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Solution Overview

A feature loaded and a fully customizable on-demand food delivery app development solution.

Easy Onboarding

An easy and a quick sign up via email and social login options.

Intuitive UI

An interactive and a rich browsing experience with restaurant listings and more.

Smart Search

with the use of intelligent filters get the dishes, cuisines, and restaurants you are looking for.

Order Tracking

Track your order and get real-time notifications to know about your order status.

Multiple Payment Options

Secured payment through gateways and flexible payment methods available.

Schedule Order

Place an order and get it delivered at your doorsteps at your scheduled time.

Takeaway Option

An option to pick up the order from the restaurant ordered at a convenient time.

Notifications & Alerts

Get informed about the latest offers and deals and set alerts for orders.

Ratings & Reviews

Give and share feedback on the food ordering and delivery experience.

Promos & Offers

Explore deals and use promo codes for a discount at the time of checkout.

Manage Profile

Easily manage the basic information, address, payment details, visits, etc.

Help & Support

Customers can call the support staff or refer to the FAQs section for an easy resolution to their query.


In just a few taps, place an order from the order history.

Easy to Use

An easy to use mobile app for restaurant owners to effortlessly manage their food ordering business.

Business Info

Add and regularly update business information, contact details, pictures, and more on the app.

Menu Management

Partners can add and update their menu items, prices, etc. as and when required.

Order Alerts

Partner restaurants get real-time notifications as and when the order is made by the customer.

Manage Orders

View all orders from new, ongoing, dispatched, picked-up and scheduled ones in one place.

Track Payments

Add payment details, view successful and pending payments all at one place.

Reply to Reviews

Partner restaurants can communicate with their customers directly thus help in building trust.

Promos Management

Create deals and offers for the existing customers and to acquire new customers.

Insights & Analytics

Useful insights on business performance that helps partners grow faster.

Customer Details

Partner restaurants get useful information about their online customers.

Help & Support

Report an issue to the platform owner for the smooth running of the app and operations.

Control Centre

The platform owner gets a powerful browser-based console to handle everything from one place.

Manage Restaurants

Add and manage all the restaurants on the platform and maintain a robust supply at all times.

Manage Menu

Get the menu from the partner restaurants and make them available for online orders.

Manage Customers

Admin has access to the details of all the platform users, their order details and more.

Order Management

Maintain a record of all the orders being processed through the platform with key metrics.


Set partner commission rates as per the standards and make timely payments.

Manage Feedbacks

View customer feedback for restaurants, flag under-performing partners and maintain platform standards.

Manage Offers

Create new deals, offers, and discounts and approve the offers of partner restaurants.

Manage Notifications

e-Mail, SMS and app notifications can be managed for both the customers and the partners.

Reports & Analytics

Get useful insights and stats that help in taking data-driven informed decisions.

Order from Website

Let your customers an option to order from a fully responsive web app as well.


Allow your customers to connect with the support staff 24*7 through an in-app chat option.

Order from Facebook

Stay ahead of the competition and start taking orders from your service’s Facebook page.

User Feed

Increase user engagement on the app with a personalized user feed.


Associate with third-party logistics service providers for an efficient food delivery.

Customer Support

Provide a robust and a 24*7 support service by leveraging existing support platforms.

Auto Delivery Assignment

All the orders are automatically assigned to the appropriate delivery person based on the distance of delivery and cooking time of food.

Real-time Requests

Notification for new requests with pickup details of the restaurant and delivery details of the customers sent to the drivers.

Auto Order Prioritization

Smart algorithm automatically prioritizes all the coming orders based on the cooking/pick-up time & according to delivery time.

Real-time tracking

Track the restaurant and the customer on a real-time basis on the app.

In-App Notifications

Get notifications from restaurants whenever an order is received on the driver app.

Availability Settings

Drivers can mark themselves online or offline anytime and remain flexible.

Order History

A section that has the details of all the past and upcoming orders picked up and delivered.

Payment History

A detailed information about the payments is recorded under the payment history tab.


Add and update personal information, contact details, pictures and more to the app.

Delivery Information

Drivers can contact the customers to coordinate for the delivery.

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