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Enough About Smart Apps, Let’s Talk Smart Cities

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“Smart Cities” is not a pick from a sci-fi novel or a Marvel movie anymore! They exist (though a huge number of them either planned or under construction) and they are here to affect the human life profoundly. Soon these ultra-modern cities will be an integral part of our life.

If you are a part of city civilization, you must have observed that we are living in an ecosphere surrounded by user-friendly information. This data is available to us via Internet. The concept of Smart City is developed from the maximum utilization of various data sources to improve the human life in the city area.

To collect, proceed and analyze the valuable data, we are using various pioneering technologies of IT, Communication, and Internet of Things (IoT).  However, integration of these technologies with existing city infrastructure is one of the primary requirements for practical implementation of different technical and social innovations.

Many countries have adopted the concept of Smart Cities to address several seriously growing issues such traffic, pollution, parking, energy, transportations, etc. It enables governments and individuals to make intelligent decisions and experience the digital transformation.

What Is a Smart City?

Smart City Concept

Smart City a latest urban concept that connects different resources of a city with each other utilizing the advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and IoT. ICT can be connected with city infrastructure and enabled officials to monitor the various ongoing activities across the city. For instance; they can examine, how the city is evolving, how individuals are moving towards better life quality and much more.

Integration of IoT sensors with real-time monitoring systems collects data from citizens and devices. This data can be proceeded and analyzed to identify the issues around the city. It aids governments and municipalities to take steps for the betterment of people’s life. For example; sensors allow to manage traffic singles and street lights wirelessly at least cost.

There can be many other scenarios where smart City concept helps in uplifting human life by providing them a more dynamic environment to live in. Moreover, Smart City facilitates the urban municipality with the data of latest global challenges such as scarcity of resources, climate changes, and so on. Eventually, Smart City improves economic competitiveness of urban populations by raising their living standards.

Ultimate goal of Smart City concept is to deliver highly advanced services to citizens and businesses using breakthrough technology platforms so that they can achieve sustainable growth.

Future of Smart Cities

Invention of Smartphones enabled us to access Internet anywhere anytime with the single touch. Then it was the time of mobile apps snatched the attention of people. Now, the world is moving ahead to explore how smartphones interact with the varied hi-tech technologies of IoT , Communication, and IT to transform a city into digitized place. Well, public participation is equally important for the fruitful adoption of smart ideas that are already on the floor or on the way.

Offering a well-efficient environment, cities can attract highly skilled individuals and enable businesses to gain more productivity and profit. The concept encourages urbanization by addressing various critical concerns of cities such as smart waste management, smart parking, smart traffic control, etc.

With the introduction of IoT, cities are transformed into a wealthier and healthier living place. It drives enormous opportunities for cost reduction, revenue generation, operational efficiency, and improvement in overall customer experience and values. But the digital transformation is not possible overnight. It requires lots of efforts to enhance the capabilities of existing infrastructure and resources so that they can easily adopt and execute the dynamic offerings of Smart Cities concept.

Impacts of Smart Urban Development

Smart Energy

Smart energy provides deep insights about overall power consumption by buildings, commercials and residential. It helps in designing and executing various strategies to cut down power consumption. These days, few of the cities are using smart grids and smart streets. Even, smarts meters are also installed in the homes.


Integration of IoT helps cities in optimizing power production, improving grid management, and providing effective distribution of energy production. On the other hand, the smart grid allows businesses to improve data capture, grid modernization, outage detection, field operations and disaster recovery techniques.

Smart Transportation

It helps in reducing the traffic, easy movement of goods, and travel management for people. For example; smart traffic systems help citizens by reducing the chances of road accidents. Additionally, it also helps in avoiding traffic jams, reducing pollution, and promoting a healthier life.

Smart Data

Smart city collects the massive data related to various amenities used by the population. It allows to analyze the data quickly and has useful customer insights. Install the data on a portal and publish it at an online platform, these data can be utilized for predictive analysis to define future patterns.

Device Connectivity

The concept of smart city is based on the IoT devices. Sensors embedded into IoT devices collect the useful data that can be analyzed to gain relevant insights. With the support of IoT, complex city systems can exchange and manage the information quickly in real-time. Integration of data analytics with the system enables to minimize unintended consequences and accidents.

Smart Mobility

In order to build a smart city, seamless movement of data amongst several administrative and municipal systems is highly essential. As data is moving freely amongst the systems, it raises security, intellectual property, and privacy issues. Governments and enterprises should adopt revolutionary trends to plan out their legal technology needs and public policy.

Smart Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure offers big data analytics that helps in better planning and proactive maintenance for future. For example; you can prevent health issues growing due to water through real-time testing of lead content in the water supply. To collect the data, a smart infrastructure needs integration of big data, IoT, and various other technologies. Using the data, you can make future administrative changes.

Examples of Smart City

Smart Parking


Smart parking enables the city to earn a higher profit by utilizing the same parking space frequently. The spaces can be utilized up to their fullest capacity. It also boosts the number of bucks.

Smart Waste Management

Implementation of smart waste management solution enables cities to reduce costing by installing sensors inside the bins. It helps in monitoring the level of trash in each bin. Bins can be emptied only when they are full. So, there is no need to follow any standardize process to collect the waste from bins frequently.
When the bins are full, the respective department will get notifications through the sensors. Waste collecting truck can empty the bin. This project reduces the number of waste collecting vehicles on the street on average. It obviously reduces the traffic and fuel cost.

Smart Lighting

Decrease electricity consumption using the smart lighting. Intelligent lighting control can contain dimming lights on streets without traffic and pedestrians. Many times, smart lighting systems are equipped with central management software that tracks usage and leads to maintenance efficiency.

Of course, the concept cannot be completed without smartphone apps where Intuz comes into the picture. Constantly focusing on advanced mobile apps development, we are eager to adopt and execute the latest technologies. During a decade long industry experience, we helped our clients in automating their business processes and earning maximum ROI. We are much excited to work with the concept of Smart Cities and deliver the best solution that helps in human life upbringing.

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