marine Applications

Control seawater intake, ballast water treatment, and firefighting operations for maritime safety with a pump control monitoring solution. Quickly detect and address any potential issues.


Take the help of our IoT-powered pump to monitor irrigation systems and promote ideal plant growth and protection. Minimize waste and reduce business costs with smart technology.


Oversee washing processes, cooling systems, wastewater management, and chemical processing with our smart pumps and motors. Minimize environmental impact and boost sustainability.

Mining And Mineral Processes

Support mineral extraction, processing, and transportation operations with our support. Use IoT sensors embedded in smart pumps to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

Oil And Gas

Facilitate oil and gas extraction, refining, and distribution processes. Optimize your processes and reduce waste by availing our IoT-based pump monitoring solution development services.

Chemical Processing Plants

With IoT-based pumps, monitor chemical levels and detect potential safety issues to take corrective action in the plant. Manage the transport, blending, and dosing of chemicals.


Greatly improve safety and quality control within the industry with our IoT solution that monitors pharmaceutical procedures, control actions and streamline operations.

Food And Beverage

Handle the filling, mixing, and processing of various food and beverage products with our integrated smart pump systems. Ensure compliance with food safety regulations easily.


Monitor and adjust heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for peak performance with our pump control monitoring platform. Extend the lifespan of your HVAC equipment.


Consumer IoT Solution for Pool Equipments Controlling & Automation

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Key Benefits of Smart Pump Solutions Development

Unlike traditional pumping systems that necessitate manual maintenance and regular checkups, IoT-powered pumps operate, control, and safeguard associated systems self-sufficiently and enable.

Predictive Maintenance

Prevent unexpected pump and motor failures with predictive maintenance.

Real-Time Monitoring

Identify and act on any potential issues in your pump by monitoring it in real-time.

Remote Monitoring

Eliminate the need for onsite personnel and manage smart pumps remotely.

Enhanced Business Operations

Get a detailed understanding of your pump operations and make data-driven decisions.

Increased Safety

Minimize the risk of human error and ensure your pump operates within set parameters.

Robust Data Analysis

Let our smart pumps fetch and analyze data and help you assess what is working and not.

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Bruce Francois

Bruce Francois

President, myPurpose NETWORK,

United States

Intuz quickly delivered products that would take other agencies months to develop. They followed a transparent workflow and adapted to changes to the project scope. The entire team was friendly and highly skilled, making them an outstanding partner.
Patrick Mimran

Patrick Mimran

Founder, Ransoft Srl,


I really enjoyed working with the Intuz team they offered me great expertise and very good advises on all of my current and future projects.
David Shinganya

David Shinganya

Director, SGC Investments Ltd,


We worked on a concept application with Intuz Group for Internal use within our company. Intuz are very impressive. We worked with the team for over a year on this project. They were exactly how we wanted. They executed the application as we intended and even better in some instances. The team was accessible, flexible, understanding of changes that we made once the project had taken off. We are extremely happy with what has been produced. It is still a work in progress and we are still working with Intuz Group on the same project in hopes of strengthening application stronger. I would recommend Intuz Group on similar projects.

Questions You May Have

How does the IoT-based pump system communicate with the pump?

The IoT-based pump system typically communicates with the pump using wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular networks. It sends commands to, and receives data from, the pump through these connections, enabling remote monitoring and control.

Can a smart pump monitoring solution be integrated into existing pumps?

Yes, a smart pump monitoring solution can often be integrated into existing pumps. This typically requires the installation of sensors and communication modules, as well as software updates, to enable the existing pump to connect to the IoT-based monitoring system.

Can the data collected by the pump control system be integrated with other systems?

The data collected by the pump control system can usually be integrated with other systems, such as ERP or SCADA, through APIs or other data integration methods. This allows for seamless data sharing and more efficient management of interconnected systems.

Can the pump monitoring solution be customized to fit the needs of my specific pump model?

Pump monitoring solutions can often be customized to fit the needs of specific pump models. This may involve adjustments to sensor configurations, data processing algorithms, or user interfaces to ensure optimal compatibility and performance.

Is the development compatible with pumps from other manufacturers, or is it limited to pumps produced by the OEM?

The development of pump monitoring solutions is generally compatible with pumps from various manufacturers. While some solutions may be designed specifically for a certain OEM, others can be adapted or customized to work with pumps produced by different companies.

What kind of support and training is offered to OEMs and end-users using the monitoring system?

Support and training for OEMs and end-users using the monitoring system typically includes user manuals, online resources, and technical support via phone or email. We may also offer on-site training or consultation services to ensure successful implementation and usage of the monitoring system.

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