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Last Updated: 2021-09-08

Version: 0.4.8


We Offer

Efficient, reliable and secure team communication made possible with Let’s Chat Stack on AWS by Intuz

About Let’s chat Stack

Let's Chat is actually a messaging application that runs on Node.js and MongoDB. It's crafted to be easily installable that fits well with small, intimate teams. It is a free and open source solution offers multiple features like MIT licensed, multilingual, transcripts, hubot friendly, BYOS, LDAP, XMPP multi-user chat etc. It also gives basic functionalities like uploads, image embeds, mentions, notifications and lot more.

Key Features of Let’s chat Stack

  • Let’s Chat stack is a designed for small team also a self-hosted chat
  • We have integrated Let's chat with mongo-express
  • Let's chat comes with scripts for Snapshot (backup) and Update Management
  • An open-source chat application

Let’s chat Paid Stack

Intuz Let's Chat consists of nginx, mongodb, nodejs, mongo-express, Let's chat and other scripts which make it easy for you to use let's chat. Deploy Let’s Chat and get-started with communication that helps you grow.

Included With Application

Easily deploy persistent messaging application Let’s chat stack to empower your team and its workflow communication

How To

Need Support for Let’s Chat Stack?

Applications Installed

Install Let’s Chat by following just easy-steps along with high-standard application installation

Let's Chat




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