Custom Taxi App Development Solution for All

Solution Overview

A comprehensive taxi app development solution that caters to the needs of all the stakeholders involved. Our solution comes with a host of features for passengers, drivers, admins and a set of advanced features.

User Registration

The login page allows the passengers to create an id and get themselves registered in the app.


The passenger can rate the driver and share their feedback on the app after the completion of every ride.

Book a Taxi

This feature allows the passengers to:

  • Set the pickup location
  • Select the vehicle category
  • Basis the fare estimate received, request for a ride

Trip History

A section that has the details of all the past and upcoming rides.

Cancel Ride

Easy cancellation of trips with charges as applicable in the policy.

Book for others

An option to request a ride for others and send them the ride details via an SMS.

Contact Driver

Passengers can connect with the drivers via a call to coordinate a pickup when needed.

Payment Options

Make the payment for the ride using one of the many payment options.

Promotions/Free Ride

An easy application of available discount codes for the passengers when booking a ride.


Favourite a place, switch on/off the notifications, etc. under this section.

Easy Registration

Drives can easily add the required details and request a signup.

Select Availability

Drivers can mark themselves online or offline anytime and remain flexible.

Real-Time Requests

Notification for new requests with pickup details sent to the drivers.


An interactive interface to accept or reject the ride request in a limited time.

Trip Information

Essential customer details are sent to the drivers for a seamless pickup and drop.


The built-in navigation with Google maps provides the best/shortest route and estimated time of arrival information.

Contact Passenger

Drivers can contact the passengers to coordinate the pickup.

Start/End Trip

Drives mark when arriving, starting and ending a trip to generate ride bills.

Cancel Booking

Drivers get the option to cancel the ride as and when required.

Customer Ratings

Like customers, drivers also get to rate their riders and flag riders with bad behavior.

Track Revenue

A detailed account of the drivers’ earnings is recorded under the earnings tab.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers get useful information, stats, and insights on their trips, performance, and feedback.

Secure Login

An authenticated access to web-based admin panel from any browser.

Admin Dashboard

A quick view of the summary and stats of the operations and performance.

Manage Vehicles

Add vehicle information for a simplified management.

Manage Customers

View and manage all the registered customers and customers’ details on the app.

Manage Dispatchers

Add and manage operators & dispatchers to take care of booking requests.

Reporting & Analytics

Get actionable insights on your business operations for a quick and smart decision making.

Manage Categories

Manage you in-app ride offerings.

Manage Tariffs

Set up rate per km, base fare, waiting and cancellation charges.

Manual Bookings

Dispatchers can create new booking via phone calls.

Manage Refunds

A simple process to refund customer money to passengers and maintain loyalty.

SMS Alerts

Enable/disable SMS alerts for specific events for drivers and passengers.

Ride Later Settings

Configure time settings to allow passengers to book ride for a later date and time.

Country/Currency Settings

Easily set up your country and currency from the admin panel.

Manage & Track Drivers

Add drivers, review signup request, set commission rates and more. View and track your fleet availability and current location on a real-time basis.

Surge Pricing

Algorithmically controlled dynamic pricing to handle demand and supply mismatch.

Number Masking

Keeps passengers phone number hidden during calls for better privacy.

Business Profile

An option to set up a separate profile for business travel and expense management.

Split Fare

Passengers can easily share costs with their friends and colleagues for shared trips.

Ride Passes

Issue ride passes that offer ride at discounted rates.

Flat Pricing

Set up flat rates for popular routes and up to the certain distance.

Demand Map

Drivers can view areas that are experiencing high pick up demands.

Call Bookings

Integrate customer booking requests through calls with your system.

Pickup Suggestions & Saved Locations

Passengers get smart suggestions to choose faster pickup points near them. Also, they can save frequently travel locations.

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