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As a leading travel app development company, Intuz believes in delivering cutting-edge, dynamic, and scalable travel software solutions that will help your business grow to new heights. Scale up your business to give your customers memorable travel experiences.

Dynamic & Reliable Travel Apps Development Solutions

Intuz encompasses the business needs of every stakeholder in the travel industry. From tour operators, to travel agencies, we develop top-notch software solutions to manage your travel business at your fingertips.

Trip Planning App

Seamlessly plan your trip itineraries and create personalized travel plans with the intuitive trip-planning app.

Hotel Booking App

Discover hassle-free hotel accommodations booking through this user-friendly hotel booking app.

Flight Booking App

Book your flight tickets effortlessly and explore convenient travel options using the efficient flight booking app.

Travel Agent App

A convenient and integrated app for travel agents to manage bookings, client interactions, and itinerary adjustments.

Travel Portal Development

Uplift travel experiences by creating a feature-rich online platform that offers diverse booking options and travel resources.

Hotel Management App

Streamline your hotel operations, reservations, and guest interactions with an all-in-one integrated hotel management app.

Travel Insurance App

Make sure your journeys are worry-free by quickly accessing and purchasing travel insurance through a dedicated app.

Travel Finance App

Manage travel expenses and budgets effectively using a custom-made travel financial app tailored for travelers.

AI-powered Trip Planner App

Experience intelligent travel recommendations and tailor-made trip plans with a cutting-edge AI trip planner app.

Travel CRM Software Development

Build and maintain customer relationships while streamlining bookings and inquiries with a customized CRM software.

Local Transportation Booking Platform

Simplify your customers’ outstation travel by providing a unified platform for booking local transportation services.

Prominent Features of Your Travel Mobile App

Our travel app solutions entail all the basic to advanced features helping your travel business to enhance engagements and fulfill customer expectations.

Currency Converter

Easy one-click currency convertor on the go to manage your expenses effortlessly while traveling.

Multi-linguistic Travel Guide

Explore new destinations with confidence using other in-app comprehensive travel guides available in multiple languages.

Itinerary Creation

Plan your travel schedule perfectly and keep track of your plans through the intuitive itinerary creation tool.

AI-powered Trip Advisor

Get personalized trip recommendations based on past searches and preferences, through an intelligent AI-powered trip advisor.

Travel Blogging/ Vlogging

Share your travel experiences through the lenses with this in-built user-friendly blogging and vlogging features.

Deals & Discount Coupons

Avail exciting coupons and discount offers in the app that are personalized and custom for all users.

GPS-based Location Navigation

Navigate new territories effortlessly with the GPS-based navigation that guides you through every road to explore new locations.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Seamless integration for error-free transactions through the app, ensuring secure and one-click payments.

Push Notifications

Let your users be updated with real-time notifications and updates regarding new offers, the latest trip recommendations, and new features of the app.

Social Media Sharing

Share your nostalgic moments with the world on various social media through this feature and socialize in the community.

In-app Purchases

Uplift your user’s travel experience by enabling premium features through hassle-free in-app purchases.

Review & Rating

Provide users with sharing reviews of their experiences through an open forum platform where they can engage and communicate with fellow travelers.

Want To Take Your Travel Business to the Next Level?

Share your innovative ideas with us & our team will analyze your requirements and provide you with the best solution.

Why Hire Travel App Developers from Intuz?  

Intuz has a team of highly skilled, experienced, and professional travel app developers who can build versatile & custom-designed app that befits clients’ requirements.

Compliance with Security Protocols

Our team of experienced developers ensures that your travel app is built with the highest security standards, protecting sensitive information and maintaining user trust.

Interactive User Experience 

We prioritize developing engaging and user-centric travel apps. Our developers focus on delivering an intuitive and immersive user experience, keeping travelers connected throughout their journey.

Cutting-edge AI Expertise

Leverage the power of advanced AI capabilities in your travel app. Our skilled developers integrate cutting-edge AI technologies to provide personalized recommendations and dynamic travel planning features.

Secure Third-party Integrations

Our developers will integrate secure and reliable third-party APIs, enhancing your app's functionality with features like payment gateways, mapping services, and more.

Tools & Technologies We Use

Intuz developers leverage the latest technology stack to build high-end and versatile on-demand applications.









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What Our Clients Say

We changed the way they do business, and they have no complaints.

Patrick Mimran

Patrick Mimran

Founder, Ransoft Srl,


I really enjoyed working with the Intuz team they offered me great expertise and very good advises on all of my current and future projects.
Michael Krigsman

Michael Krigsman

Founder, Cambridge Publications Inc,

United States

Intuz did a fabulous job completing the website. It was a complicated project and the end-result is truly excellent. Thank you, Intuz!
Matthew Freeman

Matthew Freeman

Founder, Live 4 It Locations,

United Kingdom

I really appreciated their designs, because they showcased our company's image in an excellent way.

Questions You May Have

How much time will it take to develop a Travel App?

The development time for a custom travel app can vary based on factors like complexity, features, and particulars from the client. We work closely with you to define requirements and provide an accurate estimate.

How much does it cost to develop a Travel Business App?

The cost of developing a travel business app depends on several factors, including features, design complexity, platforms, and development time.

Is our customers’ data secure within the app?

Yes, we prioritize the security and privacy of your customers' data. We implement robust security measures, encryption standards, and compliance with industry regulations to secure user data and maintain the app's integrity.

Can I hire part-time or hourly-based developers from Intuz to develop Travel App based on my requirements?

Yes, definitely! Intuz offers flexible engagement models, including hourly hiring, part-time developers, and dedicated developers to cater to your specific needs. Our skilled developers can work closely with you to bring your travel app idea to life.

How beneficial is it to invest in a travel app for my business?

Investing in a dynamic and scalable travel app offers numerous benefits, including enhanced customer engagement, synchronized booking processes, personalized user experiences, improved brand visibility, and access to a broader audience. A well-designed travel app can boost overall business growth.

What all third-party integrations are available in the app?

We offer a range of third-party integrations, such as payment gateways, mapping services, social media sharing, analytics tools, travel APIs, and more. These integrations enhance functionality and provide users with a hassle-free experience.

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