How to access Ghost AMI?

Accessing Ghost

URL: http://instance-public-ipv4/ghost

Password: instance-id
Note: Reverse proxy is used on port 2368 to run ghost on port 80. The Directory in which ghost is installed /var/www/html/ghost

Accessing phpMyadmin

URL: https://instance-public-ipv4/phpmyadmin

Username: root
Password: instance-id

Accessing Webmin

URL: http://instance-public-ipv4:8000

Username: admin
Password: instance-id

Instance Login


sudo chmod 400 yourpemkeyname.pem
ssh -i yourpemkeyname.pem ubuntu@yourinstanceip

MySQL Terminal Login:
mysql –u root –p instance-id

Accessing Ghost CloudFormation Stack

URL: http://instance-public-ipv4

Note: Nodejs is running on port 8080, but with reverse proxy we have set it to run on port 80
Password: instance-id

Instance Login


sudo chmod 400 yourpemkeyname.pem
ssh -i yourpemkeyname.pemubuntu@public-ip

Accessing Ghost Container

docker run –d –p 2368:2368 <”AWS Container Image URI”>

Accessing Ghost

URL: http://instance-public-ipv4/ghost/admin

sudo chmod 400 "yourpemkeyname.pem"
ssh -i yourpemkeyname.pem ubuntu@public-ip

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