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Last Updated: 2021-11-20

Version: 21.1

We Offer

Intuz offers Tiki Wiki CMS, open-source content management and portal application, to businesses, government bodies, nonprofits, and self-employed professionals.

About Tiki Wiki CMS Stack

Written in PHP, TikiWiki is a full-featured and tightly-integrated CMS. The stack includes tools to build robust web applications, website and blog publishing portals, dynamic knowledge bases, a CRM helpdesk, and more. It is highly configurable and modular. Meaning, all features are optional and administered via a web-based interface. Tiki Wiki CMS deployment can happen on the cloud or remotely on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems.

Key Features Of TikiWiki Stack

  • Automatically recognizes all major file types
  • Tracking tasks and improving workflows easy
  • Comes with multilingual and translation synchronization
  • Hundreds of plugins allow the user to include anything in a page
  • Actively developed by a large international community
  • Offers WYSIWYG and Wiki-based editing environment

Intuz’s Tiki Wiki CMS Paid Stack

Since TikiWiki AMI is an open-source CMS, the experts at Intuz can help you customize and launch it effectively on Amazon Web Service [AWS]. Avail our notes on TikiWiki documentation, access Password, Snapshot, and Update management scripts and build a content management system that helps you fulfill your business goals. Launch Tiki Wiki CMS Configuration on AWS Marketplace.

Included With Application

Implement TikiWiki with Intuz to build web apps, intranets, extranets, sites, and portals

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