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Last Updated: 2021-09-16

Version: 12.0.3

We Offer

Intuz offers Dolibarr Stack to businesses and self-employed professionals for resource planning and customer relationship management.

About Dolibarr Stack

Dolibarr is a free and open-source ERP and CRM software package. It is ideal for SMEs, large companies, foundations and freelancers to manage different business functions such as sales, logistics, human resources, accounting, marketing and invoicing. Available on all platforms, as a SaaS application or on-premise, Dolibarr can integrate with a number of popular tools such as Shopify, Box, Stripe, Zapier and Dropbox.

Key Features Of Dolibarr AMI

  • Customized application matching different business requirements
  • Upgrades of new versions integrated by design during development
  • Phpmyadmin and Webmin-enabled functions to enhance performance
  • Access to external add-ons to enhance application for specific needs
  • Integration between modules in the package is ready “in-the-box”
  • No need for coding development thanks to module builder assistant
  •  It has scripts for Password and Snapshot Management

Intuz’s Dolibarr Paid Stack

Because Dolibarr is an open-source software, you can rely on Intuz to customize and launch Dolibarr on Amazon Web Services [AWS]. We offer you all the notes on Dolibarr documentation, complete with Password, Snapshot and Update management scripts to simplify the process for you. Launch Dolibarr Configuration on AWS Marketplace.

Included With Application

Deploy Dolibarr successfully with Intuz and manage all business functions efficiently.

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